The 7 Best Glitter Lip Glosses On Amazon

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the best glitter lip glosses
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Add shimmer and shine to any makeup look with the best glitter lip glosses, which keep your lips conditioned and moisturized without feeling sticky. Top-rated lip glosses come in a variety of colors or with different types of glitter so you can choose your favorite one. Any glitter lip gloss you choose is going to be shiny, but you’ll want to consider which kind of glitter you’d like most, whether you’re looking for a subtle shimmer or two-toned iridescent sparkle.

When it comes to glitter, glosses can come with a handful of different types. First and foremost, a gloss with small particles of glitter will be shimmery but can also be subtle, making it ideal for any occasion. For a flashier look, try a holographic or iridescent glitter lip gloss. These two are often considered to be the same, but there’s a slight difference: Holographic glosses will give your lips a rainbow sparkle, while iridescent glosses can change color depending on the light and angle. Duochrome glosses, which can appear to be one of two metallic colors depending on how the light hits, are a type of iridescent gloss.

Beyond just adding glitter and shine to your lips, a good lip gloss should add moisture, too. Look for glosses with conditioning ingredients like essential oils, jojoba and argan oils, and vitamins like A and E, which should keep your lips hydrated without making them sticky. And while a dose of sparkle and moisture is all anyone really needs, if you also like the look of fuller lips, you can opt for a plumping gloss that uses stimulating ingredients to temporarily make them appear fuller.

Whichever type of gloss you choose, know that it might come in either a squeeze tube or a tube with an applicator wand. Both can be used to apply glitter lip gloss on its own or over lipstick, but squeeze tubes are great if you’re on the go because they’re low on the mess and fuss, while applicator wands can give you more precision and control.

On a scale of “kind of glittery” to “all the glitter, please,” Amazon is full of great glitter glosses. Read on for the best options.

1. A Hydrating Glitter Lip Gloss In Tons Of Shades & Styles

For a hydrating shine in a variety of shades, Revlon’s Super Lustrous lip gloss is a great option with a moisturizing mix of agave, moringa oil, and cupuacu butter. And it also has lots of glitter options. Choose from a handful of clear and colorful holographic shades for a bolder sparkle, or opt for a subtler gloss with fine glitter that comes in shades of reds, pinks, berries, nudes, and browns. According to reviewers, the gloss isn’t sticky, and it comes in an applicator tube with an oversize tip for easy application.

Helpful Amazon review: “​​I never go wrong with a Revlon product. Not only is it moisturizing but also very sheer so your lips have shine with a tint of color. I love the applicator it has a tip that is slanted which is perfect for applying. I will be purchasing more. If you want a glimmering shine this is the one.”

2. A Fan-Favorite Glitter Lip Gloss For Less Than $5

Don’t let the price tag fool you (less than $5 a tube!); this highly rated e.l.f. Lip Lacquer does the work of more expensive glitter lip glosses. It comes in a handful of shades, four of which have a subtle glittery finish that makes it look like there are “diamonds on your lips,” according to one reviewer. The paraben- and phthalate-free formula, which contains vitamin E to keep lips moisturized, is vegan, cruelty-free, and reviewers report that it’s “not sticky at all.” The applicator wand is ideal for precise application — and did I mention the gloss is less than $5 a tube?

Helpful Amazon review: “I LOVE this lip gloss. Super shiny, some have glitters but not obnoxious glitters. When the gloss fades a bit the glitter still sticks which helps make the lips look plump even after wear. I'm very fair with naturally pink lips and mauve glitz is my all time favorite shade of any lip shade. [...] Not drying, decent lasting ability, not sticky whatsoever smooth shiny and the colours are gorgeous while still being universal for all shades.”

3. A Holographic Glitter Lip Gloss That Smells Like Cotton Candy

This Unicorn Snot glitter gloss comes from a brand that respects animals, “magical and otherwise,” and delivers a cruelty-free vegan gloss that has holographic glitter for a fun party look. It comes in five shades — gold, silver, purple, blue, and pink — that are super shiny, shimmery, and somewhat sheer. Amazon reviewers love that it’s “actually not sticky like other lip gloss with glitter” and note that it “feels like chapstick but softer.” Ingredients like mineral oil and ethylhexyl palmitate keep your lips smooth and hydrated. Touch-ups are easy with the squeeze tube, and you’ll be wondering what smells like cotton candy all night long (hint: it’s you). Choose your favorite gloss to buy on its own, or opt for a two-pack or a gift set with all five shades.

Helpful Amazon review: “I love this golden/holographic glitter color, it's so fun and great to wear to parties. The smell is fantastic, kind of like vanilla/almond/candy. It's super unique and I adore the packaging. Not too sticky but not too liquidy, and the glitter really does show up! I definitely want to purchase the other shades next:)”

4. A Cult-Favorite Plumping Gloss

Buxom is well-known for its lip-plumping products, and the brand’s Full-On plumping gloss is worth the hype. You’ll know it’s plumping when you feel the tingle of the menthol at work, though the hydrating peptide complex and hyaluronic acid also help your lips appear fuller (temporarily). The gloss comes in over 60 shades, each of which has a sparkly, pearlescent, or shimmery finish, so you can opt for a subtler shimmer, more intensely glittery sparkle, or multi-toned iridescent glitter. Reviewers love that “it’s not super tacky and thick” like some other lip glosses and that it’s easy to apply with an applicator tube. Plus, the hyaluronic acid and vitamin A and E leave your lips feeling moisturized and conditioned.

Helpful Amazon review: “I was skeptical about this, usually these things never work on me. Well, this one does!! I felt it tingling the moment I put it on. My lips looked fuller and nicely plump in minutes and lasted for hours. Pretty much the whole time this is still on.”

5. An Iridescent Lip Gloss With Duochrome Glitter

NYX’s Duo Chromatic lip gloss comes in 10 iridescent shades with names like Day Party and Foam Party, so you know it’s great for, well, parties — though they’re so pretty you might want to wear them every day. These shades are all duochromes, which means that they’re a mix of two metallic tones, so your lips will glow different colors depending on the light and angle. Reviewers suggest the gloss feels smooth, not tacky, with great color payoff. They also report that the formula is super moisturizing, which makes sense since it contains mineral oil, hydrogenated polyisobutene, and ethylhexyl palmitate. The gloss is also cruelty-free and comes with an applicator wand so you can be super precise.

Helpful Amazon review: “It’s super sparkly! You can wear it alone or on top of another NYX lip color. It keeps my lips moisturized and soft. [...] I get compliments every time I wear this lip gloss. I do recommend this NYX lip gloss. Just buy it and see for yourself.”

6. A Glitter Lip Gloss That Comes In Sheer & Full-Coverage Shades

Whether you like your glitter gloss subtly sheer or super pigmented, there’s a shade of this Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss that is right up your alley. The gloss comes in a bunch of different styles, including metallic ones that are incredibly shimmery with intense pigment and sheer sparkling shades with a reflective, iridescent glitter. One reviewer loves “that this lip gloss isn’t sticky and doesn’t taste weird.” The gloss has a pleasant vanilla scent, too, and is moisturizing thanks to jojoba oil. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and easy to apply with its paddle-shaped applicator — seriously, it checks all the boxes. If you like the gloss but are taking a break from glitter, it also comes in a bunch of shiny, but not sparkly, shades.

Helpful Amazon review: “This is exactly what I was looking for! A sheer iridescent gloss that smells good. It’s not goopy and it stays in and feels so good on my lips! I’ll definitely be ordering more. Love this!”

7. A Long-Lasting Glitter Gloss That’s Budget-Friendly

Don’t have the time for touchups? Then go for Rimmel’s Stay Glossy glitter gloss. It claims to stay put for up to six hours, and while many reviewers suggest it lasts longer than most lip glosses, they do caution that eating or drinking can shorten your wear time. The gloss comes in a bunch of standard glittery shades and some that are marketed as holographic, plus some non-glittery options, too. One reviewer raved that “this is not sticky and leaves your lips feeling plump and moisturized” — which is no surprise since the gloss contains argan oil, vitamin E, and lanolin. It comes in a tube with an applicator wand, and the price is right at under $5 a pop. Just note that since lanolin comes from sheep’s wool, this product isn’t vegan.

Helpful Amazon review: “I got the ‘all nighter’ color and it’s just perfect. Just the right amount of shimmer without being over the top. Stays on longer than I thought it would and it’s very comfortable, not sticky. Also a great price and I will be trying some other shades soon”