13 Chic & Cozy Face Masks For The Winter

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As the season changes and the global pandemic continues, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people keep wearing face masks in public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. More specifically, the CDC suggests the use of face masks that have two or more layers of material as a barrier — specifically breathable options that fit over your mouth and nose. Although masks are plentiful these days, it's helpful to find warmer options while transitioning into the colder months. While you're on the lookout for the best face masks for winter that are made with thicker materials, there are still some basic specifications you should look for to ensure that you'll be fully protected.

Aside from the disposable, surgical options that help filter pathogens, there are two types of reusable face masks that can help keep you warm in cold temperatures.

  • Cloth face masks are made to be washed and reused as much as you'd like, and they typically come in various patterns, colors, and styles. Many are even designed with interior pockets so you can secure disposable filters for added protection. The most efficient cloth masks have two-layers and are usually thicker, made with cotton, and feature a tighter weave.
  • Neck gaiters are less effective than layered cloth face masks (depending on how they're constructed) — but they're popular because they also cover your neck and ears. That, as a result, makes them go-to cold-weather picks. If you choose a neck gaiter, the CDC recommends wearing one with two fabric layers or folding it over for more protection. You can also wear them in conjunction with a cotton or disposable face mask.

In addition to knowing what kind of mask you want to buy, you'll also want to check that your face covering fits snug against your skin. Adjustable ear loops are also helpful in gauging your mask's overall comfortability and effectiveness.

Check out some of the best winter face masks that are super popular on Amazon right now. Each option is stylish, cozy, and ready for cold-weather wear.

Editor’s note: Face masks can help prevent the spread of germs, but please keep in mind that experts agree that masks alone can not prevent the spread of COVID-19 and that social distancing and washing your hands are critical.

The Best Traditional Face Masks For Winter

When choosing a face mask to keep you warm and prevent the spread of Covid, look for a double- or triple-layer mask with a tight weave.

This Warm Mask Made With Terry-Brushed Fleece

Keep warm while staying protected in this French terry face mask. The design is made of breathable brushed fleece that'll feel nice and comfortable against your skin while the stretchy ear loops help keep it snug. The stitched nose covering also ensures that it'll stay in place, and the sizing is suitable for both men and women. It's available in five colors.

These Masks Made With Breathable Cotton & Warm Polyester

These versatile face masks are stylish and easy to pair with your favorite outfits, because there are tons of shades and patterns available. They're made of high-quality, water-repellent materials (cotton and polyester) — and the addition of an adjustable nose bridge ensures that each one fits snuggly. Not to mention, the elasticized ear loops offer a comfortable fit.

The Double-Layered Adidas Face Masks Made With Polyester & Elastane

Made with a warm and stretchy mixture of polyester and elastane, these face masks from Adidas are great for everyday wear. They're made of two layers of fabric and feature a tight fit that covers the lower half of your face securely. Each purchase offers three black masks that are soft, breathable, and stamped with the brand's logo on the outside.

This Soft Mulberry Silk Mask With A Built-In Filter Pocket

This 100% mulberry silk mask is breathable and resistant to dust, mold, mildew, and more. The material is smooth and features an inside pocket where you can place filtered inserts for added protection, and the ear loops are adjustable. Gentle on your skin, this product is washable, reusable, and sleek. Pick your favorite of 12 colors.

A 4-Pack Of Masks Made With 3 Layers Of Cotton Each

Offered in four different variations, each one of these masks feature three layers of cotton protection, including a pocket where you can add a filter. Like others, they're contoured from nose to chin for extra breathability. Each one also features an adjustable toggle on each ear loop for customization, making them a suitable option for everyday wear.

Neck Gaiters With Filters

If you choose to wear a gaiter, the CDC recommends folding it over to make two layers, but these gaiters have the option to even add a filter.

The Silk Neck Gaiter With Ear Loops & A Filter Pocket

This neck gaiter offers a wide range of advantages. Made with ice silk, it is moisture-wicking and UV-blocking, while also providing enough fabric to keep your face and neck warm. It even has an insert area that can be filled with an included filter, and it's designed with elastic ear loops that prevent it from falling during wear.

The Set Of Gaiters That Comes With 10 Mask Inserts

Great for all seasons, this super-soft set comes with two cotton neck gaiters and ten insertable filters. Both masks are smooth and stretchy to fit comfortably, and they can be worn in a multitude of ways (as a scarf, bib, and more). Each piece also offers five-layer protection that's moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and resistant to dust. These don't have ear loops, though.

Winter Face Masks To Pair With Another Face Mask

Great for winter, these masks offer warmth but they don't necessarily meet the requirements set out by the CDC — either because they are a single layer or don't have a very tight weave. However, they do lend themselves to being paired with a cotton or disposable mask.

These Windproof Neck Gaiters That Feel Like Fleece

Throw these fleece neck gaiter scarves on for warmth and comfort on chillier days. They're breathable and lightweight — but since they're made with mostly polyester (with some rayon and spandex), they're warm enough to keep you cozy during outdoor winter activities. Not to mention, they're also windproof. Unlike other neck gaiters mentioned, these don't have filter pockets. Choose your desired color combination from an offering of black, gray, dark grey, brown, light blue, light purple, and yellow.

A Hat & Face Mask Combo With A Fuzzy Faux Fur Trim

How cute and cozy looking is this fur-trimmed hat and face mask combo? It features a velvet fabric outer and a faux fur inner that works to block the wind, snow, and other elements. The multifunctional headpiece comes with a matching removable face mask, ear flaps, and an adjustable chin strap for complete coverage and comfort. One customer even wrote, "The face mask was actually big enough to cover both my nose and my chin." Select from three muted colors.

The Stylish Bandana-Style Neck Gaiter With Comfortable Ear Loops

Lightweight and soft, this neck gaiter sits like a bandana and secures with ear loops. However, it is only a single layer mask so you will need to pair it with another mask. The stretchy material helps protect your skin against dust and UV rays — and it's also windproof, which means it'll help keep you warm in chilly weather. The fabric doesn't come with filters (or filter pockets), but it does come in tons of colors and designs.

This Hat, Scarf, & Mask Set That's Perfect For Colder Days

This collar, scarf, and hat combo. Each set includes one knit beanie hat with mask and one loop scarf made of 100% fleece-lined acrylic that's cozy and warm. It's super fashionable and comes in several neutral colors that'll pair nicely with your jackets, coats, and more.

It should be noted however that even though this face mask is thick, it doesn't have a very tight weave, which means you should wear it in conjunction a cotton or disposable surgical mask.

These Chiffon Face Masks With More Coverage

With nine variations offered in one set, these chiffon scarf masks are a bargain that's hard to pass up. They come in various patterns, each featuring a neck covering scarf silhouette with adjustable ear loops. Lightweight and skin-friendly, they are smooth, breathable, and comfortable under all conditions.

The 3-In-1 Ski Mask That Covers Your Neck, Face, & Head

Defeat the discomfort of freezing temperatures with this face mask, hood, and neck warmer. Made to be worn as a hat and fit around your neck, this three-in-one product features an interior rope and buckle that allows you to adjust the size of the polyester scarf as needed. The mask's material is soft, breathable, and warm, making it great for skiing, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, and more. Black and purple options are available.