21 Freaking Weird Skin Care Products On Amazon That Are Actually Amazing

It wasn't too long ago that our only facial care options were cold cream and bar soap. Today, there's an endless variety of toners, moisturizers, and masks to keep our skin in pristine condition. But things are starting to get weird. Like placenta on your face weird. Though some bizarre skin care products are a little scary, they can do wonders for the skin.

Since we live in the age of the internet, there's no reason you have to rely on the same, boring facial products for the rest of your life. It's so easy to branch out past your local drugstore, why not try some of the weird beauty products out there? Sure, rubbing snail extract all over your face might sound a little strange, but people swear by the results.

Not all the products are made of the grossest parts of nature. There's an icy facial massager and a soap made of coal. Now, coal soap does sound like a punishment gift from Santa, but I promise it's actually great.

The world of skincare is always changing. So, instead of running away from some of these weird skincare innovations, why not give them a try? Be brave and embrace the world of weird beauty!

by Amber Petty

1. A Donkey Cream For Your Face

Donkey Creamy Cleansing Melting Cream, $13, Amazon

Okay, "Donkey Cream" does not sound inviting. But this deep pore cleanser uses donkey milk as a moisturizing agent and it works. The melting cream gets deep into your pores for a thorough clean while the cream's oils keep your skin feeling soft. It may have a weird name, but it feels great.


2. A Clay Mask That Bubbles On Your Skin

KBeauty Naturals Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, $10, Amazon

I don't know why a bubbling face mask sounds so good to me, but it seems like a dream. This bubble clay mask fizzles and pops on your skin, a little like Pop Rocks. The mask leaves your pours visibly smaller and gives a deep clean without drying you out. It might feel tickly and weird when it's on, but you'll love the soft, clean feeling you get afterward.


3. A Placenta Serum. That's Right. Placenta

SkinPro BIO-Placenta Revitalizing Serum, $44, Amazon

Featuring five peptides, this serum is almost identical to a human placenta. Now, that sounds a lot better than having actual human placenta on your face, but it still is a little strange. These peptides, however, are excellent for revitalizing your skin. It also features Argireline concentrate, which works like Botox to tighten skin. One user wrote: "I feel like this serum turned back the clock on my skin, I haven’t looked or felt like this in years."


4. A Cream With All The Moisturizing Power Of Snail Goo

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream, $14, Amazon

No, this isn't a cream to repair snails, it's a cream that soothes your skin with the power of snail extract. This is 92 percent snail extract! I know, that's hard to deal with, but it's really good for your skin. One user wrote: "I'll be using this cream until I croak. As an Asian woman in my 30s, I have sensitive skin along with acne-prone, combo, hyper-pigmentation, and this cream has significantly helped all of these problems." Embrace the snails, they're here to help!


5. A Mask To Keep Your Hands Silky Smooth

Angellooka Ultra Moisturizing Hand Mask, $25 (Pack of 10), Amazon

We've got feet masks and face masks, but what about our hands? Thankfully, these gloves are made to give some love to your hard working hands. Since you're likely a busy woman, these gloves are made so you can still use your cell phone while your hands are basking in moisture.


6. A Razor For Your Face

Shiseido Facial Razor, $9 (6 Pieces), Amazon

Girls are really getting into the face shaving game. That doesn't mean we'll be heading to the barber shop for an old-timey hot shave, but we can use these Japanese razors. They're sharp enough to lightly exfoliate with little danger of cutting the skin. It'll save you a lot of money on dermaplaning, that's for sure.


7. A Healing Clay Mask With Ancient Aztec Secrets

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Facial, $10, Amazon

According to the company, this is "the world's most powerful facial"— and apparently nearly 12,000 Amazon users agree. Those Aztec Secrets hold a powerful mud mask guaranteed to clean all the crud out of your pores. There's no additives, fragrances, and not a trace of an animal product to be found. For a simple, but strong face mask, give this healing clay a try.


8. A Detoxifying Seaweed Bath

Seaweed Bath Co. Seaweed Detox Bath, $10, Amazon

The idea of bathing in the sea — great. Bathing in seaweed? That doesn't sound so lovely. But ignore the fact that seaweed has the word "weed" in it and enjoy a soak in all the wonderful minerals that the ocean has to offer. The seaweed itself is sustainably hand harvested and Non-GMO certified and contains soothing anti-inflammatory properties. So, relax as if you're under the sea with this detoxing bath.


9. A Brush Set For Your Whole Body

SpaVerde Natural Boar Bristle Body and Face Brush Set, $20, Amazon

The dry brushing trend is all the rage and this set is a great way to get started. As the name denotes, simply take a dry brush and, beginning at the ankles, brush upward using light but firm strokes. This technique removes dead skin and stimulates the body’s circulation and lymphatic systems. Also, taking a little time to slowly rub a brush all over your skin is a soothing meditative task that will make you more relaxed and keep your skin smooth.


10. A Facial Puff Full Of Charcoal

Binchotan Charcoal Facial Puff, $17, Amazon

Made with natural konjac root and Binchotan charcoal powder, this is a very cleansing puff. Feel free to use it with a cleanser of your choice or wash with just water for a fully exfoliated cleaning experience. The ingredients are natural and the charcoal and konjac are soft enough to use with all skin types without irritation.


11. A Heated Massager And Sonic Eye Treatment

Sunmay Ionic Heated Eye Massager Wand, $16, Amazon

Now, heat and sonic waves sound like some kind of futuristic sci-fi weapon. But, this massager uses gentle warmth and vibration to soothe the skin around the eyes. The negative ionic function helps your moisturizers and products sink deeper into the skin so they're even more effective.


12. A Lotion To Dry Out Your Acne

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, $17, Amazon

Drying lotion sounds like an oxymoron. Why would you want a lotion to dry your skin? Well, this lotion is used for spot acne treatments. It helps dry out the extra oil and help pimples to disappear quicker. With salicylic acid, calamine, and drying ingredients, this treatment helps shrink zits immediately.


13. A Deep Cleanser Made With Fermented Grains

Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet, $29, Amazon

"Sherbet" and "fermented" shouldn't go together. But when it comes to this facial cleanser, it's actually a great combo. This cream has vitamins B1, B6, E and fermented grain extracts to get your skin extra clean. It practically melts into your face as soon as you put it on and though "fermented" sounds harsh, it's actually great for sensitive skin. This is a great option when you need to get rid of a lot of makeup and don't want your skin to feel dried out after.


14. A Roller For An Icy Face Massage

Esarora Ice Roller For Face, $12, Amazon

Relieve headaches, puffiness, and skin irritation with the icy facial roller. The light facial massage helps promote blood circulation and drainage to help with dark circles and puffy eyes, while the cool massaging head helps relieve skin irritation. The company claims it helps with wrinkles and dry skin, but at the very least, it'll feel amazing on your face—  and who doesn't love a good face massage?


15. A Machine To Make Your Own Masks

KingdomCares Face Mask Machine, $50, Amazon

If you've tried every mask under the sun, maybe it's time to start making your own. This machine lets you make facial masks from your own custom blend of fruits, vegetables, and oils. You can finally get a facial that's adapted to your skin type and you won't have to worry about wasting money on a crappy mask ever again.


16. An Eye Cream Filled With Latte Goodness

Farmer's Daughter Black Currant Latte Retinol Eye Cream, $36, Amazon

A black currant latte sounds delicious, but how does that help with eye bags? Well, this retinol serum has actual caffeine which helps with blood flow and decreases under eye bags and circles. The formula is perfect for sensitive skin and helps to smooth skin. Best of all, it's paraben, phthalate, sulfate, petroleum, alcohol, fragrance, and cruelty-free.


17. A Bath Soap To Clean Yourself With Charcoal

Sapo Bamboo Charcoal Soap, $13, Amazon

A pitch black soap looks like trouble. But this bamboo charcoal soap is an excellent, all natural cleanser. Surprisingly, this is a great option for people with sensitive skin or eczema. The foam washes away completely and the soap leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Plus, the grapefruit essential oil adds an invigorating scent to give you an extra jolt in the morning. A great option if you want a certified organic exfoliator.


18. A Facial With Probiotic Power

Ongaro Probiotic Facial Masque, $32, Amazon

A lot of us either take probiotics or have tried them at some point to help out our digestive routine. But I never thought to put that bacteria on my face. This natural facial mask uses a Brazilian red clay base with active probiotics, plant stem cells, and peptides to keep your skin looking its best. The stem cells help slow the aging process, while the probiotics support your immune system.


19. A Egg White Balm To Calm Your Blackheads

Tonymoly Egg Pore Blackhead Balm, $9, Amazon

Eggs aren't just for breakfast or baking, it turns out they're also great for your skin. With egg whites and camelia extract, this balm is designed to calm breakouts or individual pimples. It washes away extra oil and dirt, so if your skin is on the oily side, you might want to give this a try.


20. A Mask To Really Peel Away Your Blackheads

Nature Guess Suck Out Suction Mask, $13, Amazon

There's been many a youtube video about black peel off masks, but none of them are so bold as to call themselves "Suck Out" masks. This mask is going to clear your pours for real! The charcoal helps remove dirt, oil, blackheads, and most anything else that's been hiding out in your skin. The peeled off results might look a little gross, but your super smooth skin will be worth it.


21. An Algae Gel For Under Eye Circles

Baebody Blue Eye for Dark Circles & Wrinkles, $20, Amazon

Blue algae is the secret ingredient in this new eye gel. It helps strengthen the skin and keeps it safe from sun damage. The gel is super moisturizing and the company claims it helps eliminate dark circles and puffiness.

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