There Is An Actual Line Of Ziploc Bag Purses, Umbrellas & Accessories

Fashion and function have been around since fashion has been, but there has never been a collection quite like this. As The Fader found, Beams and Ziploc teamed up for a fashion line that features clear accessories. Each items, which includes a fanny pack and even an umbrella, comes with the iconic pink and blue closure and brand logo.

What a time to be alive. There has been everything from transparent pants and shoes to bags, but nothing can top this Ziploc clothing collection. Forget everything that you know about how to use the brand's products, because you can now wear them.

The Beams and Ziploc is the most bizarre and genius collection that you will every see. It features Ziploc bags as totes, hats, and daily items. It's upcycling meet high-fashion, according to the brand.

"The BEAMS COUTURE brand that BEAMS's deadstock products etc. can be brought back to an item with rich individuality by up-cycling by careful handicrafts one by one while mixing old clothes and ribbons," the website reads. "This season, a special collaboration with Ziploc has been realized. With the attraction of the Ziploc bag as it is, with the idea unique to <BEAMS COUTURE> and skillful handwork, I reborn Ziploc into items that can be worn."

The nine items in the collection range from $10 to $116. That's a small price to pay for something so unique. Unfortunately, you cannot get these items in the United States though. You'll either have to fly to China to purchase or get a loving friend to ship them to you.

You can, however, buy Ziploc items. One box of bags runs for about $6 at your local grocery store. So with a little bit of dreaming and good DIY skills, you too could have these couture items. Here are all the items in the collection, if you're looking for a little inspiration.

1. Clear Bookbag

2. Zipper Umbrella

3. See-Through Cap

4. Tie Purse

5. Fanny Pack

6. Clear Visor

7. Fully-Pocketed Apron

8. Decorated Pouch

9. Ziplock Tote

Get your passport ready, because this collection is worth the trip.