The Best Bra Liners For Sweat

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Best bra liners for sweat

Toss aside the paper towels and other DIY solutions, because the best bra liners for sweat are designed with one specific goal: to help you combat uncomfortable under-boob perspiration. These soft, reusable, fabric liners have thin silhouettes with rounded edges so that you can strategically slide them right under the bottom of most bras. But before you begin shopping for a sweat-absorbing pad for your bra, there are two key qualities to look for: The fabric should be breathable and moisture-wicking, while the liner itself should fit comfortably so that you don't have to tug at it or readjust it throughout the day.

Ideally, you'll want your liner to be made out of bamboo, because not only is it naturally antimicrobial, extremely soft, and breathable, but it's also great at moisture management. When combined with cotton — another one of the best fabrics for sweat — you can be even more assured that you'll stay dry and fresh for much longer. For even more built-in water resistance, look for premium fabrics like nylon. And though it's not directly related to sweat control, spandex is another option, as far as materials go, if you want your liner to be able to bend and stretch with your body.

Above all, these bra liners should be discreet enough that they'll be virtually undetectable underneath your clothes. For that reason, check both the fit guide from the brand and the reviews from other shoppers to find the right one to match your measurements.

Keeping these details in mind, you'll find a few of the best solutions for boob sweat on Amazon below!

1. The Overall Best Bra Liner For Sweat

While it's a bit pricier compared to others in the category, you get what you pay for with the Belly Bandit bra liner. There's only one in each pack, but it's reusable and designed with thoughtful, high-quality materials that Amazon shoppers mention make it "worth every penny." The outward-facing layer is made from a nylon fabric that, per the brand, is water-resistant in order to keep moisture from transferring to your skin or your clothes. For even more sweat protection, a clever (and extra absorbent) cotton terry fabric liner is sewn into the middle, and, finally, a soft, cotton-jersey material lines the side that rests on your skin. In all, the pad is crafted from 92% bamboo and 8% spandex, which means it's not only extra breathable, but it's also made to bend and move with your body.

To wear it, just slip it between your skin and the bottom layer of your bra, and you're good to go. It's thin and discreet, and may also help with any chafing. Even better? It's machine washable, and you can pick it up in nude, black, and pink. Just note that while this pick is one-size only, plenty of shoppers with a wide range of cup sizes (including 32JJ, 36DDD, and 38G) report that it stays in place under both regular underwire bras and sports bras.

Rave review: "I'm embarrassed that I didn't know there was a product to help with bra discomfort and sweat. I can't believe I suffered through underwire and under sweat for so many years! It's fairly simple to place and it stays put for me. I purchased it to see if it helped the sweating and it totally did. Moreover, it's made all my bra super comfortable. I typically can't wait to take my bra off at night, resulting in a loud sigh of relief. However, while I'm wearing this, I don't have bra discomfort. It also doesn't appear under tighter shirts, which I expected."

2. The Most Affordable Bra Liners For Sweat

If you plan to use bra liners with some regularity, then a multi-pack will provide you with the most flexibility in terms of your laundry schedule. Plus, at such an affordable price, this three-pack of More of Me To Love bra liners is a tremendous value. With your purchase, you get three neutral colors (nude, black, and white), and you can choose from multiple sizes (including medium, X-Large, and XX-Large; however small and large are available via separate links). To find your fit, measure the distance between the outer edges of your bra cups that run beneath your breasts, then match that length up to their chart. If you are between sizes, however, the brand suggests sizing down.

With a blend of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton (and a 100% cotton filling), these liners may not be as stretchy or offer as much absorbency as the pick above, but they will still feel soft and breathable while they help keep sweat at bay. In addition, they are easy to use (you insert them underneath the bottom bra band) and machine washable.

Rave review: "I was surprised how much this product reduces under breast sweat. It is very soft, tucks easily and softer evey time I wash them. Maybe a bit long on the sides but I have become accustomed to reaching behind back to tuck in. I have recommended to other women as I find this product to do exactly what it says."

You May Also Like: This Sweat-Absorbing Body Powder

While a bra liner can help keep you dry, there may be days when you want to double up on your protection. Once you get past its cheeky name, you'll find that this Lady Anti Monkey Butt Anti Friction Powder is the perfect solution. It has an average 4.6-star rating from over 3,000 Amazon reviewers because, as one fan put it, "it freaking works." Similar to baby powder, it provides relief from chafing and friction, but it's also designed to block out sweat. Among its minimal list of four ingredients, you'll find corn starch, which absorbs excess moisture and gives the powder a silky slip, and calamine, which can help combat heat rash. It's also talc-free, though it does have a scent. Beyond the bra region, you can apply it anywhere you tend to experience sweatiness and chaffing, such as between your thighs.

Rave review: "This powder has totally changed my life. Just a quick application after my shower and sometimes a little powder here and there when I wake up has completely fixed the itchy under boob problem completely. I'm so glad I found this as summer is starting!"