6 Reasons Why You Need This Body Polish In Your Life Like Yesterday


Relative to so-called “essentials” like moisturizer and SPF, the humble body scrub doesn’t exactly rank very high on the list. But a good body scrub can actually make all the difference between dull, uncomfortable skin — and a head-to-toe glow. That’s especially true for the new Keys Soulcare Mind-Clearing Body Polish, which goes above and beyond the usual exfoliating duties of your average body scrub to transform your shower experience.

For those who don’t know, Keys Soulcare was born when singer Alicia Keys teamed up with board-certified dermatologist Renée Snyder, M.D., to develop products that not only honor the strength of the body, but that pay gratitude to all that it does. The brand’s new Body Polish does exactly that, creating a moment of ritual and respect in your daily routine. But don’t be fooled — it does the usual body scrub stuff exceptionally well, too, sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal smooth, radiant limbs. Here, find a comprehensive list of all the things we love about it.

It exfoliates (gently!) in two ways

While most scrubs rely on a single exfoliation method, this one goes the extra mile. In addition to bamboo charcoal, which physically buffs away those dead skin cells and draws out impurities, the Body Polish also puts chemical exfoliants to good use. Famously gentle lactic acid unglues dead skin cells, while sugarcane-derived glycolic acid removes the outermost layer of skin — all without causing any irritation or dryness.

It *actually* moisturizes skin

Part of the reason your skin can handle the combination of physical and chemical exfoliation is because the Body Polish contains some heavy-duty moisturizers that help replenish skin, without leaving a greasy residue behind once you rinse. Coconut oil delivers essential fatty acids that aid in strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier, whereas sunflower seed oil is loaded with antioxidants and lipids that leave skin soft and supple. Together, they ensure skin stays smooth, not stripped.

It keeps skin clear and smooth

Dealing with bacne? We’ve got you. While the bamboo charcoal in this Body Polish provides excellent manual exfoliation, it’s also been known to draw out impurities and absorb excess sebum, as well as other assorted grime from within your pores. Translation: Scrubbing up with this formula can clear potential clogs, putting an end to those stubborn breakouts on your chest, back, or butt.

It smells like a dream

To turn your shower into an ~experience~, this subtle sage and oat milk fragrance is equal parts comforting and soothing. You know how taking a hot shower can sometimes fix everything? This dreamy scent takes that power to the next level. (The brand also offers a candle in the same scent — just saying.)

It feels like a spa treatment

While the fragrance elevates your usual routine, so does actually using it. Whether you’re more into baths or swear by showers, no sweat — simply dispense a generous amount of the Body Polish and slowly massage it into the skin in a circular motion. Take a few deep breaths, then rinse. You can use it all over a few times a week, but feel free to focus on hands and feet, too, for a little pick-me-up in the morning.

It’s free of not-so-great ingredients

Since Keys Soulcare’s products are all about respecting the body, they’re also super-clean and therefore free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and all sorts of controversial ingredients that have no place in your body scrub. Clean formula, clean body — it doesn’t get much better than that.