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24 Years Ago, Carrie Bradshaw Wore One Of Her Most Chaotic Looks Of All Time

Sartorial pandemonium at its finest.

In 2000, Sex And The City's fictional style icon Carrie Bradshaw wore a chaotic capri outfit with fe...
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Fictional style icon Carrie Bradshaw is known best for her kooky outfits. But on the short list of her most chaotic Sex And The City looks, Carrie’s tie-dye capri pant ensemble ranks close to the top (right behind her belt-on-a-bare-stomach ’fit).

In 2000, during Season 3, episode 15 (aptly named “Hot Child In The City”), Carrie opens the show in a mismatched capri pant outfit that will forever be remembered as one of her wildest looks ever. SATC fans, let’s review.

Carrie’s Chaotic Tie-Dye Outfit

Sarah Jessica Parker’s character first appears on screen confidently wearing the most colorful blouse in existence. Printed with the fashion house’s interlocking CC logo, she paried the technicolor Chanel top (chaotically) with purple and pink tie-dye capri pants.

In true Carrie fashion, she piled on ample amounts of designer accessories, including a pair of Fendi peep-toe sandals and a dark-purple Givenchy bag that played off the many colors of her rainbow-bright ensemble.

Season 3 was her bamboo hoop era, during which she wore an oversized gold pair in nearly every episode. This episode was no different. (The exact style is still available to shop at SATC costume designer Patricia Field’s New York City-based boutique.)

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Also Noteworthy: Her Blue Bandana

Though her look was surprising from beginning to end, Carrie’s bright turquoise bandana only added to the sartorial pandemonium. She wrapped it around her curly hair, straying boldly from her outfit’s pink, purple, and green color story. It brought a (unnecessary) pop of color to her already OTT look.

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It was chatotic, yet so, so Carrie.