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7 2000s Fashion Trends No One Wants To Bring Back

From layered plastic bracelets to long skinny scarves.

Bandana tops, all-over denim, and plastic jewelry: here are the 2000s fashion trends that no one wan...
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Some of the biggest trends of the moment got their start during the 2000s. Juicy Couture tracksuits, platform slip-ons, low-rise jeans, and more are part of the current fashion lexicon — and they’re all looks that you remember from your childhood and couldn’t wait to slip back into as an adult. That said, not every fashion trend from the 2000s is worth bringing back from obscurity.

What are some 2000s fashion trends everyone wants to leave behind? Bandana tops and layered plastic bracelets to name a few. Do you remember the head-to-toe denim looks that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore to the 2001 American Music Awards? Of course you do. Even if the world is embracing the Canadian tuxedo, the denim hats, bags, and shoes are being left by the wayside.

And that doesn’t even begin to touch on capris that are neither pants nor shorts. What about the layering of dresses over pants that look like you wore everything in your suitcase at once? And last but not least, you can’t forget the DIY trends that probably should have been left to the professionals.

Though you’re still holding onto the hope that these trends don’t return, it’s still fun to take a walk down memory lane and stroll past the bandana tops, all-over denim, and plastic jewelry that defined the naughties.

For all that and more, here are the 2000s fashion trends that no one wants to bring back. Ever.

All Over Denim

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In the 2000s, wearing denim-on-denim was all about that head-turning wow factor. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake went all-out in one of the most memorable red carpet moments ever but — with the matching denim bag and hat — it wasn’t exactly a look that you would want to recreate.

Bandana Tops

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During Y2K, everyone was wearing bandanas as tops, leaving little to the imagination and crafting a DIY wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Though the pattern itself has been worn in different ways over the following decades, the bandana as a top look has stayed in the past, for the most part. But beware: TikTok is bringing back scarves as tops, and bandanas are a natural next step.

Punk Plaid Skirts

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The grunge of the ‘90s spilled over into the 2000s with punk trends like plaid miniskirts that were styled with metal embellishments, chunky boots, and fishnet tights. Though traditional plaid has been re-claimed by the preppy set, this rebel with an attitude vibe has yet to resurface.

Layered Plastic Bracelets

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The arm party of Y2K was a “more is more” look that consisted of a variety of plastic bracelets, whether DIY or not. Though layered jewelry looks are still popular today, it’s more about the curation of special pieces you love and less about the plastic construction.

Capri Pants

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There’s something about the cut of a pant at the widest part of your lower leg that just never sat right with me. Fortunately, the world’s version of a cropped pant has lowered its hemline a few inches and looks much better right above the ankle than right below the knee.

Dresses Over Jeans

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A tunic over jeans, leggings under a mini dress, understandable. But a cocktail dress thrown over a pair of baggy bootleg jeans is one look that is truly difficult to pull off.

Long Skinny Scarves

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Is it a necklace? A scarf? Who can tell? A skinny scarf is neither of these things, and all of them at once. Is it something that you’d want to regularly incorporate in your wardrobe again? That remains to be seen.