Jesi Taylor Cruz

Jesi Taylor Cruz (she/they) is a staff writer for Romper who writes about issues related to identity. While their academic background is in Philosophy, Psycholinguistics, and Political Theory (with a focus on how structural violence impacts interpersonal social relations and Black maternal health), most of their reporting and nonfiction work focuses on topics that lie at the intersection between Black motherhood, lifestyle, pop culture, and mental health. Their work can be found in Bustle, the Establishment, the Spool, Blood and Milk, BLK+ GRN, and on Medium. They mostly write nonfiction but they’re currently working on a stage play and young adult novel. They are a passionate advocate for alternatives to incarceration for pregnant people and increasing access to mental health resources for marginalized communities. Jesi is also doula, model, herbalist, and researcher based in NYC. Jesi loves cosmology, waffles, astrophysics, trying to roller skate, sundresses, and wearing Birkenstocks with socks while dancing like no one is watching. Charmed, Game of Thrones, Office, and Harry Potter fandom are Jesi’s thing. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @moontwerk.