15 Magnetic Eyelashes That Bring Serious Length Minus The Mess

No glue required.

The 15 best magnetic eyelashes that bring length minus the mess.
Modern Lash; Glamnetic; One Two Cosmetics

Let's be honest: Lash extensions can be expensive and the upkeep is a pain. There are falsies, but the glue is notoriously hard to work with. That's where the brilliant alternative comes in: Snag one of the best magnetic eyelashes, and you'll get that longer, fuller look without the headache (not to mention for a markedly less price).

Basically, these work by using actual magnetic strips in two different ways. One involves the faux lashes magnetically snapping together — with some above and some below your real hair — and the other secures onto your lids with a magnetic eyeliner strip. Either way, you reap the benefit of less mess and a quicker application.

Surprisingly enough, there are a lot of different magnetic lash options to choose from, and they come in a wide range of price points. It can feel overwhelming when you start to shop for this newfangled eye makeup option, which is why we've rounded up 15 pairs of the best magnetic eyelashes on the shelves. Whichever you go with, your eyes are sure to pop with a thicker, lengthier-looking set of lashes — minus that oh-so-annoying glue.

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The Beginner-Friendly Option

New to magnetic lashes? This chic kit from Luminess gives you all of the essentials for a foolproof application. The lashes are silky, secure, and bring you a touch of glam.


The Ophthalmologist-Approved

Concerned about putting magnetic eyeliner on your eyes? OpulenceMD offers false lashes that are curated by ophthalmologist Dr. Anika Goodwin to be completely eye-safe. These also have a flexible band for a more comfortable fit.


The Mink Lashes

If you're looking for a pair of magnetic lashes that look natural and can mimic the effect of extensions, this mink pair from Glamnetic will do the trick. Just be sure to grab the brand's magnetic liner along with them for application.


The Over-Under Lash

Ardell's wispy magnetic lashes are one of the classic versions you can get that features two pieces that connect over your natural lashes. They have strategically placed strands for a natural look.


The Day-To-Night Option

This collection of three lashes gives you a daytime set, a full-glam set, and an in-between choice for when you're not sure just how dressed up to get. Basically, it's every style you need in one small package.


The Half Lash

If you're dipping your toe into the faux lash world, a half lash is a great place to start. This set from One Two Cosmetics gives just a hint of volume to the outer corner of the lash and doesn't require any eyeliner application.


The Longwear Option

These magnetic lashes, which use eyeliner to create a hold, won't smudge, and they'll last for 16 hours — so that's about a full day with perfect, raccoon eye-free lengths.


The Easy-To-Remove Option

Magnetic lashes are generally easy to both apply and take off. But if you're concerned about the removal, Lola's Cosmetics Rose Quartz set not only gives you everything you need for gorgeous false lashes, but it also includes a cleansing oil for seamless removal of the magnetic liner.


The Bulk Buy

Lash lovers know that you can have a different set for every occasion — and this kit gives you plenty of options. Get an entire pack of lashes (and the magnetic liner) with this set from Arishine. The best part? This bulk buy is under $30.


The Multi-Wear Option

Dedicated lash wearers know to never throw their falsies out after just one wear, since you can get up to 15 wears from a single pair. But MoxieLash's style can be worn up to a whopping 30 times before you need a new pair, so it's basically an entire month of falsies in one.


The Faux Mink Option

For those who don't want to use real mink lashes like Glamnetic's, you can opt for a non-mink alternative like this pair from Eylure. The set comes with the faux lengths and the accompanying magnetic liner for easy application.


The Double Liner Option

Whether you're more of a gel or a liquid liner fan, you get both in this set from OpulenceMD. For those who struggle to get a liquid liner just right, the gel option in this kit makes it an ideal choice for you (and if you want some liquid liner practice, you can do that, too).


The Budget Option

The appeal of this set is all in the price tag. For under $17, you get five lashes and two accompanying magnetic eyeliners. If you want to test them on a budget, this kit is for you.


The Volume Boosting Option

This lash and magnetic liner set gives you the added bonus of anchor magnets, which attach to your lashes for extra hold if you're planning a night out.


The Glam Lash

Looking for an ultra-glam option? This affordable set from Kiss brings the drama. They're wispy, so they still have a more natural appearance as they amp up your length and volume. Just be sure to snag the brand's liner since it's not included.