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10 Holiday Fashion Picks That Will Elevate Your 2024 Wardrobe

It’s time for your new year glow-up.

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The most stylish fashion gifts of 2023, according to Bustle editors.

Every new year, your Instagram is filled with friends and co-workers pledging their resolutions of fitness, love, professional success, education, etc. Then there’s the group that simply hopes to step into the new year chicer and more fabulous than ever (read: new year, new me) — this story is for those people.

If you, dear reader, are planning for 2024 to be your most stylish era yet, I’d recommend starting right here with this holiday shopping list. As Bustle’s expert in all things fashion and style, I’ve pulled together the most stylish fashion-adjacent holiday must-haves that A. I own and can confirm will elevate your look, or B. I desperately want for said look elevation purposes.

From fashion girl trousers to non-grandma cardigans, phone jewelry, and more, these editor-approved wardrobe staples will guarantee a 2024 fashion glow-up. Keep scrolling for the ultimate fashion girlie gift guide (which you can totally use to buy presents for yourself, too — no judgment there).

1. A Surprisingly Stylish Cardigan

As a self-proclaimed emo girlie, never would I have guessed a cardigan would top my holiday wish list. But this floral knit has single-handedly revived my interest in the sweater genre. Romantic, with an unexpected whimsical flare, the creamy cardi has burrowed into my consciousness and stayed there.

2. The Winter Hat, Upgraded

Give your plain black beanie a rest for the season, OK? A fur-lined pleather bucket hat is just as cozy, but feels more “fashion week street style” than “typical winter staple.” A guaranteed statement, this baby will supply a level of coolness that traditional winter hats just aren’t capable of achieving.

3. Bow-Bedecked Hosiery

The bow agenda — pushed forth by Sandy Liang, Simone Rocha, Tanner Fletcher, and coquette influencers across TikTok — has officially infiltrated my leather-and-studs wardrobe. On tights, in hair, or attached to dresses (more on that ahead) — doesn’t matter, I want it all.

4. The Most Versatile Puffer Vest

Few things in your closet can match the range of a good leather puffer vest. It looks just as stylish over an “old money” trench coat as it does with a well-loved sweatsuit — and believe me, I’ve done both. Offering function and fashion in equal doses, this baby is a closet requirement. End of story.

5. A Surprisingly Spacious Shoulder Bag

This Brandon Blackwood bag is a staple in my closet and I’m dying to get another one — thankfully, there are half a dozen colorways and fabrications to choose from. The Cortni has the appearance of a mini bag, but surprisingly fits all your essentials, plus a full-size wallet. A fashion girl’s dream.

6. A Modernized Y2K Accessory

The Return to Sandy Necklace has been on my Christmas list since it first launched. A wonderfully nostalgic combination of the 2000s-era chainlink heart necklace and heavy metal piercings, this quietly edgy style is undeniably cool.

7. A Mini Dress That Transcends Seasons

Yes, I’m recommending a spaghetti strap dress for winter — and for good reason. This prim GANNI creation is made of thick wool, balanced out by dainty bow (there’s that word again) straps in luxurious velvet. Layer it in January, then let it fly solo in May — low cost-per-wear is all but guaranteed.

8. Yet Another Pair Of Black Boots

Though I already own around 20 pairs of black boots, I will never hesitate to pull the trigger on another pair. No matter what the category (ankle, Chelsea, sock, stiletto), you’re going to wear them nonstop, but motorcycle boots, particularly, are incredibly versatile. They’ll add a subtle toughness to everything from tulle dresses to simple jeans, courtesy of the chrome hardware and boxy toe.

9. Wide-Leg Pants With A Fashion Girl Touch

Everyone should own a plain pair of classic black trousers — that’s not up for debate. But there’s something about a pinstripe style that adds an extra level of sophistication and interest, making them well worth the investment.

Consider adding a pair to your wardrobe for both professional and weekend wear. So far, I’ve successfully styled mine with graphic sweatshirts, structured blazers, and chunky turtleneck sweaters — they haven’t failed me yet.

10. Phone Jewelry With Function

The girlies know a phone-sized pocket is difficult to come by in womenswear. That’s why many fall victim to the Girl Clutch, a phenomenon in which you precariously hold all your possessions in one hand, defying gravity like Rihanna walking across a subway grate in stilettos.

This is all to say: A phone chain will change your life — and a stylish one at that. Dripping in pearls, this removable accessory does double duty: adding convenience and a bit of fashion flare to every outfit.

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