Clarisonic Is Going Out Of Business

The brand's holding a major 50% off sale on all its products.

There's a bit of bad news out there for skin care lovers: Clarisonic is going out of business.

The brand made the announcement on its social media pages and website, explaining that parent company L'Oreal decided to close the brand in order to "focus [L'Oreal's] attention on its other core business offerings." It officially shuts down on Sept. 30, although it'll honor warranties on items purchased from authorized retailers until Oct. 31, 2022.

Clarisonic has been a much-touted brand since its inception, with consistently positive customer reviews and ratings. On Ulta, the Mia Smart has a four-star rating with more than 780 reviews, more than half of which are more than five stars. "You were a revolution," one user wrote on the closing announcement post. "I’m so happy for all of your success. You will be missed!"

Although fans may be distraught about the closure, Clarisonic is holding a major final sale, with all items 50% off from retailers. Customers have already bought out Clarisonic's entire stock on the brand's website, as well as at Ulta and Sephora, but there are still ways you can try to get your hands on some of the products.

On Ulta's website, you can check in-store stock to see if your local shop has Clarisonic heads and tools available. And although Clarisonic couldn't confirm if it'll be able to restock its inventory, the brand explained on social media that it hopes to do so.