15 Stylish & Affordable Homeware Pieces From B&M

The discount department store is full of hidden homeware treasures.


If you’ve learned anything from the recent extended period indoors, I’ll bet it’s the importance of loving your home. So why not show it a little extra love and appreciation with the addition of these items from the B&M homeware department?

Since its inception back in 1978, B&M has been flogging everything from food to gardening equipment to electronics and then some. I mean who doesn’t love a shop where you can pick up a can of soup, a pair of speakers, and a garden hose at the same time? And in recent years, B&M home and furniture department has truly flourished, now offering up hundreds (if not thousands) of stylish, practical, and affordable pieces.

Considering the increasing number of people renting in the UK isn't set to slow down any time soon, many of us are unable to do any large-scale redecorating at home. For many, living in the mire of magnolia walls, beige waffle carpets, and drab kitchens fitted in the 1960s is a daily reality.

For fans of a quick, affordable, and temporary (or should I say non-deposit-busting) facelift, B&M's homeware section is where it’s at. Below are my 15 top picks.

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