Bustle's Most Wanted: Screen Style Inspired By Rebecca

The new Netflix film is full of serious wardrobe inspiration.

By Sarah Lakos

It seems the producers of Atonement and The Darkest Hour have carved out a very special place in the film world: creating movies with reach-out-and-touch sets, pulse-quickening plot twists, and covetable costuming. (Who hasn’t Googled that green silk dress from Atonement?)

It’s no surprise then that the same producers signed on with Netflix to bring out this autumn’s most anticipated literary adaptation, Rebecca. The story is based on Dame Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 novel, a psychological thriller full of dark description, resulting in a film that's a visual masterpiece for film buffs and fashionistas alike — not to mention perfect Halloween viewing (if you can wait until Hallows' Eve that is, it's out Oct. 21).

Did we mention Lily James, Armie Hammer, and Kristin Scott Thomas play the three central roles of Mrs. and Mr. de Winter and Mrs. Danvers, the haughty housekeeper? Sign. Us. Up.

Lucky for you, our partner Netflix let us inside Rebecca’s wardrobe department to speak with the film’s costume designer, Julian Day — the man behind all of those "killer hats." So how did he make us fall in love all over again with these period looks?

"I wanted to show what a fashion-conscious period the '30s was," says Day, "[and] the continuation of the emancipation of women through what they wore: trousers, men's suits, simple tailoring, comfortable swimwear, sports clothing worn as everyday fashion. Which are all the trends we now take for granted."

Day describes Mrs. de Winter's style as "modern," "sexy," and "romantic" — three words we can certainly abide by this autumn. In this special edition of Bustle's Most Wanted, we scoured the high street to help you recreate some of our favourite looks from the film.

Day explains the softer silhouettes featured at the beginning of Rebecca as a part of Mrs. de Winter's love story. "With the blossoming of love [between Lily and Armie's characters], the romantic takes over: a soft summer silhouette with delicate silks, cottons, and lightweight sweaters, soft flowing palazzo pants and cool sandals," says Day. Here are some great options to pull together this timeless look.

If you think this look is straight from your Insta feed, you're not far off. "Lily’s clothing was sympathetic to the designs of the period, with a nod to contemporary fashion," says Day. We love the collar on this look, and found one you can add to your favourite high-necked tea dress à la Mrs. de Winter.

As the film progresses, so does Lily's style. "Arriving at Mandalay, the stately country manor, she takes on the silhouette of the original Mrs. de Winter, the cross between the country life of tweeds and twin sets," says Day of Lily's country-estate wardrobe. Just add a polo neck and beret, "all worn with ultimate confidence."

Branded editor: Sarah Lakos

Design: Diana Weisman

Images: Courtesy of Netflix