45 Cheap Things On Amazon That Make You Look Better With Almost No Effort

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You’ve probably heard that sometimes feeling your best can come from looking your best, be it skin, hair, clothes, or anything else. But hardly anyone wants to break the bank when it comes to upgrading your look. And beyond price point, very few people have tons of extra time to spend on beauty treatments that require months to see results, or complicated products that are difficult to use and come with fussy assembly. After all, can you really call something self-care if it takes a ton of stressful practice to use correctly?

Fret not, because you can still level up your style and look with minimal effort. Below, you’ll find 46 affordable items that can help you look and feel your best. The best part? They’re all super simple to use and they deliver near-instant results. Whether it be a winged eyeliner pen that you can stamp on in seconds, magic fabric spray that erases clothing wrinkles in a snap, or beauty sticks you can use on both lips, eyes, and cheeks, there’s an answer to nearly every personal care question you could have on this list. Read on for budget-friendly favorites from hyper-enthusiastic Amazon reviewers, and load up your cart knowing just how easy things are about to be.


The Moisturizing Hair Treatment That Works With Just One Use

Many hair products require several applications before you can expect to see results, but this moisturizing hair treatment is designed to improve the appearance of your hair in just one use. Made with a blend of amino acids and moisturizing ingredients, this solution is applied to wet, shampooed hair, left to sit for just eight seconds, and then rinsed out. After, users report a boost in hair’s shininess and less visible signs of damage.


This Nail Strengthener That Heals and Tints Your Nails

Eye-catching manicures are enhanced by healthy nails, and if yours are in need of a little extra attention, this nail strengthener is here to nurse them back to health. The formula is infused with protein and calcium to strengthen your nails and help them grow longer and harder. Use two coats on clean nails on its own, or even as a base coat before you apply polish. Snag it in nine different shades for a pop of subtle color.

  • Available colors: 9


These Machine-Washable Satin Pillowcases That Will Rescue Your Hair

Want chic bedding that also reduces damage on your skin and hair? These satin pillowcases offer a sleek finish that won’t tug on your strands, preventing excess breakage and split ends. Satin also absorbs less moisture than cotton, so these pillowcases won’t strip your skin of its much-needed natural oils. Users love how cool the satin finish feels to the touch.

  • Available colors: 22


This Easy Treatment to Heal Your Lips Overnight

When regular chapstick isn’t enough for intense damage, reach for this lip repairing night treatment. Ingredients like shea butter and almond oil deeply moisturize cracked lips in just one use. One reviewer raved, “I have chronically dry and flaking bleeding lips constantly. Desert life! One application changed all that so I use [it] every day. No more chapped lips.”


This Plant-Based, Cruelty Free Cuticle Oil

Cold days and winter weather can wreak havoc on your cuticles: think peeling skin, excess hangnails, and more. Enter this cuticle oil that delivers a healthy dose of vitamins and natural oils to your skin and nails to help strengthen and repair them. The paraben-free formula is scented with delicate lavender and chamomile that will transform your bathroom into a spa in no time. Healthy nails couldn’t be easier.


The Tiny Wand That Tames Flyaways

A snatched pony is no longer out of reach. Whether you have breakage or just short baby hairs that won’t lay flat no matter how you style it, this hair finishing stick will secure them in place with just a few swipes of the mascara-style brush. Users report that the solution, made with ingredients like beeswax and jojoba oil, leaves their hair smooth and less tacky than certain hairsprays.


This Hydrating Primer With A Matte Finish

If you’re hoping to have your makeup last from morning to night, this hydrating face primer with grape seed oil and vitamins A, C, and E can help. Whether you decide to use it on its own or as a base layer underneath foundation, the lightweight formula goes on smooth, won’t feel heavy, and dries to a matte finish. Users love the way it evened out the appearance of larger pores.


An Eyeliner Stamp That Takes The Guesswork Out of a DIY Cat Eye

If a matching pair of winged eyeliner flicks, or even just one normal-looking wing, is a struggle, this eyeliner stamp is here to rescue you. On one end you’ll find a regular liquid liner for the bottom of your lid, and on the other a precise wing stamp for the outer corner of your eye. Simply connect the two with a swipe and bask in the joy of liner that didn’t take you half a morning to achieve.


A Pair of “Socks” That Banish Callouses

If tough winter months are doing a number on your feet, this foot peel mask can help heal callouses, dry skin, and more. Don the mask like a sock and secure it in place. Let it sit for about an hour, rinse, and in a few weeks, your dead skin will peel away leaving a fresh, smooth layer in its place. The ingredients, including soothing lavender, also provide a moisturizing effect.


This Shoe Cleaning Kit That Will Last for 100 Uses

Just tear open the pouch of this shoe cleaning kit and you’re already one step closer to fresher kicks. The soft bristles on the cleaning brush won’t damage your shoes, and the biodegradable cleansing solution is safe to use even on delicate materials like suede. Simply wet the brush, apply some cleaner, and gently scrub out stains and grime, working in a circular motion.


A Variety Pack of Faux Diamond Studs

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but cubic zirconia is a wallet’s best friend. The clear, sparkly finish of these cubic zirconia earrings make them a practical yet dazzling choice that matches nearly every outfit. This multi-pack features studs that come in five different sizes, ranging from three millimeters to eight millimeters wide.

  • Available colors: 3


This Non-Greasy Pomade For Your Brows

Tired of unruly brow hairs or gels that flake off after just a few hours? Consider this eyebrow soap kit as your next brow maintenance tool. Gently dampen and rub the included spoolie brush into the pomade, and swipe it in your desired shape. Users report their brows have the appearance of increased volume, plus it stays in place all day.


These Versatile, Hypoallergenic Gold-Plated Hoops

Chunky jewelry is having a moment, and if you’re looking to hop on the trend without weighing your ears down, these thick but lightweight hoops are the perfect place to start. They come in three different finishes: silver, rose gold, and yellow gold. Plus, the posts are made from surgical steel, so they’re less likely to irritate sensitive skin.

  • Available colors: 3


This Portable, Wrinkle-Banishing Steamer

Irons have their place, but typically that place is not in your luggage. If you’re looking to take your wrinkle management system on the go, this handheld steamer is lightweight and travels well. It has a considerable 240-millimeter capacity and users report they can use the powerful steam heat to release wrinkles from several garments per use.


This Set of Three Easy-Glide Silk Scrunchies

If you’re looking to cut down on unnecessary hair-tie creases and breakage, look no further than these silk scrunchies. Made from mulberry silk, they go on and come off in a smooth motion and won’t pull your hair out with it. Say goodbye to waking up with a scrunchie-sized dent in your pony. Plus, they’re available in sizes small and large and come in several different colorways, meaning they’ll match just about anything.

  • Available sizes: Small and Large
  • Available colors: 28


This Fresh Scented Wrinkle Spray That Replaces Your Iron

Reviewers adore the cult-favorite clothing care brand The Laundress, and this wrinkle release spray is no exception. With notes of sandalwood, citrus, and jasmine, this dreamily scented formula can take the place of your iron when you’re short on time or space. Simply spritz onto your wrinkled clothing and smooth out the creases for a more polished look.


A Dainty Paperclip Chain Perfect for Layering

If you’re looking to add just a touch of shine without overpowering your look, this cute paperclip necklace is a versatile addition to your jewelry box. The delicate chain is made from gold-plated brass; plus, it’s lead and nickel-free. Users love how they can wear it on its own or use it for a hip, layered look. Styling your next look just got easier.


A Portable Ring Light That Fits In Your Pocket

A reliable ring light is a must in our current Zoom-heavy reality, but many of them come with bulky tripods that don’t travel well. This clip-on ring light is here to rescue you when you need optimal lighting on the go. Simply clip it on to your phone and enjoy three different settings that will light you up for a selfie, work call, TikTok, and more. Plus, it’s re-chargeable.


A Nourishing Lip Balm That Softens and Tints

Honest Beauty doesn’t mess around when it comes to natural, body-safe products, so you know this dermatologist-tested tinted lip balm is vegan and cruelty-free without harsh ingredients. The blend of avocado oil and acai softens lips, while the sheer tint can be layered to offer as little or as much color as you like. Bonus: it lasts up to eight hours.

  • Available colors: 8


These Magic Cloth Pads That Melt Away Makeup

Makeup remover wipes are super convenient but not always the best for the environment. If you’re looking to make the switch to a reusable option, these makeup removing cloths are made of a patented polyester material that draws away makeup residue when they’re soaked in water. No other cleaning products are necessary. Just toss them in the washing machine once or twice a week to use them again.


A Luxe-Looking, De-Puffing Roller Set

This jade roller and gua sha combo pack serves as a spa treatment you can do in the comfort of your own bathroom. Made from rose quartz, the roller features a sturdy, squeak-free construction. Simply roll or swipe either tool in an upward motion to help reduce tension, puffiness, and even help your skin better absorb products.

  • Available colors: 6


An Ultra-Soft White Tee With Laid Back Detailing

Why spend ages poring through your closet each morning? Few things scream “wardrobe staple” quite like the perfect casual white tee. This cotton blend t-shirt features details like a breast pocket, v-neck, and pre-folded sleeves that give it a perfect relaxed look. The length makes it ideal for tucking into jeans, but not too long if you prefer to leave it out. This top has earned more than 19,000 five-star reviews, many of whom swoon over how soft and comfortable the fabric is.

  • Available sizes: S — XXL
  • Available colors: 40


A Hairbrush That Eliminates Tangles Without Pulling Out Hair

If combing out your hair is a struggle, give this detangling brush a whirl. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip, and its flexible, cone-shaped bristles break up knots by separating your hair strands laterally, rather than pulling them. It’s suitable for all hair types and safe to use on wet or dry hair.

  • Available colors: 6


A Towel Wrap That Dries Your Hair in Half The Time

Sitting around and waiting for wet hair to dry is about as thrilling as watching paint dry. If you’re looking to eliminate both wait times and stress from potentially damaging heat tools, these microfiber towel wraps are the answer to your problems. Simply wrap up your wet hair after a shower to eliminate excess water and frizz. Bonus: they come with a convenient elastic loop closure.

  • Available colors packs: 2


This Hydrating, Aloe Vera-Infused Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is said to brighten skin and even out dark spots, and this Vitamin C serum delivers, with added benefits of Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and more. The plant-based formula hydrates skin with ingredients like aloe vera and can be used both day and night. After a whopping 92,000 reviewers weighed in, it’s earned an average rating of 4.3 stars, many of who claim it makes their skin glow.


A Manicure Set With Literally Every Tool You’d Ever Need

If you’ve got a messy drawer full of assorted nail tools and can never seem to find what you need for a DIY mani, this portable manicure set has an impressive 13 tools in a convenient zip pouch. Snugly secured in elastic holder slots, you’ll find both large and small nail clippers, cuticle clippers and scissors, tweezers, and more. The leather finish of the carrying case is a nice touch, too. The set comes in four color options.


This Super Cute Cooling Eye Cream That Goes on Like Lip Balm

The skin under your eyes can be especially delicate, so sometimes it needs a little TLC. Made in Iceland, this hydrating eye stick adds cooling moisture while also minimizing puffiness and dark circles. Users love how easy it is to apply: just like a lip balm. Plus, the packaging is super cute.


This Handy Tool That Makes Your Pilling Clothes Look New

When your sweaters start to show signs of damage like pilling or loose threads, don’t relegate them to the discard pile just yet. This fabric shaver comes with adjustable functionality for multiple fabric types and a removable lint tray to easily dispose of all that extra fabric gunk once you shave it off. The travel size makes it a convenient tool to toss in your suitcase, too.


This Multi-Prong Eyebrow Pen That Creates Natural-Looking Brows

Penciling in your brows freehand isn’t a cinch for everyone. So if traditional tools aren’t your favorite, try this four-pronged eyebrow pen instead. The micro-fork tip mimics the appearance of individual brow hairs, delivering a more natural look. Users report that the waterproof formula doesn’t smudge but is easily wiped away with makeup remover.

  • Available colors: 7


This Multi-Pack of Stylish, No-Show Undies

Underwear has to do two things: fit well and be comfortable. This pack of laser-cut panties delivers on both. The ultra-soft blend of spandex and nylon ensures they’ll stretch to fit while also being super cozy. The scalloped edges are a fun, fashion-forward detail but also prevent underwear lines from showing through.

  • Available sizes: S — XL
  • Available colors packs: 3


A Customizable Cool Eye Mask For Headaches and More

What’s better than an eye mask that blocks out excess light? An icy eye mask that blocks light while also delivering a cooling blast to help reduce headache pain and stress. It has both a smooth and plush side, the former of which gets cooler than the latter, so you can decide which level of chill you need. Bonus: it can also be microwaved if you prefer a warm spa vibe.

  • Available colors: 5


A Hydrating Cream You Can Use Anywhere

Over 7,000 reviewers have given this moisturizing cream a five-star rating. Made from hydrating ingredients like manuka honey and coconut oil, this cream is safe to use on your face or body, making it a versatile staple in your medicine cabinet. Users love how quickly it absorbs, too.


This Mascara That Delivers A False Eyelash Look

Reviewers love the price point and durability of this false lash effect mascara. The cone-shaped brush helps to reach each individual lash, delivering volume and rich pigment. Plus, it comes from a PETA-certified cruelty-free brand. Throw in all-day wear, and what’s not to love?


This Beauty Stick That Does Triple Duty

Why settle for makeup that does just one thing when you can snag products with three separate functions? This pigmented multi-stick, available in five shades, is easy to use on both lips, eyes, and cheeks making it the MVP of your makeup drawer. It’s formulated with Vitamin E and shea butter which delivers an extra boost of hydration wherever you choose to apply it.

  • Available colors: 7


This BB Cream Made From Snail Extract (Yes, Really)

Snail mucin extract, while perhaps a little surprising as a skincare ingredient, actually has excellent moisturizing properties. This intensive bb cream has a subtle pigment that’s not quite as full coverage as a true foundation, which makes it a buildable, light product. Plus, it’s fragrance-free, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

  • Available colors: 5


This Does-it-All Stain Removing Liquid

It’s easy to give up hope in the face of serious stains like red wine, sweat marks, or even blood, but this stain solution is up to the challenge. It has a highly concentrated formula, so just a small amount will help tackle even older, set-in stains. Plus, you can use it on any fabric or color that’s safe to wash. One reviewer even referred to it as “the greatest stain solution in the universe.”


The Tiny Clip That Banishes Visible Bra Straps

Who wants to splurge on tons of specialty bras when you could simply convert the ones you already have? This bra strap clip hooks into the straps of your existing bra and pulls them inward, giving it the perfect shape to go under a racerback top. You can slide the clip up or down to further customize your look, depending on the shape of the top.

  • Available colors: 7


These Face Masks That Roll On Like Deodorant

If you struggle to get your sheet masks to stay put and don’t have the time to paint on liquid masks by hand, these clay stick masks might be the perfect solution. Both of these masks are applied with a roller device, similar to a deodorant. The pack comes with both green tea and eggplant options, and each mask helps clean skin by reducing conditions like blackheads and acne.


This Cozy Sweater Dress With Pockets

If coziness is a prerequisite for your winter weather wardrobe, look no further. This ultra-cozy turtleneck sweater dress has garnered rave reviews from thousands of users. It has cuffed bell sleeves, an oversized collar, and the most highly coveted feature of all: pockets.

  • Available sizes: S — XL
  • Available colors: 24


A Powder That Whitens Your Teeth Without Strips or Trays

If whitening strips and bleach trays aren’t your thing, try giving activated charcoal powder a shot. The kit comes with powder and a bamboo brush for application. Charcoal can whiten your teeth without damaging your gums or tooth enamel — plus, it freshens breath. Plenty of the Amazon reviews are full of coffee-drinking users who’ve been pleasantly surprised to see stains lifting from their teeth.


The Lint Remover That Won’t Ever Run Out of Steam

Want a lint roller that won’t run out of tape or a fabric shaver that won’t run out of batteries? This lint-removing razor, made from copper with a solid wood handle, slides across fabrics and pulls up lint, pet hair, and other debris with its metal teeth. Reviewers rave about how it’s rescued their carpets and even grabs more pet hair than some vacuums. Because the tool is double-sided, it’s long-lasting too.


This Oil-Banishing Skin Tool That Fits In Your Pocket

No matter how fresh your face may look at the start of the day, it’s totally normal to get a little oily as the afternoon wears on. If you’re looking to tone down the shine without disturbing your makeup, or if you simply can’t get to a sink, these oil-absorbing sheets are here to take you from glossy to matte in just a few seconds. They’re made from natural linen fibers and the container is about the size of a credit card, meaning you can take it anywhere. Simply press a sheet gently into your skin and go.


This Tiny Tool That Prevents Streaky Foundation

Beautyblender is a cult favorite makeup application tool, and for good reason. This makeup sponge has a whopping 4.6 rating after nearly 6,000 users weighed in. The tool is easy to use: simply wet the sponge, wring out excess water, and gently bounce it on your skin for a more even, air-brushed-looking makeup application. The round side is perfect for all-over coverage while the pointy end delivers precision application.

  • Available colors: 16


The Jewelry Cleaning Kit That Works in Two Minutes

Tired of soaking your jewelry overnight or scrubbing endlessly trying to restore its original shine? This jewelry cleaning kit comes with a custom tray that you simply load your bling onto, dip into the solution, and soak for a few minutes. Then just buff it out with the included cloth. For tougher stains, the soft-bristled brush can be used. The solution is ammonia-free and suitable for even soft materials like opal and pearl.


This Lip Balm That Creates A Custom Shade Just for You

If you enjoy makeup that’s part cosmetic, part science project, step right up. This glimmer lip balm doesn't just moisturize — the formula also reacts to the wearer’s unique skin pH to turn a custom shade of subtle pink that’s perfectly suited to you. Plus, it’s infused with glitter to create a subtle shimmer.

  • Available colors: 4


This Hidden Accessory That Prevents Pant Legs From Riding Up

If you’re going for a streamlined, jeans-tucked-into-boots look, there are few things as annoying as your pants bunching up and sticking out over the top of your shoe. Enter these suspender-like pant clips that attach to each side of your jeans and sit comfortably under the arch of your foot. It creates tension on the fabric that delivers a clean silhouette, meaning you won’t spend your day constantly stuffing your pants back into your boots.

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