Louisa Ballhaus

Louisa is a TV writer for Bustle, covering Bravo, HBO, The CW, and more. For reality TV, she specializes in social media deep dives for behind-the-scenes intel. For scripted TV, you'll find her unfiltered judgment of the show's execution, along with plot explainers (for viewers who aren't on their fourth or fifth go). Louisa is a regular contributor to Betches and SheKnows, with additional bylines in Merry Jane and Free State Review. She has a BA in English from Wesleyan University, and spent several years editing the poetry section for literary magazine 2 Bridges Review. NYC born and raised, Louisa spends most of her time pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw (and nailing it). Other hobbies include crossword puzzles, yoga & boxing combos, and sour candy. Follow her Twitter @louisabhaus for sparse updates on her life and incredibly funny jokes.