This Is Carrie Bradshaw's Most Chaotic Outfit From SATC

It was as messy as her love life.

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon on Sex and the City.
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Carrie Bradshaw, New York City’s resident dating expert, had a truly chaotic love life. Part of it was research for her column, sure — but mostly it was just her. She had on-again, off-again drama with Mr. Big for six exasperating years. She broke Aidan’s heart twice (then kissed him while married to Big). And somehow got dumped by way of a sticky note — which technically wasn’t her fault, but was a result of her passion for trash men.

The one thing Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) excelled at, however, was styling an immaculate outfit. Even on her most chaotic day, the ‘fit gave exactly what it needed to. She helped popularize trends like the rosette and more, while putting designers on the map (Manolo Blahnik and Judith Leiber, for instance). Even so, real SATC fans know she had some rare but undeniable flops during her six-season tenure. One look, in particular, still haunts me to this day.

In Season 4, Episode 15, titled “Change of a Dress,” Carrie was newly engaged to Aidan and already regretting it. Worried that she didn’t possess the “bride gene,” Miranda suggested Carrie try on the tackiest wedding dress she could find (resulting in a crimson rash and a full-blown panic attack). And though the two mocked the gown endlessly, it was nothing compared to the unhinged outfit Carrie walked in with.

The look was essentially her internal chaos externalized. She started with a pink cropped button-up, a leafy print midi skirt, and a pair of metallic green peep-toe pumps. Alone, this combo would have slayed, but, unfortunately, she didn’t stop there.

She layered on yet another crop top, adding a knotted T-shirt underneath the button-down. From there, she tucked a massive crochet clutch under her arm and, in keeping with her experimental styling, added a headpiece-slash-crown that can only be described as seaweed-like.

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But the true star of the ‘fit was a green and white polka-dot belt, fastened around her bare waist. What was it holding up, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Much like her engagement ring (and its benefactor), it was purely decorative and she could’ve gone without.

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The ensemble notoriously landed on many worst-dressed lists. Even lauded stylist Patricia Field, who created the look, thought it was “obnoxious” in hindsight, dubbing it her least favorite Carrie outfit. “The show ran for six years and there were about 24 episodes a season, so that's a lot of outfits, but I only have one where I look at it and say, ‘Eh’,” she told Repeller.

“She was wearing a skirt and a crop top, and I threw a belt around her naked waist. Even when I did it I was hesitant, but I think Sarah Jessica liked it, so I went ahead and kept it on,” Field continued. “When I saw it later I thought it was just obnoxious. I should have slung the belt a little lower.”

Still, it seems like Carrie’s questionable styling choice is making a resurgence. In 2015, Miranda Kerr stepped out in a similar look, with a belt strapped around her naked torso.

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Designers, too, are harkening to the look. Last year, Louis Vuitton sent models down the runway with SATC-style belts looped around the waist. And just this February, Brandon Maxwell’s NYFW show featured slim belts à la Carrie.

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While John Corbett is reprising his role as Aidan in the second season of And Just Like That..., I’m hoping this belt moment doesn’t make a guest appearance.

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