The 12 Best Crocs Charms To Upgrade Your Kicks

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So you’ve got yourself a new pair of Crocs (or maybe a well-loved pair of old ones) and you’re ready to make them uniquely your own. Made from durable PVC or chic metallic materials, the best Crocs charms come in a ton of different styles to suit every interest and taste — from cute animals to Harry Potter characters to letters that let you monogram your shoe.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Crocs brand has a corner on the shoe charm market. Their Croc decorations — known as Jibbitz — have a reputation for being well-made and adorable. Not to mention, they come in just about every design imaginable. Jibbitz charms for Crocs tend to be more expensive than alternative brand products, but it may be worth the extra few bucks if you find a specific design that you love. A lot of the picks on this list are available in multiple designs — whether it be pets, pop culture references, or fandoms — so you can pick out a charm that looks exactly like your dog or your favorite superhero. There are plenty of other brands that offer 50- or 100-piece variety packs for super reasonable prices, which is great for regularly switching up your look — but it’s a random assortment, so you might not get the exact styles you’re looking for.

The traditional Crocs charm is fashioned out of flexible PVC, with a rounded plastic base that fits into the holes on the top of the shoe, but there are some charms out there that are made of a metal alloy material. These shiny charms are great if you want to make your Crocs look a bit dressier, but they can be on the larger side — so you’ll have to use them more sparingly.

From cute animals to pop culture references to sparkly bling, these are the best Crocs Charms to give your shoes a little extra something-something.


A Popular Foodie Set That Channels Your Favorite Snacks

If you consider yourself a foodie, you’ll love these Crocs-brand charms that are shaped like a variety of tasty snacks. Besides the fast food-inspired pack, you’ll also find sets including breakfast food, tacos, and pizza. Vibrant and well-detailed, the charms are a great way to add a splash of color to your Crocs. You get five charms in a set, allowing you to mix and match them however you like.

According to a reviewer: “They arrived on time as promised and are just as colorful as the picture. They are easy to pop in the big holes so no problem there. Hats off to Crocs for having something that brings a smile to so many faces!”

  • Available multipacks: 16


A Randomly Assorted Value Pack For Mixing & Matching

If you’re not picky about getting a random assortment of shoe charms for Crocs, you won’t find a better deal than this. You get a wide variety in this pack for a wallet-friendly price. With a mix of animals, cartoon characters, flowers, and more, this set is especially great if you like to swap out your charms on the regular — it’ll take a long time to run out of different combinations. You can also gift the charms you don’t use to your Crocs-wearing friends and family. Over 20,000 shoppers have given this value pack a five-star rating on Amazon, with many praising the wide variety of charms in each set.

According to a reviewer: “Great quality pieces! Interchanged them several times and they’re still intact, very durable. This is a great value for the money as there are so many pieces that you can switch them out and have different themed crocs all the time.”

  • Available multipacks: 25 pieces, 50 pieces, 100 pieces, 102 pieces


These Letter-Shaped Charms For A Monogrammed Look

Give your Crocs a cool monogrammed look by adding a single letter charm. Or, you can buy a few of these PVC charms and spell out a whole name or word — there’s even a hashtag symbol for plenty of decorating possibilities. The retro white varsity font has a black contrast outline that helps it stand out on any Croc, regardless of its color. Since these are authentic products from Crocs’ line of Jibbitz — with an overall rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon after 15,000 reviews — you can be sure that they’re high-quality.

According to a reviewer: “I love these Crocs letter jibbitz! I bought 6 of them to spell my daughters name. Bought them for my 11 year old daughter for Christmas and she loved them!!! Great quality authentic Crocs brand jibbitz.”

  • Available styles: 25


An Adorable Charm That Comes In 16 Cat & Dog Designs

Another option that’s straight from the Crocs brand, these adorable shoe charms are perfect for those who love their four-legged friends. Besides the totally cute pit bull design, you can find PVC charms inspired by a Cavalier King Charles, dachshund, yellow lab, and more. There are even tabby and black cat options for kitty lovers. Whether or not you actually own a pet, you can show off your status as a dog or cat person with these animal designs.

According to a reviewer: “This is just toooooo cute. My daughter loves crocs and we raise corgis. She is going to be so excited about having corgi charms. I also ordered the other three corgis charms to go with this one.”

  • Available styles: 16


The Sophisticated Metal Charm With A Gold Hue

Looking for a subtle, elegant decoration for your Crocs? This shoe charm is made from a lightweight metal alloy with a gorgeous gold-tone finish. Refined and stylish, this Crocs-brand charm comes in quite a few different shapes, including a butterfly, seashell, daisy, and more. Opt for a minimalist look by wearing a single charm, or pick out a few different designs for a more eclectic aesthetic.

According to a reviewer: “Looks nicer than the regular jibbitz. [...] Would recommend for people who want charms but don't like the look of the plastic ones!”

  • Available styles: 14


This Set Of Charms That’s Perfect For Nature Lovers

Are you a nature lover who wants to show off your outdoorsy sensibilities to the world? Then you’ll love this set of 10 Jibbitz charms for Crocs. The assortment of PVC charms includes a pine tree, a mushroom, a rainbow, mountains, and more. They’re designed to be worn together, so you don’t have to worry about buying individual charms and hoping they match. Wear all 10 at once, or pick and choose which ones you want to sport that day.

For even more choices, this set has lots of other options, like seasonal- and food-themed designs.

According to a reviewer: “Cute! Size is the same as in photos and it’s easy to add onto the crocs.”

  • Available options: 39


These Superhero & Harry Potter-Inspired Shoe Charms

When you want to represent your fandom with pride, these individual Jibbitz charms from Crocs are the way to go. From Harry Potter houses to Marvel and DC superheroes to Disney characters, these pop culture-inspired PVC charms allow you to show off your love for your favorite franchise. Whether you’re a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, an Avengers stan or a Batman lover, there’s a charm for you.

According to a reviewer: “Perfect size for Crocs. Also fits in the croc hole perfectly. Great for a Harry Potter fan.”

  • Available styles: 16


These Sparkly Metal Charms That Add The Perfect Amount Of Bling

This metal shoe charm set is great if you want to add a little bling to your shoes. Studded with rhinestone gems and pearl accents, the 22-piece set features a variety of shapes, including butterflies, flowers, and elegant chains. Mix and match the unique pieces to create a lovely look that’s completely your own, but keep in mind that this pick isn’t made by the Crocs brand, and some reviewers noted they can be a little harder to get into the shoe holes and that you need to be gentle while doing it (but that the charms looked great once in).

According to a reviewer: “They are exactly as described. Sparkly and pretty, well worth the money. Can’t wait for my crocs to arrive so I can put these charms in. They will definitely be noticed; unlike the small croc jibbitz. I would most definitely recommend & would buy again to give as a gift.”

  • Available multipacks: 5


An On-Trend Shoe Charm That’s A Conversation Starter

If you’re someone who’s always up to date on the latest trends, you’ll enjoy these Jibbitz from Crocs. Modern and totally on point, this PVC charm is shaped like a matchbox with the word “lit.” There are other fun designs too, including a fire emoji, a hemp leaf, and even a fidget spinner. Since these individually sold charms aren’t too large, you can pick out a few and wear them together.

According to a reviewer: “Perfect size! I thought they may be too large for what I was expecting, turns out, they were a perfect fit!”

  • Available styles: 30


These Colorful Shoe Charms Shaped Like Whimsical Creatures

For fans of whimsical creatures, these Jibbitz charms for Crocs are a must-have. Besides the adorable narwhal featured above, these charms are also available in an array of fanciful designs, like mermaids, gnomes, and seahorses. Appealing to all ages, these PVC charms add a whimsical color scheme to your shoes. Choose your favorite charm or pick out a few to create your own Jibbitz menagerie.

According to a reviewer: “This thing is so stinking cute I’m gonna get another for my red pair of crocs. I love narwhals and this was the perfect addition. Feels very sturdy/well made. So glad I found this & get lots of compliments.”

  • Available styles: 13


A 50-Piece Set That’s Big On Barbie Love & Positive Vibes

Here’s a 50-piece value pack of Crocs shoe charms that’s filled with cheeky sayings and Barbie love. Ranging from pop culture references to empowering symbols, this set of PVC charms makes it easy to deck out your Crocs all over. There are even a couple of bedazzled gems for adding some sparkle to your ensemble. Though not from the Crocs brand, reviewers have reported they’re of “amazing quality” and “easy to put in and take out” of your Crocs.

According to a reviewer: “I am truly obsessed with these charms!!! They’re so dope! I ordered the 50 count and they’re perfect for any type of mood or day. I can’t stop looking at my shoes and smiling lol. Im so happy with the quality and the way they have my crocs looking! I keep getting compliments!”

  • Available multipacks: 21


A Set Of Festive Charms For Every Holiday

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, get yourself into the holiday spirit with these holiday-themed Jibbitz from Crocs. There are five different designs in each set, all of which look great when worn together on your shoe. The PVC charms are incredibly detailed and brightly colored, resulting in a festive look that you can wear year after year.

According to a reviewer: “I love these charms. They are well made and the attention to detail is definitely there. They are also easy to put on and take off.”

  • Available multipacks: 11