The 11 Best Cotton Bras For Comfortable, Breathable Support

They’re so comfy, you might forget that you have a bra on.

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Best Cotton Bras
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There are plenty of benefits to wearing cotton clothing, and the best cotton bras in particular are soft, breathable, and skin-friendly. They also come in a pretty wide range of sizes and styles. That said, there are a few things you should decide before you start shopping — namely how much cotton (percentage-wise) you're looking for and which bra designs will best suit your needs.

What To Look For In A Cotton Bra

First things first: While 100% cotton bras do exist (you can find one below), the vast majority are made from a blend of materials. That's largely because pure cotton doesn't stretch and recover as well as synthetics like spandex, so manufacturers often opt to throw in some spandex (also called elastane and Lycra) so the bra moves with you better and bounces back after each wear.

Also keep in mind that while the bra itself might be made from cotton, the pads, straps, and lining are sometimes made from more synthetic materials. Most of the options listed here contain primarily cotton — you won't find any with less than 50% — but even so, the cotton percentages are listed underneath so you know exactly how much softness and breathability to expect.

Next, ask yourself what kind of bra you're looking for and for which activities you plan on wearing it: Are you looking for a lounge bra that's comfortable enough for bed or an underwire bra with lots of support for all-day wear? Even if you're looking for something in between, you'll be able to find it here — and each option is made from at least 50% cotton, so you can feel good about your new favorite bra.

1. The Best Value

These best-selling sports bras from Fruit of the Loom have more than 67,000 reviews and a 4.4-star overall rating. They're made from almost entirely cotton (with 5% spandex thrown in for comfortable stretch), and they offer removable pads, tons of color options, and a racerback design. All of that said, the absolute best part is the price: You can get three bras in all different colors, some for under $10.

One reviewer wrote: “It's just what I wanted for lounging around, around the house, or under a cotton tank to run to the grocery store. It's not for the gym or for exercise class. It is incredibly comfortable, and the cotton fabric has a nice weight to it. It's not sheer. A fantastic buy for the price!”

Cotton percentage: 95% | Available sizes: 32 — 44

2. A Stylish Cult-Classic Bralette

Simple, comfortable, and skin-friendly, this Calvin Klein bralette is one of the most popular picks on Amazon. It has a 4.5-star rating because it's made from a breathable cotton blend that comes in your choice of almost 30 colors and patterns. In addition to the padding-free, stretchy fabric, it also has thick racerback straps and an iconic branded band that goes all the way around.

One reviewer wrote: “I finally broke down and bought a few more of these. The ones I purchased previously have to be at least 5 years old. These are by far my favorite summer lightweight bras. Comfortable and all cotton [and I] know they will hold up for a long time.”

Cotton percentage: 53% | Available sizes: X-Small — 4X

3. The Best Cotton Underwire Bra

If you prefer the added support of an underwire and a more classic bra design without too much bulk, opt for this Fruit of the Loom unlined underwire bra. It doesn't have any padding or seams, but it does have underwire and stretchy cups made primarily from cotton. Throw in the hook-and-eye closure, adjustable U-shaped straps, and the fact that it comes in a pack of two different colors, and it's no wonder reviewers are "obsessed." In fact, more than 14,000 customers have given it a five-star rating.

One reviewer wrote: “It's incredibly difficult to find all-cotton bras anymore so just the fact that these are that makes them great. But I'm pleasantly surprised at how well made and well fitting they are. [...] The fit and (underwire) support is great. I'm ordering more just so I have plenty on hand for later.”

Cotton percentage: 90% cotton | Available sizes: 34B — 42DD

4. The Best Wireless Push-Up Bra

Judging by its appearance and level of support, you'd never know that this Warner's Invisible Bliss bra is made from 90% cotton. Its inner panels and all-over stretch provide a push-up effect sans wires, while its U-shaped straps and hook-and-eye closure are easy to put on. Unlike most sports bras, this one has a plunge V-neck shape for lower necklines.

One reviewer wrote: “Sooooo comfortable and the non-adjustable straps actually fit perfect. Tried so many different bras from so many different brands, but I will stick to Warner's from now on. Nice push up feature without wires!”

Cotton percentage: 90% cotton | Available sizes: 34A — 40C

5. A Lacy Option You’ll Want To Show Off

Looking for a bra to wear with plunging necklines, open-back tops, or by itself? This Free People Adella bralette is available in almost 20 stylish colors, all of which feature a longline silhouette, eye-catching Guipure lace cups, and crisscrossing adjustable straps. It’s made from primarily cotton with plenty of stretch, so reviewers report that it’s as comfortable as it is cute.

One reviewer wrote: “Better than expected! This is a gorgeous bra. It’s super sexy yet supports me well. I get the look of an underwire with push up with just the cut of the bra. I can wear this all day. Love it!”

Cotton percentage: 60% | Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

6. An Inexpensive Front-Close Cotton Bra

Front-close bras are much easier to put on (especially for those with limited mobility) and this one from Fruit of the Loom is a top-seller for a reason: It's made from 95% cotton and has wide, U-shaped straps that stay on during sleep, work-outs, or errand-running. It also comes in ample different colors, all with the front-facing hook-and-eye closure that reviewers love.

One reviewer wrote: “I needed cotton front close bras for my breast reduction surgery. These were perfect, and the price was fantastic! I ended up purchasing more, so that I would have 5. I’m still using them for wearing around the house! Very comfy and easy to use.”

Cotton percentage: 95% | Available sizes: 34 — 48

7. A Popular 100% Cotton Bra

As previously discussed, all-cotton bras are difficult to come by, but this soft-cup bra from Exquisite Form does it beautifully. It doesn't have much stretch, but its cushioned straps, many size options, reinforced netting, and carefully constructed cups ensure support and a "great fit," according to one reviewer. Its 100% cotton fabric also makes it an especially good choice for those who don't react well to synthetic fabrics.

One reviewer wrote: “I started becoming sensitive to the synthetic fabrics. This little bra does the job, It keeps me in place, looks decent under clothes, and is cotton and comfortable.”

Cotton percentage: 100% | Available sizes: 36B — 46DD

8. A Demi-Bra With A Bit Of Padding

It's rare for a cotton bra to offer much padding — but this Iris & Lilly demi bra looks and feels like a gorgeous push-up even though it's made from 74% cotton. It also has a stylish lace trim, adjustable straps, and a hook-and-eye closure. Basically, it offers all of the benefits of a standard bra, but while remaining hypoallergenic and breathable. Get it in four colors.

One reviewer wrote: “I love the look and feel of this bra. Cotton is not easy to find so I appreciate the fabric when I come across them. Will buy again in other colors.”

Cotton percentage: 74% | Available sizes: 34A — 38DD

9. The Best Nursing, Maternity & Sleep Bra

Constructed from 92% organic cotton, the Kindred Bravely extra-soft bra is ideal for nursing, maternity, and sleeping. It has a layered wrap design that simply pulls on — without struggling with clasps or hooks — and effortlessly moves out of the way for breastfeeding. You can get it in six sizes, two fit types (regular or busy), and seven colors.

One reviewer wrote: “They are very soft organic cotton and easy to take on and off. I've been searching for YEARS and have spent hundreds of dollars on high-priced sports bras that are too binding. I am searching for that perfect balance between support and freedom--enough elasticity to support yet not restrictive to the rib cage. This is the closest I have come!”

Cotton percentage: 92% | Available sizes: Small — XX-Large

10. A Front-Closure Bra With Tons Of Size Options

The LEADING LADY leisure bra doesn't have wires or excess padding — instead, it supports with comfortable stretch, thick padded straps, and a front-close design. It’s also made from 90% cotton and is relatively stylish thanks to its V-neck plunge and color/pattern options, but the best part? It comes in dozens of sizes up to a 56C/DDD. (Keep in mind that, according to reviewers, it does run small.)

One reviewer wrote: “I love this bra. I'm a DDD and it only came up to DD then to F. I ordered the F hoping it wouldn't be too big. It fit perfectly. No slippage of straps, snug yet comfortable across band and the cup size was perfect. I can't wear regular bras due to my fibromyalgia but it was comfortable all day.”

Cotton percentage: 90% | Available sizes: 34A/B — 56C/DDD

11. This Soft Triangle Bralette

Much like the brand's bralette, the Calvin Klein triangle bralette is made with cotton, super-soft modal, and elastane for comfortable, breathable, and stretchy all-day wear. Unlike its other best-seller, however, this one has triangle-shaped cups and skinny adjustable straps, which work well for lounging, sleeping, and layering. Get it in your choice of 14 colors, all with the iconic Calvin Klein band.

One reviewer wrote: “LOVE this bra!! My new favorite everyday bra. Cotton, unlined, super comfy.”

Cotton percentage: 53% | Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

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