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Ariana Grande's Wicked Looks Prove Glinda Invented Millennial Pink

Glinda’s fashion is gonna be pop-u-lar.

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On May 15, the long-awaited trailer for Wicked dropped, giving a first look at Ariana Grande as Glinda and Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba in the first film adaptation of the Broadway musical. Naturally, the duo’s vocals were the star of the show, but Grande’s perfectly pink outfits impressed just as much.

As Glinda the Good Witch, Grande adopts pink as her signature color, with her wardrobe and dorm room covered in pink. And no, that doesn’t change when Elphaba moves in. Naturally, the two are initially at odds, but as the iconic tagline goes: Pink goes good with green.

Needless to say, Kristin Chenoweth, who originated the role of Glinda on Broadway, is very proud, as she confirmed on X (formerly Twitter). Read on for Grande’s best looks from the Wicked trailer.

Ariana’s Schoolgirl Uniform

Ariana Grande's Wicked trailer look.YouTube / Universal Pictures

Viewers first see Grande at Shiz University in her character’s feminine take on a classic prep school uniform. Glinda chooses a baby pink-and-blue striped blazer with gold buttons over a pink button-up blouse. She completes the look with a pink leather bookbag. (Blair Waldorf could never.)

Ariana’s Extra Lingerie

To sing Glinda’s big number “Popular,” Grande twirls around her dormitory and swings on a ceiling fan in some very extravagant lingerie. She wears a flowy silk pink cover-up that’s perfect for high kicks, complete with the two most ruffled shoulder pads ever made.

Ariana’s Fencing Outfit

Facing off against her frenemy Elphaba in a fencing battle, Glinda stays true to herself in a pale pink athletic mini-dress, with her hair tied into a ponytail with a pink ribbon.

Ariana’s Little Pink Dress

Glinda dons her Sunday best to meet the Wizard (Jeff Goldblum) with Elphaba, choosing a pink knee-length dress with ruffled shoulder straps.

Ariana’s Princess Look

As shown briefly in the trailer, Grande pulls off Glinda’s most iconic look effortlessly. The Good Witch wears a pink princess gown with a studded corset and a ruffled multi-layered skirt embellished with crystals. Naturally, the look isn’t complete without her jewel-studded crown and a scepter fit for a princess.