This Throwback Pic Of Zoe Saldana & Chris Evans Pre-'Avengers: Endgame' Is So Sentimental

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's no secret that the actors in the MCU are incredibly close. Even if they haven't been around since the first Avengers movie, press tours and social media prove how well they all get along. Whether the casting team is just really good at their jobs, or the actors are just joys to be around is up for debate, but sometimes it's because the cast have worked together in the past before as well. Just like Zoe Saldana's throwback photo of Chris Evans shows, these actors's bonds run deep, and it makes the Marvel experience all the better.

On Sunday, April 28, after Avengers: Endgame's record-breaking opening weekend, Saldana, who plays Gamora, posted a sweet throwback post on Instagram with her and Evans on the set of the movie The Losers. "Flashback to Chris Evans and I goofing around while shooting The Losers years ago. Time flies and if anyone would’ve told us then about The Marvel Universe, we would’ve laughed and brushed it off," she reflected. "We were already grateful to be working and doing what we loved by telling stories. Love you Chris!..." The movie came out in 2010, right before Evans' first time suiting up as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Losers was about a group of mercenaries double-crossed by the CIA in the worst way, and Saldana played an operative that sets out to help them with getting back at the one behind it all. Evans was one of the mercenaries, along with another future MCU star, Idris Elba. The throwback is a sentimental reminder that not only did they get along then, but that they've come oh so far in the past decade, specifically of course within the MCU. These two young actors in the picture are right at the start of their upward climb of stardom, but even they didn't know they'd one day both be superheroes in a crazy-big world like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Speaking of the franchise, it's not only crazy-big, it's insanely big. Like, making $1.2 billion globally at the box office in its opening weekend big.

The love the Avengers are feeling in real life is immense, so it's no surprise Saldana wanted to speak on it. Mark Ruffalo also posted a celebratory post as well, with a video from the Endgame premiere night. He wrote, "Now that #AvengersEndgame is out in the world, you all can finally live without the fear of me spoiling it." The whole fandom is Brie Larson in this video, congratulating Mark on a job well-done not spoiling anything this time around.

Father of the MCU himself, Robert Downey Jr. also posted a thank you to the fans on Instagram, writing, "#tbt @avengers Thanx to everyone,,, family, friends, fans, cast and crew... #loveyou #3000 #mcu #thankyou #TeamStark." If you've seen the movie, you know that loving you 3,000 is the utmost honor for a Stark. Meanwhile, Evans chimed in on Twitter, writing, "Some of these #ThankYouAvengers posts are incredibly touching. I’m feeling a deep sense of gratitude today #ThankYouAvengersFans."

This franchise is a behemoth force and even though the end of this era is done, it'll forever be one of the most successful and most loved of all time. It has so many more avenues to go with it's huge list of remaining characters and stories, but the first decade will always hold a special place in the hearts of the fans and the actors.