Anaïs Created The Unscented, Aesthetic Candles Of My Dreams

Whether your style is more Parisian chic or cutesy cottagecore, there’s a perfect candle for every vibe.

If you’re an Instagram scroller or Pinterest lover (like myself), it’s highly likely that you’ve stumbled upon the indie brand Anaïs Candle more than once before, perhaps without even realizing it.

Impossibly aesthetic, its candles are akin to tiny works of art that add all of the luxe vibes. After following the brand’s Instagram page for quite some time and lusting over just about every single candle they offer, I finally got my hands on them to see what the hype was about. Spoiler alert: I’m obsessed.

Arriving in individual cardboard boxes wrapped with care and adorable ribbons, I received candles from the brand’s Greek Sculpture collection (which is likely the most recognizable amongst social media scrollers), as well as the French Dessert range (because, well, I’ve never quite seen candles like them).

Inspired by ancient Greek figures, artwork, architectural structures, sweets, romance, and beyond, every single candle is handcrafted by local artists in New York, and formulated to be non-toxic with all-natural beeswax and soy wax.

I was immediately impressed with the attention to detail and originality of Anaïs as a whole. Many of the candles were unscented (namely the Greek-themed products) — which makes sense, considering the brand prioritizes visual art that inspires rather than the practicality that other brands may provide.

In other words, it seems many of the candles are meant as decor pieces, rather than a typical candle you would burn through in a couple of weeks.

That being said, the French Desserts feature spot-on aromas that are delectably sweet, but not overpowering for those who may have more sensitive noses. One of my personal favorites? The Cherry & Cereal Milk Candle, which smells exactly as it sounds, and looks so life-like that you almost want to take a bite.

In short? Anaïs is just as cool as I suspected. The candles can seriously amp up the decor factor in your personal space, and best of all, they can perfectly complement whatever aesthetic you may have. While candles are of course made to burn and set the mood in your home with dreamy lighting, I can see myself keeping them unlit and sprinkled throughout my space as unique pieces of art instead.

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