17 Best Cheap Sunglasses On Amazon, According To Reviewers

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by Julia O'Donnell
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Maybe you’ve just lost your favorite pair of designer shades — for the third time in a row. Or maybe you’re the type of person who loves to keep backup sunglasses in your purse or car. Whatever your reason for seeking out affordable sunnies, you’ve likely already realized there are a ton of options to choose from. However, not all budget-friendly sunglasses are created equal — so when looking for the best cheap sunglasses on Amazon, it's important to keep a few factors in mind.

First, and most importantly, you’ll want to think about sun protection. Choosing shades that have UV 400 protection — which means they block 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays — is key to protecting your eyes from both short- and long-term damage.

The next thing to consider is polarization. Many people prefer polarized lenses because they reduce glare and display clearer, truer color, rather than tinting everything the same color as your shades. And while it’s true that polarized sunglasses are generally pricier, there are plenty of budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on quality. That said, not everyone prefers polarized sunglasses because they can make it harder to see certain types of tech screens (or simply because some people find them uncomfortable). Luckily, non-polarized lenses can still protect your eyes from UV rays, which is why you’ll find a selection of both types of sunglasses in this guide.

Whatever type of sunglasses you’re drawn to, you’re in luck. This list features 17 of the best pairs of sunglasses on Amazon, in a range of unique styles to suit anyone’s taste. Best of all, each of these picks rings in at just $20 or less — although you’d never guess it based on how they look or feel.


The Fan-Favorite Sunnies That Are Perfect For Everyday Wear

These classic vintage-inspired sunnies, which look remarkably similar to Ray-Ban's Erika Classics, have earned an almost cult-like following of devoted fans. Garnering over 31,000 total customer reviews (and counting!), they have an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars. Their lenses have UV400 sun protection, and they're available in styles with or without polarized lenses (just be careful about selecting the type you prefer when ordering). The sunglasses also come with a microfiber cleaning cloth and a drawstring carrying pouch. Reviewers love pretty much everything about them, but they're especially fond of their lightweight, comfortable feel and sturdy, well-made frames.

"These sunglasses feel so high end, I can’t believe I paid so little," one reviewer marveled. "They fit very comfortably and are lightweight. The lens is even clearer than I expected."


This Affordable Set With Epic Polarized Lenses

This budget-friendly two-pack of sunglasses looks like a vintage find with their subtle aviator-shaped lenses set into a plastic frame, but their tech is all modern. Their multilayer lenses are infused with a scratch-resistant coating and shatterproof strength, plus high definition polarization that slashes glare. (Not to mention complete UV coverage, of course.) “I will absolutely never purchase expensive sunglasses again,” one shopper swore, writing that these were “better than my $150 sunglasses,” adding that “the quality is amazing and the lenses work better than my Raybans,” speaking in terms of polarization.


Some Clear Frames That Look So Fresh

These clear sunglasses in a rose tint are cool and contemporary. (They’re also offered in classic opaque shades and a beautiful cotton candy ombre.) Flat polycarbonate lenses are crisp and clean with heavyweight 100% UV protection, and delicate metal accents on the temples and arms add a hint of shine. “I absolutely love these glasses! The style, quality, & coloring was exactly what I wanted. They are sturdy, not flimsy at all,” a shopper wrote of their pair.


These Retro-Chic Sunnies In A Stylish Leopard Print

One of the best things about buying cheap sunglasses is that you can take bolder fashion risks without experiencing buyer's remorse. That said, you won't be risking too much with these cat-eye shades, which, as one reviewer put it, provide an "ICONIC value for the money you pay." Though the lenses aren't polarized, they still have the recommended UV400 rating, and in addition to looking amazing, reviewers note that they feel super sturdy and expensive. If you need a break from leopard print, they're also available in five other colors, including classic black and a vibrant electric blue.


A Cool Pair Of Shades In Fun Mirrored Tints

With their cat-eye shape and oversized lenses, these trendy sunglasses make a bold fashion statement, yet they're still versatile enough for everyday wear. While they're not polarized, they still have UV400 sun protection to block 100% of UV rays.

Amazon shoppers can't seem to get enough, giving them over 8,000 perfect five-star reviews and an exceptional average rating of 4.6 stars. Multiple reviewers noted that the bonus items and premium packaging really helped set these glasses apart. "They look very high end and the packaging is phenomenal! Lens cleaner, dust cover to protect from scratches," one person noted. "Very well done, so they would also make a really impressive gift."


A Pair Of Polarized Sunglasses With Semi-Rimless Frames

"WOW. Literally, just wow," is how one reviewer summed up their feelings about these semi-rimless shades. "The clarity that these glasses give is unreal," they later added. "It's like HD — everything is just that much clearer."

Others shoppers seem to agree; over 7,000 perfect five-star reviews describe the timeless sunnies as sturdy and well-made, with many swearing they're virtually indistinguishable from Ray-Bans, except they're a bit lighter (and, obviously, don't have the logo). They feature UV400 sun protection and polarized lenses, and are available in several colors and styles, including a few with mirrored lenses.


These Round, Wire-Rimmed, Polarized Shades

The small, round, wireframes give these best-selling sunnies a hint of '70s-inspired retro appeal. Featuring polarized lenses and (of course) UV400 sun protection, they're a sturdy, high-quality pick that feels stylish in a way that's timeless, not overly trendy. Plus, the U.S.-based brand that makes them, WearMePro, gives a part of its profits to help provide free eyeglasses to children in need, so you can feel especially great about your purchase.

"These were perfect for the price and they came with a cute hard shell and soft case!! You definitely get more than what you pay for," one reviewer reported.


These Narrow Sunglasses That Are Totally Having A Moment

Futuristic yet still kind of retro, these narrow rectangular sunnies have been cropping up on celebs and influencers for a hot minute. Dip your toe in the trend without splurging on designer versions with this affordable two-pack. You won’t be sacrificing quality for style, though: Their shatterproof polycarbonate lenses offer full UV protection in one chic package. “I bought this set for a fashion statement but they are so well made I wear them every day,” a shopper confessed. “An amazing price for the value of sunglasses...I’ve had so many [compliments], all my friends tried them on and they look good on everyone.”


Some Sharp Cat Eye Sunglasses With Retro Appeal

If ever sunglasses were made for cruising in a vintage convertible with the top down, these are the ones. The oversized cat eye sunglasses have a thick frame that demands to be noticed with a sharp point that could cut glass, and non-polarized gradient lenses that fully block harmful UV rays. If glare is a concern, some pairs have a mirror coating to help reflect harsh light. “Little did I know these were better than what I had expected and maybe even better than the more expensive version from Nordstrom Quay,” a shopper remarked. “They aren't too tight on my head and feel like an expensive pair!”


Some Polarized Sunglasses That Are Impossibly Chic

Named for style icon Jacqueline Onassis, these polarized sunglasses live up to the first lady of fashion’s legendary reputation. They’re oversized with a gentle cat-eye shape molded into a strong polycarbonate frame, with nine-layer TAC lenses that provide polarization and UV protection. “These glasses are absolute perfection! Unlike similar glasses of the same price, they are actually polarized. Perfect size, perfect shape, I can’t say enough about how much I love them,” a shopper raved.


A Pair Of Skinny Cat Eye Sunnies That Are Celebrity-Approved

Sleek and on-trend, these slim cat-eye sunglasses are ultra-sharp. Their steeply angled lines complement virtually every bone structure, which might be why celebs from Cardi B. to the Hadid sisters have been spotted in this style of shade. They have non-polarized lenses that are fully UV protective in a shatterproof polycarbonate. “I’ve gotten SO many compliments on these, and I’m always asked what designer they are...They’re amazing quality, they look & feel waaaay more expensive than they are, and they’re so stylish,” a fan gushed.


Military-Style Aviators With Polarized Lenses

Amazon reviewers have given these classic military-style aviators nearly more than 1,700 perfect five-star reviews thus far, noting, in particular, their sturdy frames, comfortable fit, and remarkably clear, scratch-resistant lenses. These timeless, versatile shades have UV400 sun protection, and they also have polarized lenses. Choose from over 27 different frame/lens combinations.


A Glam Pair Of Sunnies With Oversized Frames

Add a touch of glamour to your everyday look with these expensive-looking oversized sunnies. Reviewers say they're sturdy, well-made, and of course, very stylish. While they do come in several different color combinations, it's worth noting that they're only available in non-polarized styles — but they’ll all give you 100% UV protection.

"Super fun big glasses similar to my Celine pair, but a little bigger,” one reviewer marveled.

"The quality is really great for the price they feel expensive," wrote another.


These Luxe-Looking Sunnies With Sleek Metallic Accents

For a modern spin on the cat eye trend, these fashionable sunglasses have an angular build and narrow gold band arching across the top. The mirrored lenses help to reduce glare without polarization, and you can count on complete UV protection in them. The plastic frames are light enough to wear comfortably all day, too. “I've been steering away from my favorite expensive designer sunglasses and falling in love with SOJOS,” a fan wrote. “This is my second pair! Love they are lightweight, and look high end without the price tag. The shape is perfect, not too oversized...but fun enough to make a statement!”


A Budget-Friendly Set Of Sunglasses That Looks Designer

Get runway-worthy sun protection without the sticker shock when you pick up this set of fashionably affordable sunglasses. They have an on-point butterfly shape with dainty metal accents at the temple. The lenses promise to block every bit of damaging rays thanks to their UV400 rating. “These sunglasses are so stylish, affordable and well made for the price point! They feel sturdy and not flimsy and really block a lot of the sun,” a fan reported.


Some Blunt Cat Eye Sunnies For The Modern Muse

These cat eye sunglasses are a geometric take on the retro style with round lenses and squared-off tips. They’re glamorously oversized for peak VIP looks and full orbital coverage, offering 100% UV protection in a non-polarized lens that’s built to resist breakage. “These sunglasses are so much better than I ever could have expected,” a reviewer praised. “I typically purchase designer/high end sunglasses, but I saw these and thought I’d give them a try. The style and shape are on-trend, they’re extremely comfortable and ridiculously affordable!”


These Geometric Sunglasses With Translucent Frames

These lightweight sunglasses offer contemporary good looks in an oversized frame. They’re cast from semi-translucent resin with 100% UV protection and non-polarized lenses so you can scroll through your phone without distortion. The bold square frames have a really unique angled setting around the lenses for one-of-a-kind style. “They are my new faves! Sick of losing expensive designer glasses but also sick of wasting $10-30 on cheap glasses...These look and feel just like a pair of Prada shades I had a few summers ago,” a reviewer gushed. “Price makes them a dream come true.”

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