Theresa is the Senior Style Editor at Elite Daily. She oversees Elite Daily's Style vertical, where she covers, assigns, and edits all fashion and beauty content and makes terrible jokes in every article. She also styles and oversees the market work for some Elite Daily photo shoots and hosts two beauty-related Elite Daily social media series, Blend & Snap and Ready in 5. She makes bad jokes in those, too. Prior to her role as Senior Style Editor, Theresa was a copy editor, a dating editor, and a beauty editor. She previously worked on the editorial team at Style Girlfriend, a men's fashion publication. With several years experience in digital media, Theresa also expertly covers lifestyle, relationship, entertainment, breaking news, and LGBTQIA+ content. She also has several years experience in being gay, in case you wanted to know. When Theresa is not writing, editing, calling in mounds of clothing, or swatching 16 lipsticks up her arm, she's further contributing to her collection of beauty products that her mother would be simultaneously proud and ashamed of. She can do a freaking fire eye makeup look in her sleep. She also paints and writes fiction in her spare time, and she just laughed while writing "spare time," because WTF is that? Follow her on Instagram @theresamassony, and send non-heteronormative (please) pitches, fashion/beauty market news, product samples for consideration, and pictures of baby llamas to If she doesn't answer you right away, please be patient. She's trying her best!