Christine Nobiss is is Plains Cree-Salteaux of the George Gordon First Nation in Saskatchewan and grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is a mother of three, works for Seeding Sovereignty and has aptly titled herself a Decolonizer. She is founder and chair of Indigenous Iowa and Little Creek Camp. She has a Masters degree in Native American Religious Studies and a minor in Native American Indian Studies from the University of Iowa and has been living in Iowa City for 13 years. As a mother, Christine is passionate about stopping the assault so her children might have a better future. An active member of the environmental movement since childhood, Christine also believes that Indigenous sovereignty and knowledge are ways to decolonize both people and the climate. She has spoken at many benefits, rallies, direct actions, interviews, and educational forums--as well as spearheaded many of these events. Beyond public speaking, Christine has created a following on social media through her writing, art, posts, live streams and actions. In Iowa, she volunteers for other organizations and works with a large network of activists and organizers. She enjoys working with the Indian Problem, Women’s Indigenous Media, The Possibility Alliance, Bold Iowa, the 100 Grannies and the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition.