The 6 Best Ski Glove Liners

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by Katie Evans
best ski glove liners amazon

Hitting the slopes can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience, but when your fingers start to lose movement because they're so cold (even while wearing gloves), the fun quickly wanes. The best ski glove liners provide an indispensable, moisture-wicking layer of warmth without any added bulk.

The most critical factor to look at in liners is fabric. As ski gloves are made with heat retention in mind, you'll find plenty of options made with temperature-regulating yarns like wool or silk, as well as synthetic fleece. Gloves constructed with merino wool will offer the greatest warmth because the fiber naturally traps heat, while silk will retain slightly less warmth but have a lighter-weight, smoother texture. Synthetic fabrics offer a balanced alternative at a more affordable price point, as they will be durable and warm, but not as high-quality as natural fibers.

Then, it comes down to the other benefits of each material, like their ability to wick moisture away. If your hands sweat and the sweat cools, you'll be stuck with chilly, damp skin trapped inside your gloves, so it's crucial to find a fabric that stays dry—whether it's wool, silk, or a moisture-wicking synthetic textile.

As they're going to be tucked inside your ski gloves, it's important to find a pair of liners with a slim, low-profile design that won't feel bulky or get scrunched when you pull your outer gloves on. Likewise, if your ski gloves are lacking in terms of wind-proofing, you can find a pair of liners that will act as extra reinforcement against the elements, like those with a multi-layered design or an exterior fabric that's woven extra-tight.

Then, it's down to the bonus features. If you'll need to access your phone or take photos while you're on the slopes, you may prefer a set of gloves with touchscreen compatibility or non-slip grips — or, those that are fingerless altogether.

Below, six of the best ski glove liners on Amazon. They're all unisex sizing, so make sure you have a measuring tape handy to get your best fit.

1. These Windproof Liner Gloves With Silicone Grips

With plenty of convenient features, these liner gloves offer the most bang for your buck. They're constructed from four-way-stretch, polyester-spandex fabric with a soft fleece lining that's moisture-wicking, windproof, pill-resistant, and breathable. They maintain a slim profile, as well as touchscreen compatibility at the thumb and index fingers, and have non-slip silicone grips across the inside. Finally, they have double-layer cuffs to ensure they stay put when you pull off your ski gloves.

  • Available sizes: Small — Large
  • Available colors: 5

2. A No-Frills Pair At A Great Price

Stick with the basics with these liner gloves. They're crafted from a four-way-stretch, polyester-spandex blend with a soft fleece lining that wicks moisture away. They also have a double-layer cuff to keep them extra snug, and their low-profile design ensures they'll easily slip into any ski glove. As one reviewer wrote of the lack of extra features, "the only trade-off is that they don't have any grip material on the fingers or palms. But, this also helps them slide in and out. Overall, I'm very happy with these as liners."

  • Available sizes: Small – Large
  • Available colors: 1

3. A Super Warm Pair Made With Merino Wool

Merino wool liners are a great pick for bracing the elements as the textile locks in heat and is naturally moisture-wicking. This pair is made with 46% merino wool combined with acrylic, nylon, and elastane, so they're extra stretchy and form-fitting, and will dry faster than pure wool. Additionally, these gloves are windproof and offer touchscreen compatibility at the thumb and index fingers. Though several reviewers confirmed that these work well as a warm liner, your ski gloves may be a bit snug for this type of knit — so, if you need something with a slimmer profile, opt for a merino wool-blend option from another brand.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — Large
  • Available colors: 3

4. Or, An Ultra-Soft Pair Crafted From Pure Silk

Silk is another great textile for regulating your body temperature, and these liner gloves are an especially slim option. While they may seem deceptively thin, they're incredibly adept at retaining heat while staying dry with moisture-wicking properties. One shopper even commented that they didn't have the "need for hand warmers while skiing in frigid temperatures when using these glove liners" due to their "amazing warmth." The one drawback, however, is that silk is a bit more delicate than alternative fabrics, so take care to avoid snagging on rough surfaces like Velcro, which is known to catch and tear the material. That being said, these gloves are sturdy enough to stand up to machine washing (though be sure to air dry them afterward).

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 2

5. A Merino Option With A Fingerless Design For Extra Mobility

Opt for a fingerless pair of liners if you want some added dexterity under your gloves and/or want to be able to take photos, tie your shoes, and so on, without having to remove two layers every time. Much like the above wool-blend pair, these gloves are super warm and moisture-wicking thanks to their 90% merino wool construction (with the rest made up of stretchy nylon and elastic). They have a reinforced, contrast hem, and are thick enough to wear on their own, but thin enough to use as a liner — and, as one Amazon shopper described, they "are so comfortable you hardly know you have them on."

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 1

6. These Toasty Gloves With Built-In (& Rechargeable) Hand Warmers

If regular liners just won't cut it, investing in gloves with built-in hand warmers can keep you nice and toasty for many winter seasons to come. This set is made from stretchy Lycra with a breathable, moisture-wicking cotton fleece lining, and has an interior carbon fiber element on top of the hands and fingers. Each glove has a zippered pocket to store the included rechargeable batteries, which last up to six hours on a full charge, depending on the heat setting, but you can also grab extra batteries here. The ON/OFF switch is at the top of the wrist, and each glove has touchscreen-compatible points on the thumbs and index fingers.

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — XL/XXL
  • Available colors: 2