10 Simple Greek Mythology Tattoos For Channeling Your Inner Goddess

From Aphrodite to Medusa.

It’s easy to be mesmerized by Greek mythology: the gods and goddesses, the tales of love and war — you could spend years delving into all of the folkloric stories. If you’re looking for a modern way to honor the genre’s fascinating history, you could opt to get a simple Greek mythology tattoo.

Fleur Noire Tattoo artist Frida Sedwick credits the popularity of Greek mythology tattoos to their ability to transport you into a mythical world. “Greek mythology opens a gateway to a land of magical possibilities that can be accessed by anyone of any age — how cool is that?” she tells Bustle.

While there are hundreds of topics within the Greek mythology realm you could choose to get transformed into an ink design, Sedwick says her clients tend to gravitate toward Greek temples and gods and goddesses like Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Poseidon, and, of course, Zeus. Medusa — one of the three Gorgon sisters said to have had hair made of live, venomous snakes — is also understandably popular.

You could get colorful ink for your tat, but to keep it simple, Sedwick is a fan of using black and gray ink for mythology pieces. “It gives the vibe of old culture and rich history,” she explains. To stick with a more minimalist design, consider outline pieces, subtle placement, or micro ink.

As for settling on a design, she recommends giving your tattoo artist as many details as possible they can help translate your vision into something you’re happy with. And, of course, remember to follow your artist’s aftercare instructions, which could vary by design and artist, but often include avoiding baths, swimming, and direct sunlight, and keeping the area properly moisturized.

Before you scout an artist and schedule that appointment, scroll on for 10 gorgeous and simple Greek mythology tattoos for some inspo.



Opt for an interpretation of Athena, daughter of Zeus and the goddess of wisdom and war. This outline tat includes her detailed helmet and flanked in flowers.



Medusa is one of the most popular Greek mythological figures — for good reason. She’s known for her head of lively snakes and her eyes that can turn any unsuspecting mortal man to stone. This tiny tat depicts her with minimalist lines and curves.


The Muses

In Greek mythology, the nine muses were female figures who represented the arts, serving to inspire the gods writing, poetry, and more — which makes them a perfect design for creatives.



Atlas was the Titan punished by Zeus and condemned to bear the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. In this simple tattoo design, he’s depicted in a minimalistic yet eye-catching way.



Most people know about Aphrodite: She’s the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Add a chic design like this one — which pairs the goddess with delicate red stems — to your body art collection to make a meaningful statement.



Nymphs were notable female figures in Greek mythology, known for presiding over bodies of water and boosting the growth of plants. This tattoo design outlines the face of a nymph with flowers sprouting from her head to showcase her nature-healing prowess.



Poseidon was the god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses. This design takes a more abstract approach to the trident, a fish-spearing tool he’s often depicted holding, by using curved lines and colorful flowers.


Greek Goddess

You could go with a more general approach to your mythological tattoo by getting a minimalist outline of a Greek goddess figure decked out in a floral headpiece.



Cupids are another one of the most recognizable figures in Greek mythology. The winged messenger symbolizes love and romance.



As the god of the hunt, Artemis works as the perfect Greek mythology tattoo for outdoorsy types who love nature, animals, and plants.