The 6 Best Scratch-Resistant Sunglasses

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Having an everyday pair of shades you can count on is one less thing you have to think about when you’re on the go. The best scratch-resistant sunglasses are made with glass lenses, but you’ll be paying a premium for them. Fortunately, you can also find budget-friendly sunglasses with plastic lenses that are built to withstand scrapes, too.

A Quick Breakdown Of Materials

  • Glass: The most scratch-resistant lens material on the market, glass lenses are used in high-end frames thanks to their crystal clarity. However, they can be heavy and will shatter under heavy impact. If you want a high-quality pair that feels ultra-luxe though, glass is the way to go.
  • Polycarbonate: This is an excellent lightweight plastic option that’s impact-resistant and all but shatterproof (ten times more so than glass). Most polycarbonate options come with a special scratch-resistant coating for enhanced durability, but look for specs that boast that anti-scratch label to be sure you're getting a pair that will last.
  • TAC: Another lightweight plastic, TAC (triacetate cellulose) lenses offer excellent clarity that resist breakage. They’re built like a cake, with multiple layers to ensure a scratch-resistant, polarized finish that blocks UV rays. They’re not as durable as polycarbonate though, so you’ll mostly find them on budget pairs.

In addition to the lens material, you'll also want to choose a pair of sunglasses that shield from the sun's harmful rays. All of the picks below provide 100% UV protection.

From premium designer shades to a budget-friendly pair nobody will believe you paid less than $15 for, these scratch-resistant sunglasses are built from materials that are vetted to stand up to daily use.


A Classic Pair From An Iconic Brand

These have-em-forever designer shades are an eyewear classic, and their scratch-resistant, crystal glass lenses filter out 85% of visible light and offer 100% UV protection (they’re prescription ready, too). This pair features the brand's "new" Wayfarer design, which boasts slightly smaller, more rounded frames than the original. Although this particular pick isn't polarized, other options in the listing are if that's something you're seeking — and all options come with the brand's signature logo on the temple. "These were well worth the money," one shopper attested. "They are so stylish and so clear. They are very durable and have not scratched yet and I have had them for two years now." They come packaged in a luxe leather case with a cleaning cloth so your pair lasts just as long. Choose from three lens widths for a custom fit.

  • Available colors: 77


A Ray-Ban Alternative Designed in Italy

If Wayfarers are on your bucket list but strain the budget, this stylish alternative to Ray-Bans features the same boxy shape and similar temple accent as the iconic original, with key luxe features like brand-name Corning glass lenses and a lightweight nylon frame. The scratch-resistant glass lenses are fully polarized to reduce glare, and filter out 100% of UV rays while absorbing 85% of visible light for a look that's truly made in the shade. An additional coating cuts down on smudges and fingerprints if you happen to touch the lens when you're taking them out of the case. Shoppers raved about the exceptional quality and clarity on these. "What a deal for polarized glass lenses and high quality frame construction and material," one reviewer gushed. "The lenses are clear with no hazy distortions. The frame construction is really solid with great action on the hinges."

You can also choose from seven different lens options, including non-polarized and blue light blocking.

  • Available colors: 36


Some Cool Aviators That Are Shockingly Affordable For The Quality

These perennially chic aviators have quality glass lenses, at an ultra-attainable price point, for a wearable style that won't set you back. The mineral glass is set in a thin and lightweight, yet remarkably sturdy, metal frame with acetate tips to protect behind your ears, and two slip-resistant silicone nose pads so you're not constantly pushing them up. These scratch-resistant sunglasses screen out 100% of damaging UV rays and come in a faux leather case that looks remarkably like Ray-Ban's, but this one comes with a clip that secures to your bag. A cleaning cloth and small screwdriver gives you everything you need to keep them looking and wearing like new. "They are great quality and the lenses are glass so they are less likely to scratch. Clarity is excellent," one fan raved, noting, "For the price they are amazing."

  • Available colors: 5


These Fashion-Forward Sports Shades

These budget-friendly, lightweight sunglasses are made with nine-layer TAC lenses that are polarized, scratch-resistant, and mop up 100% of UV rays with extra layers for added strength. Spring hinges at the temple ensure a snug fit that won't budge when you pick up your pace. The uber-flexible TR90 frame will take a beating. One reviewer learned the hard way: "I played in an outdoor volleyball and took a ball to the face [...] the glasses weren’t broken OR scratched! I’m surprised by the durability because of how lightweight they are." (In fact, they're back by a 100% lifetime warranty against breakage.) And, wait for it, the flexible frames are even light enough to float on water.

  • Available colors: 20


A Budget-Friendly Retro Pair With Chic Details

If you want a stylish pair of sunglasses that don't cost a fortune and actually stand a chance of surviving case-free in your bag, these budget-friendly specs are it. They have retro-modern good looks that combine oversized frames with chic metallic accents and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses that belie their affordable price. "I’m terrible with sunglasses. I lose them, break them, damage them behind recognition," one shopper confessed, calling this pair "a staple in my every day life. Super cute. Super comfortable. Love love love them." Plus, they boast 100% UV protection and come with a soft pouch bag if you really want to keep them protected.

  • Available colors: 4


These Minimalist Wraparound Shades

These minimalist sports sunglasses offer clean lines in a wraparound style for more complete UV protection (and yes, this pick does block 100% of UV rays). These feature shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses on a lightweight and impact-resistant thermoplastic frame, with silicone-free, rubberized nose pads and temples to keep them secure. "The clarity and polarization are spot on. No scratches on the lenses yet and I'm pretty rough on glasses. I've dropped them many times and they just bounce right back with no damage to the frame or lenses. And they look good too," one fan praised.

  • Available colors: 5