5 2000s Trends Making A Comeback In Spring 2021

Even better the second time around.

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The early-aughts: the decade that you likely thought would never return, sartorially at least. Boy were you wrong. From Juicy Couture track suits to platform flip-flops, all of the wardrobe items are back with a vengeance. Why are these 2000s trends back for Spring 2021, you might ask? Well, nostalgia is more in style than ever, and if we're all watching the reboot of our favorite '00s TV shows and reviving '00s hair trends, fashion isn't so far-fetched, right?

Whether you love them or hate them, get ready to see the clothing items that luminaries like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears made famous back in full force. We're talking baguette bags à la Sex and the City, tracksuits beloved by Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, baby tees that were a staple in everyone's closet, and so many more.

Though you might still hold your '70s flares, '60s mod dresses, '50s midi skirts, and '90s bra tops close to your heart, it's time to add another decade to your retro inspiration: the 2000s. Fortunately, you don't have to scour your favorite vintage shop for the latter; brands are churning out some of the biggest trends in time for the Spring 2021 season.

From track suits to hair accessories, tiny purses and layering cardigan sweaters alike, find all the trends from the 2000s that are back for another trip around the sun.

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Track Suits

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Whether Juicy Couture-inspired velour or classic sweatshirt material, the iconic 2000s-inspired matching set is back in full force — just in time for all those days spent cozied up at home.

Baguette Bags

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With a slight hobo shape (but a fraction of the size), baguette bags conjure up images of Sex and the City. Sure, they don’t fit much, but they look so cute nestled right below your armpit, does it really matter?

Hair Accessories

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Butterfly clips, snap barrettes, word pins: They're all in the midst of a resurgence for Spring 2021. Pile them on, or uplift your hairstyle with just one spectacular accessory. Either way, it'll make a retro statement that feels somehow modern and timeless.

Baby Tees

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The classic baby tee is a tighter, slightly cropped T-shirt that doesn’t quite show off more than a sliver of skin above your belt-line. Made of cotton, the edges have the most subtle of embroidered scallop for that childhood nostalgia you’ve always loved.


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Though you might have worn them with a matching tank top in the early aughts, consider refreshing your cardigan collection this spring as well. The styling is getting a slight upgrade with people buttoning them up partly or wearing their cardigans as shirts, all on their own.