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L Devine Wants Everyone To Know She Loves Sex – Except Maybe Her Dad

The singer’s new album is a celebration of female sexuality & queerness.

By Alice Broster

JoJo Siwa Had A “Gay Awakening” Watching Demi Lovato’s “Cool For The Summer”

The 18-year-old, who came out in 2021 and now identifies as pansexual, spilled the tea to Demi.

By Hugh McIntyre

12 HIV & Sexual Health Charities State "Absolute Commitment" To Trans Rights

“Demanding action on HIV means attending to the intersecting needs of everyone.”

By Alice Broster

What To Shop From Tanya Compas x Collusion Pride Collection

A portion of the sales will go to Exist Loudly, Compas’ non-profit that advocates for Black LGBTQ+ youth.

By Alice Broster
TV & Movies

Mj Rodriguez Makes Emmy History As First Trans Nominee In Best Actress Category

Being on 'Pose' is one of her "proudest moments," Rodriguez told Bustle in June.

By Grace Wehniainen

Which 'All Stars' Season Of 'Drag Race' Is The Best? We Asked 13 Queens

The current 'All Stars 6' contestants tell us their favorite 'All Stars' season.

By Jack Irvin

Twitter Is Convinced Shakira Just Came Out Via A Cryptic Colour Scheme Choice

Some fans want answers while others are living for the mystery.

By Alice Broster
Sex & Relationships

The Real Meaning Behind These 10 Common Poly Relationship Terms

From metamour to nesting partners.

By Kae Burdo

Where The Samuel Luiz Murder Case Stands Now

And how you can support Luiz’s loved ones and Spain’s LGBTQ+ community at this time.

By Sam Ramsden

'Drag Race All Stars 6' Queens Have Mixed Feelings About The Show's Move To Paramount+

Bustle asked the cast to respond to the series’ switch from VH1 to the new streaming service.

By Jack Irvin

Demi Lovato Called Lizzo A “Queen” After She Corrected Their Pronouns To Paparazzi

Lizzo provided a prime example of true LGBTQ+ allyship.

By Jake Viswanath

7 Organisations Fighting To Ban Conversion Therapy In The UK

Even as Pride month draws to a close, the fight against conversion therapy needs our continued attention.

By Alice Broster