24 Weird But Genius Bras On Amazon That Solve Challenging Fashion Issues

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Weird But Genius Bras On Amazon That Solve Challenging Fashion Issues

A lot goes into my decision-making when it comes to bras. A good bra is comfortable, fits well, and helps me avoid any issues that may arise. So, I decided to browse for some weird but genius bras on Amazon that solve challenging fashion issues.

When I say fashion issues, I mean things like chafing, boob sweat (it happens), bra straps continuously slipping off, and spillage. And then you have the obvious things that you need special bras for: when you want the feeling of being braless without actually forgoing said-bra, and when your top is strapless, backless, or features a plunging neckline.

Luckily, Amazon carries a ton of bras that will help solve these challenging fashion issues that come up in people's day-to-day lives. So the next time you're worrying about boob sweat, reach for your moisture-wicking bra, or if you're concerned that your straps will not stay up during the day, find a bra with a U-back or racerback fit. And if you're not feeling a bra today, but you're like me and still want the security of one, rock a thin bralette that gives you enough coverage to feel comfortable and supported to get you through the day.


A Full-Coverage Bra That Offers All-Around Support

Sometimes you need support in more areas than just the bust. That’s where the Warner's No Side Effects bra sets itself apart from all other bras in your wardrobe. Yes, it has full-coverage cups made from comfy, structured foam, but it also features high side panels and an elastic-free back for a smoother look underneath clothing. It also comes in tons of different colors.

  • Available sizes: 34B — 42C


An Under-$20 Underwire Bra That Won't Show Even Under Tight Clothes

This Hanes Ultimate Invisible Look underwire bra is soft, smooth, and completely seamless. That means no lines showing under your tight clothing. It's super comfortable because it's also tagless and made from fabric that's flexible and moves with you. The straps won't show either because they are flat and convertible (not to mention front-adjustable).

  • Available sizes: 34A — 38D


A Genius Bra For Plunging Necklines

One reviewer wrote, "This bra was a great buy. It fits amazingly and gives me the cleavage that I want but also the support that I need. If you're on the fence about this bra take the plunge and buy it." This super plunging bra works alongside some of the most revealing necklines, but it also has convertible straps that give you the support you want and need.

  • Available sizes: 30DD —36D


This Bra That Prevents Cup Spillage & Gaps

If you have fuller breasts, you sometimes deal with overflowing cups — and smaller breasts may experience gapping. This is a common issue, but it's easily avoided with a bra that offers full-coverage flexibility, like the Bali One Smooth U underwire bra. It hugs the chest with an illusion neckline while adding support to the natural shape of your boobs.

  • Available sizes: 34B — 42DD


A Strapless Bra That Actually Stays Up

If you have fuller breasts, it can be tough to find the fit you want from a strapless bra. This Wacoal Red Carpet strapless bra has a few unique features that make it supportive enough for a full bust: silicone strips, seamless fabric, stretchy foam cups, and a band that’s wide all the way around. “As a 32G busted woman, I honestly have never been able to find a strapless bra at any store,” one reviewer wrote. “The bra fits like a brand new glove [...] and gives great support.”

  • Available sizes: 30D — 44GG


A Moisture-Wicking Sports Bra That Keeps You Dry

Whether you’re working out or just someone who runs hot, moisture-wicking fabric is a lifesaver, and this Champion sports bra is a fan-favorite for a reason. The nylon-spandex fabric keeps you dry because sweat evaporates off of it faster than cotton or other common fabrics. Since it’s suitable for high-impact activities, it's a comfortable, supportive option for the gym or running errands.

  • Available sizes: 32B — 38C


A Stretchy, Lacy Bra For Everyday Wear

All-over lace in your choice of various colors will make this Smart & Sexy bralette one of your absolute favorites. Still, it has removable cups, a wide bottom band, and extra-wide camisole straps for added support. Its deep-V shape in both the front and the back make it ideal for irregular necklines — but you’ll probably want to show this one off anyway.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


A Supportive, Wire-Free Bra That Stays Cool

If you’re looking for support without underwire and without hot, chafing fabrics, the Warner’s Play It Cool contour bra is the way to go. It has Chill FX lining that keeps the cups cool and moisture-free, and it offers plenty of support thanks to its structured padding. This bra is also really great because it prevents spillage and has easy-snap straps that you can convert to other designs.

  • Available sizes: 34A — 40C


A Pretty T-Back Bra That Keeps Straps In Place

This front-close bra features a beautiful T-back that will help keep straps from slipping down. They'll stay hidden all day (but since it’s so gorgeous, you won't be mad about the back of that bra peeking out from underneath shirts). It's a comfortable option that comes in 10 different options.

  • Available sizes: 30B — 36DDD


This Minimizer Bra With U-Shaped Straps That Stay Put

This one’s for the person who’s very tired of their straps slipping off during the day: The Bali Double Support minimizer bra is great because it really does so much, like providing great support while being comfortable. But perhaps its best feature is its 'Comfort-U' design, which helps straps stay in place all day. Plus, the adjustable straps are also thicker and wider, which also helps.

  • Available sizes: 36C — 40D


A Full-Coverage Bra That’s Made For Ventilation

Another great way to keep sweaty boobs at bay is to rock a bra that's made for optimal ventilation. This Playtex 18 Hour Active Lifestyle bra is lined with super breathable fabric and an inner cooling band, both of which keep you comfortable all day long. One reviewer wrote, “The inner lining really does wick sweat away and it evaporated quickly. This is a rare bra that is actually comfortable no matter what position I am in.”

  • Available sizes: 36B — 46DDD


This Push-Up Bra That That’s Surprisingly Comfortable

It comes in lace, strappy designs, animal prints — you name it — but whichever one you choose, this Smart & Sexy Maximum Cleavage bra has an unparalleled push-up effect. It aims to add two sizes instantly using underwire and soft push-up padding, and reviewers love it: “This is and has been my most favorite bra for about 4 years now I haven't found a better more comfortable bra.”

  • Available sizes: 32A — 42C


An Adhesive Bra Without Straps Or A Back

When a regular bra just won't work due to clingy fabric, backless dresses, or low-plunging necklines, there’s this adhesive strapless bra. It’s earned over 20,000 reviews because the silicone design sticks on and stays put despite sweat, movement, and a lack of straps. It also comes in four different colors for various skin tones and can support up to an F cup.

  • Available sizes: A — F


This Bra Wih Thick, Padded Straps That Meet In A U-Shape

Thicker straps are great for so many reasons: They don't dig into your shoulders, which makes the bra more comfortable, and they actually stay put better than thinner ones. This Playtex bra is seamless and features moisture-wicking lining, so you can also kiss underboob sweat goodbye. It also has thick, padded, adjustable straps and a narrower curved back that keeps them in place.

  • Available sizes: 36B — 46DDD


A Full-Coverage Bra That Won't Fall Down

Front-close bras are great because straps will definitely stay where they're supposed to. This Leading Lady racerback bra is full coverage, so it also eliminates the issue of spillage. The straps are padded, adjustable, and lined with mesh. So you'll feel comfortable, supported, and your straps will stay in place throughout the day.

  • Available sizes: 38A — 48DD


This Wire-Free Option That Keeps Breasts Feeling Cool

If you aren't a fan of underwire, and you feel like that can contribute to your underboob sweat, then a wireless option will be your best friend. This Olga Play It Cool bra is also equipped with Chill FX lining, so you know the cups will stay cool and wick away moisture all day, even in the hottest temperatures. It doesn't have any wires, but the set-in cups still offer plenty of support.

  • Available sizes: 36C — 44DD


A Lightly Lined Wireless Bra That Remains Invisible Under Clothing

This T-shirt bra is invisible under clothing because of its seamless and smooth style. The cups are wireless and feature light padding for a bit of extra coverage. The bra is lightweight, stretchy, and comfortable enough to wear under your tightest clothing. Its straps also have a center clasp so you can turn it into a racerback.

  • Available sizes: 32A — 38C


A Super-Soft Bra You’ll Forget You're Wearing

One reviewer wrote, "You guys, I hate bras. I really wish we lived in a society where people weren't offended by female nipples. But here we are...These are super soft and comfy and sometimes I forget I'm even wearing them! I am 100 percent devoted to these bras." The Prima Goddess soft cup plunge bralette is super soft and will become an essential during your day-to-day life.

  • Available sizes: Small/Medium — Medium/Large


A Comfortable Wire-Free Bra That’s Still Sexy

Sometimes you just want to throw something on that's super comfortable, but still looks great. The Maidenform wireless bra is that something. It comes in tons of colors and patterns, all with gorgeous lace detailing in a scalloped, contrasting design. Still, it’s wire-free, supports with soft, structured pads, and has a stay-there power band for comfort.

  • Available sizes: 32A — 40D


A Double-Lined Bra That Helps Eliminate Chafing

If you like lace, make sure that your bra of choice has lining, so that it doesn't irritate your sensitive skin. If you have easily irritated skin, it's important to find a bra that is double lined, so you don't start to chafe — and Wacoal’s The Insider bra fits the bill. Additionally, the mesh lining is stretchy, the back has a leotard design, and the underwire provides structure.

  • Available sizes: 32D — 38C


A Lace Bralette With Adjustable Shoulder Straps

This floral lace bralette comes in over a dozen colors and really is ideal for those days that you don't feel like feeling constricted in a bra. It's super thin and lightweight, but it has adjustable straps that will give you a bit more support if you need it. One reviewer said it was so comfortable that they felt like they weren’t wearing a bra at all.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — Medium


This Strapless Bra With A Push-Up Effect

This Calvin Klein Naked Glamour strapless bra will not only give you a great push-up effect, but it will stay on all night long. The bra features an interior grip lining at the seams, so it doesn't slip down. One user said, "I have been through my fair share of strapless bras in my life, and this is, by far, my favorite. It actually stays up! I don't have to shimmy it up every five minutes. Love it so much that I always keep an extra."

  • Available sizes: 30C — 38C


A T-Shirt Bra With Individual Cups To Prevent Chafing

A big contributor to chafing is when breasts don't fit comfortably in their cups — so finding a bra that really creates enough space between them is important, hence the popularity of the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-shirt bra. This one is great because it also has an elastic band that sits comfortably on your body. Plus, it's made with memory touch technology, so the fabric is soft, too.

  • Available sizes: 30B — 44DD


This Breathable Bralette Made From Pima Cotton

The On Goassamer Cabana cotton bralette is great if you have smaller breasts and still find yourself dealing with chafing — or if you prefer more natural fabric blends. The lightweight Pima cotton will help relieve some of the pain caused by chafing, while the 6% spandex offers a tiny bit of stretch. Plus, it's really pretty and lined with a gossamer trim, and it comes in five colors.

  • Available sizes: Small — Large

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