This New Directory Makes It Easier Than Ever To Shop Black-Owned Beauty Brands

Plus, Brown Beauty Talk's founder shares her fave brands to buy now.


The Black Lives Matter movement has put a magnifying glass on our actions and the changes we can make to promote inclusivity in our everyday lives, and that includes what brands we support financially. To that end, inclusive beauty platform Brown Beauty Talk launched a brand new beauty directory dedicated to Black-owned businesses in the UK. I spoke to their founder, Ronke Adeyemi, to find out more about how the directory came to be and to ask which brands she thinks should be on every beauty lover's radar.

"The directory is a one-stop document that puts the spotlight on Black-owned businesses," Adeyemi tells me over the phone, explaining that she and her team wanted to create an accessible hub for brands in the UK (as these kinds of lists typically lean very U.S.-heavy, she says). The directory covers the whole beauty spectrum, with nail polishes, skincare products, make up, hair care tools, and even candles and scent diffusers included.

Beyond serving costumers, Brown Beauty Talks' directory has been beneficial to the businesses featured in it, too. "It’s provided the opportunity for the brands to network and share resources," says Adeyemi. Plus, the businesses can proudly celebrate being Black-owned "without fear of being stigmatised," she says, explaining that there's historically been an assumption that Black-owned businesses only cater to Black people. But, as Adeyemi points out: "a Black-owned candle business, is for everyone! Not just Black people!" And the same goes for other products on the list.

With so many great brands on the Brown Beauty Talk directory, it's hard to know where to begin. With that in mind, I asked Adeyemi to share her favourites and give us a little info on what makes each one so special.

Equi Botanics

"A brand created to treat and nourish afro hair – especially 4c texture. I totally live for their Baobab Moisturising Sulphate Free Cleanser, which leaves my hair highly moisturised."

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"The ethos of this brand is to enhance you inside and out. I am currently trying out their Mood Architect supplement, which helps to pep me up when I am feeling down."

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Fairfield Gardens

"This brand creates great lip balms that keep your lips nice and smooth. Plus, the products are very price-friendly."

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Freya + Bailey

"The winner of the inaugural ARCLight Initiative [which supports Black-owned brands], their products are natural, 100% vegan, and botanical-based powered by science. I love the Glo'up! Face Cleanser with Oat Silk. Plus, they are affordable too."

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The Glowcery

"Incredible lip products such as a lip scrub and a lip balm. Also, I love the packaging which is vibrant and slick."

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Okiki Skincare

"Love this mother and daughter brand. They have a wide range of products but I love their candles and body washes."

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"Another brand with a great catalogue, but I am particularly fond of their body butters."

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