The 5 Best Headbands That Don't Slip — Even If You Sweat Or Work Out

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What good is a hair accessory if you can't keep it on your head? The best headbands that don't slip are specifically designed to stay secure, whether you're working out or WFH, no matter how thick or thin your hair is. A headband's staying power typically boils down to two factors: the material of the headband itself and the features the designer put into place to ensure that it stays put.

First, let's talk about fabric. You don't necessarily want it to feel rough, but if the material is too smooth (like silk or satin), it's more likely to slide off of your head. Most of the best-selling nonslip headbands are made from either cotton, rayon, or polyester, and have a low percentage of spandex for added stretch; this ensures that it can fit a wider range of different head sizes.

You should also look for added features that improve its ability to stay put. This could be a silicone strip, a textured interior, a wider design, or an adjustable tie or clasp, all of which will better grip the hair and ensure a more secure fit. If you plan to use your headband during workouts, make sure the fabric is absorbent and breathable, too. These five headband options are some of the highest-rated on Amazon, and they feature one or several of those nonslip features.

Shop The Best Headbands That Don’t Slip

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for headbands that won’t slip off.

1. The Overall Best Nonslip Headband: TreadBands Non-Slip Headband

2. The Best Value: PLOVZ Headbands (6-Pack)

3. The Best Workout Headbands: LUCKYGO Workout Headbands (2-Pack)

4. These Headbands That Come In A Variety Of Cute Designs: Maven Thread Headbands (2-Pack)

5. The Best Thin Nonslip Headbands: Sumind Silicone Grip Headbands (9-Pack)

1. The Overall Best Nonslip Headband

When it comes to nonslip security, TreadBands are the best of the best. They're made to stay put during any and all activities (including water sports) thanks to the special soft-foam rubber interior strips, which are both comfortable and grippy. TreadBands are also machine-washable, adjustable thanks to the tie-back design, and come in a ton of eye-catching colors and patterns. If you'd prefer a solid color, TreadBands makes those, too.

  • Material: polyester/spandex with foam-rubber grip strip

One reviewer wrote: "This headband is great. I no longer have to wear a skull cap, which got soaked in sweat then the sweat ran down my face and eyes. This headband is all I wore and the sweat would wick to the sides and back of the band where the knot is and no sweat dripping in my eyes. I mountain bike and it’s warm in SoCal. This band is a life saver.”

2. The Best Value

Thick, well-made fashion headbands are rarely cheap — the exception being the PLOVZ six-pack. They're available in your choice of over 10 color and pattern combinations, all of which break down to less than $3 a headband. They're made from a stretchy, stay-put polyester-spandex material and have an overall rating of 4.5 stars, which explains why they're this is a bestseller on Amazon.

  • Material: spandex/nylon

One reviewer wrote: "Designs are very cute! Stretchy yet doesn’t slide off or move when working out. It absorbs really well and I sweat A LOT! Like dripping everywhere type of sweat and this headband helps keep the sweat from running down my face which is awesome! Love these!”

3. The Best Workout Headbands

Because of the highly textured interior, silicone strips, and dual-thickness design, these LUCKYGO headbands "actually stay on [your] head," according to a reviewer. That said, they're also a great pick for workouts because they're extra absorbent, breathable, and sweat-wicking, no matter your sport or activity. This set of two comes in black and gray, but you can also opt for larger multipacks with more colors.

  • Material: polyester/nylon

One reviewer wrote: "Love it. I have an odd-shaped head so I can never find headbands that stay and if they do they give me a headache. I’m a personal trainer so I need to wear them all day, I went all day with This one on and it stayed. No headache!”

4. These Popular Headbands In A Variety Of Cute Designs

If you're looking for a versatile headband that's comfortable and fashionable, these headbands from Maven are a great option. The fabric is ultra-soft thanks to the rayon, stretchy because of the four-way spandex-infused fabric, and (most importantly) nonslip because of the wide design and grippy interior. All of the headbands also have folds and a thick-to-thin shape, so you can wear them in various ways. This classic set includes a solid black and a gray-and-white striped option, but Maven's sets are available in tons of colors and patterns including pastels, florals, and even a sweet pineapple print.

  • Material: polyester/rayon/spandex

One reviewer wrote: "These BY FAR are the best! The are wide enough to hold all my thick hair back but can be folded over to be made skinnier. I wear them to the gym mostly and they collect a lot of sweat which is what I was mainly looking for. The fact that they have amazing colors and designs is just an added bonus!”

5. The Best Thin Nonslip Headbands

For those who prefer a thinner headband, Sumind's elastic sports headbands are extremely grippy, comfortable, and secure — not to mention, really affordable. For $11, you get a pack of nine different colors, all of which are made of highly elastic fabric with silicone grip all around the interior. You can also opt for neutral colors.

  • Material: elastic with silicone grip strip

One reviewer wrote: "Very happy with these! The grip on these is fantastic and they are truly no slip! I love that they are skinny and came in several colors. Great purchase!”

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