The 12 Best Layered Necklaces

Pile on the jewels.

by Andrea Gale
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There’s something about layered necklaces that always feels luxe. Even if you’re wearing a simple button-down shirt or tee, an array of necklaces in varying textures takes your outfit from zero to 100 in under 60 seconds. Luckily, Amazon has some incredible sets of pre-layered necklaces to make it simple to assemble your perfect stack. Ahead, you’ll find a list of the best layered necklaces to suit any aesthetic, from delicate and minimal to chunky and statement-making.

How To Shop For Layered Necklaces


As you’re shopping, consider your preferred effect. A layered pair of simple, unadorned snake chains or dainty chokers with a single freshwater pearl offer a hint of minimalist gleam. Those with a bolder sartorial sensibility would do well to consider a stack of three or four chunky, punk-inspired links, or a mixed-media necklace in bright candy colors, a look co-signed by Gigi Hadid.

In addition to texture, you’ll also want to pay attention to finish. Know that all the products ahead are available in various metal finishes, so if you don’t love a particular look highlighted, be sure to peruse the listings — you’re bound to find something you love.


You’ll likely want to consider length, as well. Though there are no wrong answers, chokers and short chains tend to work best with V-necklines and strapless tops, while longer pendants look chic worn over turtlenecks, or dangling between a button-down blouse. For your convenience, the measurements for each chain is provided below. Most include extenders so you can customize the fit.

Also note that you’ll find two types of layered necklaces here: There are separate necklaces in lengths and textures that layer perfectly together, or can be split up and worn separately for added versatility; and there are single, multi-strand necklaces that offer the layered effect of disparate necklaces, with the ease of a single clasp.

Whether you’re adding necklaces to your collection or starting fresh, Amazon has some amazing (and amazingly affordable) options. Scroll on to shop 12 of the best layered necklaces.


Editor’s Pick: A Triple-Strand Necklace With Mixed Chains

Comprising three chain styles — an edgy yet delicate paperclip chain, a textural beaded chain, and a flat herringbone chain — this layered necklace offers all the dimension of separate necklaces, with the ease of a single necklace. (Plus, it’s less likely to tangle, and/or get lost amid the rest of your necklace collection.) This editor-approved pick is made of 14-karat gold-plated brass that’s free of nickel and lead, and it’s available in both yellow- and white-gold finishes.

Editor review: “This has become my go-to piece of jewelry when I need to dress up a scoop-neck tee or button-down. It's a perfectly balanced necklace -- all three pieces are understated, but they have enough shine to take center stage with an otherwise-simple look.” — Bustle editor Anna Anderson

Styles: 1 | Finishes: 2 | Material: 14-Karat Gold-Plated Brass


These Best-Selling Layered Paperclip Necklaces

Paperclip necklaces are so on-trend, it’s little wonder this set of best-selling layered necklaces is so popular; almost 30,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating. The set features one 14-inch choker and one 18-inch pendant featuring a beaded alphabet charm for a delicate, personal touch that would make for a thoughtful gift, either to yourself or a loved one. Both necklaces in this order are nickel- and lead-free and come with a 2-inch extender. For a little advanced layering, try them with the snake chains on this list for contrasting texture.

Positive review: “I love this necklace set! I get so many compliments on it! I wear it daily then take it off at night and I don’t shower with it and it still looks brand new after a few months!! [...] It’s trendy and versatile. I can wear them separately and both have adjustable length. One of my favorite purchases from Amazon ever!”

Styles: 26 | Finishes: 3 | Material: 14-Karat Gold-Plated Brass


A Set Of 2 Versatile Paperclin-Chain Layering Necklaces

Add instant versatility to your wardrobe with this set of two layered necklaces; each paperclip chain is a different length and thickness, giving you a look that’s carefully curated in one order. This version includes two on-trend paperclip necklaces measuring 16 and 19 inches. Elsewhere in the listing, you’ll find sets of both two and three chains in a variety of styles, all of which are available in your choice of yellow-, white-, or rose-toned finishes.

Positive review: “I was not expecting such great quality for the cost of this necklace. I love it! It looks and feels like I paid hundreds for it, I got many compliments and people did not believe it was gold plated. The quality it excellent! Will be buying more jewelry from PAVOI.”

Styles: 8 | Finishes: 3 | Material: 14-Karat Gold-Plated Brass


A Popular, Dainty Layered Choker Set

Whether you’re a layering pro or you’re new to the stacking game, your collection will benefit from this dainty layered choker set, an Amazon best-seller with a 4.5-star overall rating after more than 20,000 reviews in total. Nickel- and lead-free, the set featured above comprises a 13.5-inch beaded chain and a 14-inch chain featuring a minimal gold circle, both with 2-inch extenders. That said, you have over two dozen more sets of two necklaces to choose from as well; some sets have paperclip chain chokers for a bit of edge, and pendants run the gamut from horseshoes to textured hearts to rhinestone-studded bars.

Positive review: “Great necklace set. I got in both gold and silver and have received several compliments on it. The chains have a nice delicate look but hold up to daily wear. Additionally, they chains do not seem to tangle easily so there's been minimal to no need to untangle regularly throughout the day, or even after sleeping in them.”

Styles: 28 | Finishes: 1 | Material: 18-Karat Gold-Plated Brass


This Triple-Strand Necklace With A Mix Of Chunky Chains & Pendants

Anyone who loves making a statement would do well to consider this layered set. The combination of chunky chains and dangly pendants is nothing short of eye-catching, and one reviewer confirmed that it looks “stunning,” despite the low price tag. Made from lead- and nickel-free polished brass, it’s technically only three chains, but the multiple strands — in lengths from 15 inches to 20 inches, all with 2-inch extenders — lend a rich, multilayered appearance. There are plenty of styles to choose from in the listing, with features like thick, faux-gem-encrusted link chains, dangling butterfly charms, and different flower pendants for each month of the year. Note that the brand doesn’t list the specific karat plating.

Positive review: “Very impressed with this necklace it’s got some weight to it and looks really expensive! It is also one necklace (one clasp) so the necklaces don’t get tangled which is super nice!”

Styles: 20 | Finishes: 3 | Material: Gold-Plated Polished Brass


A Pair Of Simple Snake Chains You’ll Wear With Everything

These two simple snake chains are so versatile, you’ll wear them with everything. They’re minimal enough to be worn alone or mixed in with other chains, and the lengths —14 inches and 16.5 inches, respectively, each with 2-inch extenders — can be worn with a variety of necklines. The listing also offers single chains or sets of two or three in varying lengths and textures, depending on your preference. Made of nickel- and lead-free 14-karat gold over brass, not only is this set versatile, but at well under $20, it’s surprisingly affordable, too.

Positive review: “I was pleasantly surprise by the quality of the item I purchased. It looks beautiful and is perfect for a multitude of outfits and styles. The value for the money is fantastic.”

Styles: 19 | Material: 14-Karat Gold-Plated Brass


An Affordable Set Of 20 Necklaces With Infinite Layering Potential

This order gets you 20 separate layering necklaces in an array of styles, in both yellow- and white-toned finishes, and it’ll set you back well under $20 — the ultimate bang-for-your-buck purchase. The necklaces here run the gamut from a simple lariat to a beaded chain to a chic open circle, but the three other versions in the listing all have different variations. They come in all different lengths, ranging from 16 inches at the shortest to 24.8 inches at the longest (each with a 2-inch extender), so they’ll layer perfectly together — in any combination imaginable — or can be worn separately for a minimalist moment. Over 4,500 shoppers left a five-star rating on this popular, shockingly affordable set.

Positive review: “These are so perfect for layering! One of my favorite Amazon buys. They are so good for the price and you get so many. I love how simple they are you can pair them with just about anything.”

Styles: 4 | Material: Polished Alloy


This Multi-Strand Layered Necklace With Sparkly Details

Treat yourself to this triple-strand necklace from cult jewelry designer Kendra Scott. Measuring 16- to 18-inches in length (and it has a 2-inch extender), this layered-effect necklace features gorgeous sparkly details sure to elevate any outfit. Baguette-shaped stones in the longer chain contrast with a single bar featuring tiny round stones, while the shorter paperclip chain adds minimal yet eye-catching texture. Available in yellow-, white-, and rose-gold plating, the gorgeous craftsmanship of this set more than justifies the splurge.

Positive review: “Beautiful necklace and looks amazing on. I’m very pleased with it and get compliments everytime I wear it.”

Styles: 1 | Finishes: 3 | Material: 14-Karat Gold-Plated Brass, Faux Gemstone


This Statement-Making Layered Necklace By Betsey Johnson

Make a statement with this layered necklace by Betsey Johnson, a fan-favorite with over 4,000 total ratings. Though it’s a single necklace, the tiered design offers the look of separate layered necklaces for instant outfit gratification. The gorgeously textured mix so characteristic of the designer’s fun, funky style features a surprising mix of beads, sparkles, and charms that’ll look even more stunning in person; as one customer wrote, “Picture doesn’t do it justice it is so magnificent.” The French rope chain measures 16 inches, with a 3-inch extender.

Positive review: “This necklace is even more beautiful in person thn its photo on Amazon!!!!! This necklace has a few pieces on it that I didn't see in the photo & it was a delicate surprise. It is lovely & funky; I can wear it w/ dressy clothes or with a more [casual] look. I LOVE IT!! It is absolutely worth the cost, so go ahead & treat yourself!!”

Styles: 1 | Material: Gold-Tone Metal, Glass, Plastic


This Pair Of Delicate Layered Necklaces With A Single Freshwater Pearl Each

Those who prefer a more understated take on the pearl trend should check out these layered necklaces; both chains feature a delicate, single freshwater pearl for an effect that’s both minimal and enchanting. The 15- and 16.5-inch chains are nickel- and lead-free, and come with a 2.4-inch extender for versatility. This listing also offers sets with multiple pearls, plus pearl-studded single-strand versions, all equally and elegantly simple — there’s even an option with a trendy paperclip chain. And it’s hard to beat that under-$20 price tag for a genuine pearl piece.

Positive review: “Love the size of this pearl, it’s dainty enough to wear daily, and big enough to make a little statement! I loved layering this with another small gold necklace I have!”

Styles: 16 | Material: 14-Karat Gold-Plated Brass, Freshwater Pearl


A Retro-Chic Multi-Strand Pearl Choker

Lately, pearls have been rising through the ranks of accessory royalty, and this multi-strand faux-pearl choker is such a retro-chic way of getting in on the trend. The 14.8-inch chain includes an extender, and the listing includes chokers ranging from one to five strands, so you can get as minimalist or dramatic as you’d like. Several reviewers comment on the realistic look and feel of these imitation pearls, but if you want to treat yourself, this layered necklace made of real freshwater pearls would be an excellent splurge.

Positive review: “This necklace is nicer than you would think since it is only costume jewelry, but it doesn't look like costume jewelry. It is really pretty, and the wire and clasp that the pearls are threaded on seems to be good quality. [...] this one fits great and the chain allows you to adjust it to different lengths. All in all, a great product.”

Styles: 5 | Material: Imitation Pearl, Alloy


A Set Of 4 Sweet & Spunky Necklaces That Can Be Layered Together Or Worn Apart

The chunky chains in this set of four layered necklaces look like they were curated by the stylist of a famous rocker. Ranging from about 12 to 18 inches at their shortest lengths (each necklace has extenders, so you can customize the look), this set includes an adorable, slightly punk heart-chain choker and three simple chains in varying levels of thickness. An incredible bargain at only $12, the set is made of nickel- and lead-free iron alloy. You can also choose from two other variations, including an even edgier faux-leather choker, or a sweet double chain with sparkling faux gemstones.

Positive review: “So cute I wore them to a few parties already, I can layer them or just wear one. Some I can wrap around my wrist as a bracelet to match. They are good quality, don’t turn my neck green or anything. A good weight too I also got several compliments on them.”

Styles: 3 | Material: Iron & Alloy