These Tutorials Of Vloggers Trying To Use Magnetic Lashes Are Actually Hilarious

This year has brought plenty of incredible makeup advancements. There's been everything from WOOSH Beauty's double duty tools and, possibly the most infamous one of them all, the silicone makeup sponge. Even magnetic lashes made the list this year. If you're wondering how to use them, prepare to be entertained. Videos of people trying to use magnetic lashes will make your day, even if you have no intention of buying them.

The beauty community on YouTube is incredible. Whether you're searching for makeup tutorials or beauty recommendations, you can find just about everything. So if you're wondering how to use magnetic lashes, YouTube is the place for you. Tons of people have reviewed and, well, made a fool out of themselves to show you what they're all about.

Before you dive into the hilarious and ultra-entertaining videos, let me break it down for you. Basically, magnetic lashes were created by the brand One Two Cosmetics. The idea is simple; you take one side of the lash and place it on your lash and the other side goes underneath. The two will click together and you have a reusable set of lashes.

Before you shell out the $70 to get two pairs of the One Two Lashes, you will want to watch these videos. Although the product has a five star review on the website, the truth comes from YouTube. Because not everything that seems easy actually is.

1. The Full Day Wear

If you're looking for the most extensive review possible, this is the one from you. Not only does Safiya Nygaard show the 12-ish first attempts to get them just right, but you'll also get to see her take them off using actual magnets. Because science and beauty go hand in hand. Plus, it's really entertaining.

2. The Frustrated Makeup Pro

While these might seem like they're something that a makeup pro can handle, not everything is what it seems. For Tati Westbrook, who is no stranger to the world of false lashes, these products were a miss. Either way, this video is definitely worth the watch.

3. The Quick And Dirty

This isn't the most extensive review, but it could be the funniest. Although Manny MUA only puts the lashes on one eye, the commentary alone will make your day. I recommend staying until the laugh edit at the very end.

4. Tips & Tricks

There's no doubt that this can be a tricky trend to tackle. This tutorial by Kandee Johnson shows you all of the positives of wearing the lashes, plus how to apply them perfectly. Because sometimes it's just as fun to watch a pro do it as a beginner.

5. The Terrified First-Timer

New and innovative products can be intimidating and scary — and Stephanie Ledda isn't hiding her trepidation. This first-timer admits that she is scared to try the trend and even shows her entire struggle on camera. The power of YouTube is a wonderful thing.

6. The Infamous Facebook Purchase

Unlike the other tutorials, this one doesn't use the One Two Lashes. Kim Santos got her hands on another brand with a similar premise. I won't completely spoil it for you, but it does take this influencer over half the video to get them on correctly.

7. The Surprise Attack

Even if you have no plan to buy these lashes at all, you need to see this tutorial. The video is worth it for the sound effect Chloe Morello makes as the lashes go on. Who knew one set of lashes could be so shocking?!

Here's to hoping there will be plenty more quirky makeup reviews on YouTube in the new year. After all, just about everyone struggles to apply makeup at some point in their life. We might as well all do it together.