Nailed It

"Bug Nails" Are Trending On TikTok & They're Actually Cute

Better on your nail beds than your picnic blanket.

Summer is great and all... until you encounter bugs. Nobody wants to swat mosquitos or spot ants on their picnic blanket. But if those bugs are parading across your fingertips in the form of beautiful nail art, you’ll be surprised how quickly you stan.

Believe it or not, bug nails are the latest adorable nail trend on TikTok, where the mani category has over 216 million views. Creators are painting tiny ladybugs, mini beetles, butterflies, and even rows of ants on their fingertips for an outdoorsy vibe that’s perfect for summer — and the cute designs embrace wildlife in a way that won’t ruin your picnic.

To get an idea of just how many bug nail designs have swarmed social media, take a look at these numbers: ladybug nails have over 23 billion views on TikTok, bee nails have 4.8 million, and butterfly nails have racked up over 27 million. The trend is basically an entomologist’s dream, and it also means there’s plenty of inspiration out there when you’re hunting for manicure ideas.

You can DIY the look with precise dots of polish to create a cartoon-y ladybug or a couple of ants, or you can opt for nail decals if you prefer something more anatomically correct. Either way, keep scrolling for 11 super cute bug nail ideas so that you can revel in the wonders of nature.


Ants At A Picnic

TikToker @nailedbynika painted a whole picnic scene on her nails. She started with a pink gingham design, then added mini ants with black polish for a look even bug haters will love.


Mini Ladybugs

Add tiny ladybugs to a few fingers along with flowers, blades of grass, and other outdoorsy details for a manicure that screams summer.


’90s-Style Butterflies

Fun fact: A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope, and that’s exactly what you’ll have on your nails when this is your insect of choice. This mani is oh-so-’90s.



Combine multiple trends at once with chrome polish, French tips, and a museum-worthy array of different bugs on each nail bed.



Not all bugs are annoying. Dragonflies are super cute IRL and they look just as good on your nails.


3D Ladybugs

To make your bug nails look even more realistic, go with a 3D effect that’ll make people do a double-take when they see your fingertips.


Bees & Flowers

What could be more summery than tiny bees buzzing from one flower to the next?



Use splashes of gold glitter polish to paint honey to go along with your bee nail art.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This adorable mani is a nod to the classic children’s book, and the caterpillar that scrawls across multiple nails — with the pear on the thumb — is just brilliant.


Bug Collector

Creator @nailedbytav hand-painted realistic beetles framed in black and gold, making for a goth-chic manicure that’s worthy of the grid.


Rainbow Butterfly Wings

Make a neutral mani stand out with rainbow-colored butterfly decals adorning each nail.


Ladybug Tips

Place your bug of choice on the ends of your nails for a fun take on French tips.


Beetle Art

Who knew — you can make beetles look kind of cute when you paint them in bright colors.


Caterpillar Cuticles

Paint tiny, colorful caterpillars across your cuticles for a minimalist take on the trend.


Garden Scene

Pair green metallic polish with bright beetles and caterpillars for a standout mani moment.


Micro Bugs

Take it super minimalist by painting just one tiny bug on each nail. How cute is the snail on the pinky?


Abstract Wings

You don’t have to paint a full-on bug onto your nails. This cute set features colorful wings that are truly stunning.