Colorful Stones & 6 Other Stunning Engagement Ring Trends For 2021

They're more unique than ever.

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Kate Middleton Engagement Ring
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Jewelry may look more unique than ever this year. 2021 engagement rings trends are heralding the end of a collective obsession with one stone: the diamond. Believe it or not, it really wasn’t until 1947 when De Beers launched “A Diamond Is Forever” (from the mind of N.W. Ayer Advertising Agency’s Frances Gerety) that diamond engagement rings became a trend, though judging by the way it immediately took hold, you’d think that they had been around since the beginning of time.

Now, three-quarters of a century later, chic women everywhere are beginning to stray from the so-called ‘classic’ single stone with two baguettes that has inscribed itself in the world’s sartorial lexicon.

With a piece of jewelry as iconic as an engagement ring, however, trends don’t come and go quickly. Only the most timeless survive, though women are realizing more and more that timeless doesn’t have to mean typical. As such, it takes a few years (and sometimes decades) for an engagement ring trend to gain true footing. A growing trend you love today might just have been influenced by an Old Hollywood star in the 1950s and you’re simply none the wiser.

At the same time, one huge trend that has been emerging, encompassing every personal style from Edwardian to Art Deco, is shopping vintage. It is not only a better value for the price, but also one of the most sustainable ways to shop. And as the fashion industry becomes more conscious of their carbon footprint, the jewelry market is following suit.

From low-profile baguette bands to colorful stones, east-west settings to chunky styles, find all the top 2021 engagement ring trends ahead.

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The trend of shopping for a vintage engagement ring is on the rise. It’s more affordable, as it isn’t a newly-produced piece. It's sustainable, due to the fact that nothing new needs to be sourced. And it's completely unique, differing in design from anything that you’ve seen by a more modern designer.


Instead of a single center stone, 2021 is ushering in the trend of setting two different stones, side-by-side. Perhaps it’s two diamonds cut in contrasting shapes, two different gems altogether, or identical stones set in an intertwined moi et toi setting like Ariana Grande's. Either way, this season, it’s the more the merrier.


If you’re looking for a traditional setting with a twist, consider turning your stone on its side. The horizontal setting not only makes a stone look larger, but also makes it ideal for stacking.

Family History

More and more, family history is being woven into the engagement rings of newer relationships. Perhaps it’s your grandmother’s own engagement ring you are re-setting for yourself, or maybe a stone your partner's mother had set in another piece of jewelry. Or like Kate Middleton, maybe it's your mother-in-law's ring that's passed down to you for your engagement. The generational nod is a trend that’s becoming more popular as the years go on, and designers are embracing the bespoke aspect of the gesture.

Chunky Settings

The past few years have shown a rise in chunkier rings, be it bezel settings or true mounted styles. And now, for 2021, engagement rings are getting the more statement-making treatment.

Colorful Stones

Though there have been definite spikes in sapphire engagement rings following the nuptials of Kate Middleton in 2011 and Princess Diana decades before her, 2021 is bringing with it a marked rise in a variety of colored stones: rubies, emeralds, and more.

Baguette-Set Band

If a single door knocker isn’t your thing, rejoice in the rising trend of engagement bands. With an eternity style, set with baguette-cut stones, it will have your fingers sparkling and keep it slightly more casual at the same time.

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