The History Of The Canadian Tuxedo, Explained

Plus, 10 denim pieces to shop right now.

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Princess Diana Princess wearing a Canadian Tux  in Austria With Prince William And Prince Harry.
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There’s no denying that ’90s fashion is having its moment in the style spotlight, with trends from the era taking center stage on the runways and blogs alike. One ’90s trend that was once considered, well, less than fashionable (or downright ugly, if we’re being honest) has come back in full force in the ’20s. That’s right, we’re talking about the Canadian tuxedo. Not sure what that means, or what it even looks like? We’re breaking down the complete history of this once controversial look below.

What’s A Canadian Tuxedo?

Put simply: Think of a Canadian tux as any denim-on-denim look. Denim shirt and jeans? That’s a Canadian tux. Denim dress and matching boots? That’s also a (slightly fancier) Canadian tux. Basically, if you’re wearing what feels like maybe a little too much denim at the same time, odds are you’re rocking a Canadian tux.

Why is it…Canadian?

Legend has it that back in 1951, singer Bing Crosby wasn’t permitted to check into a high-end hotel in Vancouver because he was wearing — you guessed it — a denim-on-denim outfit. Word traveled fast, and in no time at all, denim giant Levi’s designed him a custom tuxedo that was made entirely out of denim. Just like that, a cultural icon was born!

Which Celebrities Have Worn Canadian Tuxedos?

Bing Crosby may have pioneered the ~lewk~ we’ve all come to love/hate, but he wasn’t the last famous face to step out in a head-to-toe denim ’fit. Princess Diana was a fan of the Canadian tuxedo back in the ’90s, and was even spotted wearing one with white boots, a brown belt, and a black leather jacket. It was an undeniable fashion moment. And of course, who can forget when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake arrived on the red carpet at the 2001 American Music Awards wearing coordinating denim ensembles? More recently, the Hadid sisters, as well as new it-couple Kanye West and Julia Fox have been spotted in the trend, too.

To try the Canadian tux trend for yourself, check out our expert curation of denim pieces below. Whether you want to wear ’em together or separately, they each offer a little something special for your wardrobe.


Jean Jacket

The foundation of any quality Canadian tux starts with a perfectly distressed denim jacket. Pair it with your favorite jeans, and size up for a truly relaxed feel.


Loose Denim Button-Up

A head-to-toe denim look requires a button-up that can be dressed up or down. When you’re not wearing it with jeans, it functions like a neutral and works with almost any item in your closet.


Roomy Boyfriend Jeans

These mid-rise jeans are just the perfect mix between fitted and loose. The classic cuff is a finishing touch that will make your ensemble feel more put-together.


Belted Midi Dress

When you need an outfit in a few seconds flat, this shirt dress will save the day. Complete with a built-in belt, you’ve got an entire ~lewk~ with just one garment.


Ballet Flats

You can’t have a complete Canadian tux if your outfit doesn’t include the footwear! These cozy flats are equal parts chic and functional.


Wrap Coat

This easy-to-style piece can, of course, be effortlessly layered over more denim. But it’ll also steal the spotlight when paired with a little black dress and platform heels.


Fitted Jumpsuit

For those days when you have no idea what to wear, a jumpsuit is a no-fuss solution. Add a denim jacket and white sneaks for a clean, streamlined ‘fit.


Structured Crossbody Bag

Take your monochromatic denim look to the next level with the proper accessories, like this crossbody bag. The gold hardware adds a glamorous touch.


Deconstructed Denim

Vintage denim + lace-up details = a match made in Canadian tux heaven. These are custom designed just for you, so each pair is truly one-of-a-kind.


Heeled Ankle Boots

Have the desire to splurge? With leather lining and a classic round toe, these heeled boots are well worth the price tag.

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