10 Black-Owned Etsy Stores To Shop In The UK

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Since its launch in 2005, the e-commerce site Etsy has been our go-to for alternative, handmade, vintage, ethically sourced, and/or personalised pieces. If what you're looking for falls in or around those categories, and you want to refrain from ubiquitous high street options, chances are you'll find it on Etsy. When it comes to supporting independent businesses, it's one of the leading online platforms.

In light of the recent Black Lives Matter movement, supporting Black-owned businesses in the UK has become one way to participate in activism. Yes, change requires significant anti-racism work on a bigger level, but these everyday actions still make an important impact.

Last month, on June 27, the UK celebrated its first Black Pound Day (the next one is set to take place on August 1). Founded by former So Solid Crew member Swiss, the aim of the monthly event is to draw attention to the services, skills, and products provided by a whole host of Black-owned businesses, and encourage people to spend their money there. Speaking about Black Pound Day, Swiss said: “With the recent unfortunate events I could foresee my community plunging into another cycle of historical trauma, I wanted to somehow repurpose that energy into a positive outcome. Black Pound Day was the result of that motivation."

To make our lives easier, Etsy have helpfully edited their selection of Black-owned Etsy shops. Here's my pick of the top ten.


Emma Make Studio

Emma Make Studio’s contemporary art is definitely worth finding space for on your walls. She creates children's pieces themed by letters of the alphabet, motifs of plants, dancers, and ribbons, and colourful abstract Ethiopian landscapes – all under £30.

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Frequency Of Love

Family portraits don't get more imaginative than this. Simply send over a high-resolution photo and select your preferred African fabric for the backdrop, and Frequency Of Love owner Zoë Sinclair will create a custom digital collage, guaranteed to steal the limelight of every other snapshot on your shelf.

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Baby shower coming up? Oonaloo is your one-stop for bright African-print clothing for babies, toddlers, and children up to the age of 10. There’s an adorable selection of onesies, hairbands and little dolls, all in beautifully bold designs.

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Kingsley Leather

Looking for a present for the boys? Self-taught leatherworker Kingsley creates high-quality cardholders, belts, pen cases, cufflinks, and even a super quirky leather bow tie – all handcrafted from his workshop in Cheltenham.

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Mind The Cork

Think corks are solely for wine bottles? Mind The Cork is here to convince you otherwise. From sculptures to house-plant pots, and innovative vegan cork leather card holders in a variety of colours, these pieces are durable, versatile and ecologically sound.

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Sleep Tings

Get your hands on a unique, handmade satin-lined bonnet. Not only are they perfect for preventing afro hair from drying out over overnight, they keep protective styles fresh and in place. The bonnets come in a range of bright and beautiful patterns and styles including reversible ones. Unfortunately Sleep Tings isn't currently selling on Etsy due to restrictions in place during to coronavirus pandemic, but it's a great shop to keep on your radar so you can get shopping as soon as it reopens.

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DeeRose Products

Shop a wide range of natural hair and body products, including raw African Sheabutter, African black soap, shampoo bars, and hot oil treatments ideal for afro hair. Everything you need for a relaxing pamper sesh is here.

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Face masks are about to become mandatory in shops, and already are on public transport. SNTGmasks have got you covered with their handmade reusable and washable face masks, complete with nose grip and filter pocket.

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Get affordable and unique jewellery from JOASAccessories. There’s everything from unique hand-made and Kente and Akarna chokers, to personalised necklaces and statement chunky earrings.

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Brighten up your look with these colourful handmade hairbands, headscarfs, and adjustable Ankara turbans. Plus, Nnembas even sells steering wheel covers to help give your car a fun update.

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