40 Clever Hacks That'll Save You From Needing To Buy New Clothing

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It's become a cycle at this point: we collect never-before-worn clothes during our shopping sesh and vow deep down to our soul that we will not, under any circumstances, allow even the slightest bit of damage to our sparkly new closet additions. And with every pair of jeans we bring home in mint condition, what never fails is the fear of them losing their just-bought shape and feel — mostly because this is what's happened with every pair of jeans we've ever had.

Of course, wear and tear to the clothes we love most is inevitable (and proof that we lived in them, of course). The bright side? There are countless measures you can take in slowing down the good old ravages of time and repairing those treasured pieces that could technically last forever if you wanted them to.

Amazon does it again with these 40 finds that will absolutely increase the shelf-life of your closet and fix the unfixable (ahem, shampoo that unshrinks clothing). From multipurpose products like shaving cream as a stain remover and talcum powder as an oil extractor to lifelong essentials like adjustable shoe trees and jam-packed mini sewing kits, there's plenty more where these crafty picks came from.

The time for taking superior care of our clothes is now, especially with all the whatsits available at the click of a button and a skim of the always-handy customer reviews section. Never let a meatball or oil stain get you down again and avoid pilling at all costs with these whip-smart life hacks and laundry room must-haves.


A Brilliant Fabric Shaver That Removes All The Fuzz

If you've ever owned an article of clothing, you've definitely dealt with fabric pilling and (probably) suspicious amounts of lint. Conair's battery-operated fabric shaver is saving everything from socks to sweaters with its gentle de-fuzzing capability. It’s packed with three different settings, so you can salvage all kinds of fabrics. It's also compact and catches its own shavings so you can take it wherever your heart desires for on-the-go sprucing. Lucky you.


A Foldable Drying Rack That’s Effortless To Store

For those precious pieces that aren't dryer-compatible, this deluxe clothes drying rack is the crème de la crème of essential laundry tools. On top of its convenient collapsible feature, it offers up to 24 feet of total drying space so you can get the most done all at once. Oh, and it’s made with a rust-resistant finish so your pieces stay pristine as hell.


Laundry Detergent That Keeps Colors Ultra-Bright

So you want to keep your pieces looking freshly bought from the store, right? Wave hello to this liquid laundry detergent by Cheer that's specifically designed to keep colors bright, highly pigmented, and — most importantly — like they haven't gone through cycles of shade-stripping washes. While on the subject, it will also hold you over for up to 96 loads of laundry while singlehandedly extending the shelf life of your favorite cardigan. A household/lifelong need.


Dryer Balls To Reduce Static Cling & Soften Garments

Toss in these hypoallergenic wool dryer balls with your next batch of laundry for softer fabric, fewer wrinkles, and speedier drying time than probably ever so you save big on energy. They're also totally natural if you have sensitive skin and will even add an infusion of scents into your garments with just a few drops of essential oil. I genuinely don't know how I didn't think of them before.


Hairspray To Remove The Inevitable Lipstick Stain

You might not know this, but hairspray is the secret ingredient to clearing that predestined smudge of cherry-red lipstick stain from your clothes. It's a piece of cake, really: the alcohols in hairspray are super effective at stain-lifting and can get the job done by being sprayed directly on top of said stain, sitting for about 15 minutes, then dabbed with a damp cloth until your white top is utterly impeccable. This spray by Giovanni is definitely up to the task and doubles as a really volumizing hair spray. Brownie points for multipurpose products!


Non-Toxic Stain Remover That’s Kid & Pet-Friendly

Behold: this wonder of a stain remover spray that makes smears vanish right before your eyes. Shocking, I know. Miss Mouth's non-toxic stain remover is ideal for homes with kids and pets with its ultra-safe formula that's 100% biodegradable and pH neutral. Use it on fresh or set-in stains according to the instructions and watch the magic work. Spaghetti & meatball remnants, be gone.


Adjustable Shoe Trees To Maintain The Shape Of Your Footwear

One of the best things you can do for the shoes in your life is to keep them as close to their original shape as possible. This adjustable shoe holder does just that, and at a fraction of the traditional cost. Crafted with plastic and steel for maximum hold, these adjusters are lightweight and simple to slip into your booties, loafers, and just about any other shoe that's susceptible to warping over time — which is basically everything but your trusty flip flops.


This Laundry Care Chart That Everyone Should Have

Nothing is as confusing as those little mystery icons on your clothing tags that never have an explanation. Seriously, it’s been years of mayhem! No need to fret because this magnetic laundry care guide is here to save the day — and your clothes. As pictured, this reference magnet includes symbols for washing, drying, ironing, and more. Plus, it’s got extra-strength power so it will outlast the heat from your washer and dryer machines.


Hydrogen Peroxide That’s A Safer Bleach Alternative

Never overlook a longtime cabinet resident like hydrogen peroxide because this hack is about to blow your mind. While mundane at first glance, this household antiseptic can double as a safer alternative to harsh bleach cleaner to lift stains, neutralize odors, and brighten your whites. Just add a cup of this stuff (undiluted) to your laundry as the water fills or pop it in the bleach tray and let it do its thing.


This Double Hamper With A Lid For Discreet Storage

Having a closetful of long-lasting clothing that still looks brand spanking new starts with laundry care — and yes, storage falls under that umbrella. To keep your worn garments out of sight and out of mind, this double laundry hamper is a hassle-free way to do it. It's available in a smattering of colors for your personalization needs and is best used to separate delicates from, well, the non-delicates. Put your hands together for fresher-looking clothes from here on out.


Extenders For Adjusting Bras You Already Own

Do you have a drawer dedicated to your trusty, longtime bras but they're just not fitting like they used to? It's a non-issue, dear reader! These bra extenders are the ultimate solution and come in a nine-piece set, so you have options galore. Made of touch-soft velvet and easy to hook on, these extenders will simply maximize the space your bra gives you to breathe so you don't have to retire the classics.


Talcum Powder For Extracting Deep-Set Oils

We all know oil as fabric's worst enemy for reasons having to do with its stubborn permanence, but there is a surprisingly easy way to get rid of the grease for good. Once you notice the oily mishap, sprinkle this talcum powder (AKA my new best friend) on top of the stain and allow it to soak from several hours to overnight. After the powder has absorbed every last bit of oil, brush the powder away and give your garment an extra run in the wash for good measure. Voila.


Space-Saving Bags To Keep Your Seasonal Clothes In Mint Condition

Protect your seasonal clothes at all costs with these space-saving compression bags that will keep your pullovers and mock necks looking spick-and-span. They come in all sorts of size combos (you know, for range) and a travel hand pump to seal the bags until they're airtight. In the event that you're working with a smaller space, these are key to preventing your closet from being overstuffed.


Lightweight Mesh Laundry Bags For Keeping Your Delicates Pristine

With a lineup of stellar reviews from happy Amazon customers, these honeycomb mesh laundry bags are superb for cleaning your delicates with zero wear or tear. The zipper is ultra-durable so the bags won't come undone in the wash and there are even extra options made specifically for bras and shoes. If you're in the camp of keeping your pieces looking hot off the proverbial presses, these are an absolute must.


Non-Slip Wooden Hangers That Will Keep Your Hangables Crease-Free

Give your closet racks a makeover with these top-tier wooden hangers that will keep your clothing looking extra smooth and crisp. They come in five different finishes including cherry, natural, and vintage so you can customize them to your heart's content. Plus, they're available in sets of 20 or 30 for major value. With a built-in vinyl pant bar and sanded notches to ensure your blazer doesn't fall off, these non-slip 360-degree swivel hook hangers are just a real treat.


A Mini Sewing Machine With All The Bells & Whistles

Hear me out: it's a sewing machine but mini. Something about fun-sized items makes everything better, especially in the case of this battery-operated portable sewing machine. The gadget itself has several stitching speeds (!) and all the fixings of a traditional sewer from the bobbin winder spool to the foot pedal and beyond. As the cherry on top, there's a built-in lamp and a decent-sized expansion table for larger pieces. Shall I go on?


A Retractable Clothesline For Drying Clothes Wherever You Fancy

The rumors are true: a retractable clothesline exists and is about to make your laundry routine remarkably easier. Plus, who doesn't love that nostalgic scent of freshly air-dried clothes? This heavy-duty clothing line can be mounted in just minutes, holds a whopping 30 pounds of garments, and extends to 40 feet of pure drying space. No one's got time for dryer machine damage anymore, so in my humble opinion, I'm going to recommend this national treasure to literally every person reading.


A Portable Steamer For On-The-Go Wrinkle Control

Admittedly, taking the additional measure to air-dry your clothes means leaving room for a wrinkle here and there. When fabric can't take the harsh heat of an iron, this portable steamer is a bona fide force of nature. Releasing up to 25 minutes of steady steam, leak-proof, and complete with a garment-friendly ceramic soleplate, there's really no way to go wrong with this essential. You can also choose between medium and high steam options, then polish things off with the attachable lint brush. Total gamechanger.


This Lightweight Jacket For Extending Your Coat’s Life

Stay warm whilst preserving the life of your coat by wearing this lightweight zip-up jacket underneath your beloved puffer. Not only is it adored by the Amazon masses, but it's just a really high-quality find. Available in several colors from gunmetal heather to vivid coral, made of a super soft polyester-fleece blend, and complete with hidden pockets and thumbholes, this full-zip is decidedly a closet necessity.


A Genius Spray That Cleans & Waterproofs With One Wash

Cheers to never having to think twice about dancing in the rain because this water-repellant cleaner is the next big thing. Mix this stuff in with your regular detergent (according to instructions, of course), set it to a warm wash, and tumble dry for optimal results. To go the extra mile, splash some water over your garment and watch the beads fall now that your windbreaker is 100% waterproof.


Shaving Cream For Lifting Up Those Stubborn Stains

In the spirit of resourcefulness, shaving cream (of all things) has proven to be a powerful stain lifter. Thanks to its soapy, foamy nature, it's a force to be reckoned with when worked into anything from spilled wine on carpet to coffee stains on your new turtleneck. This Gillette shaving cream should work quite well since it’s full-on foam with water as its first ingredient. Who knows? It might become your new favorite secret weapon when it comes to stains.


These Freezer Bags To Prevent Sweaters From Shedding

Fun fact of the day: freezing helps to prevent sweater fibers from shedding. The more you know! Start off by popping your shedding-inclined sweater into this extra roomy freezer bag and let it sit in the freezer for several hours. Because the fibers will be stiffened, they'll come out easier when you shake the sweater out and therefore speed up the shedding process until you're free of loose threads. That, folks, is how it's done.


Cedar Blocks For Freshening Up Your Closet Clothes

Clothes with a musty smell are in dire need of a fix, and these natural cedar protectors are the move. This value pack of 71 cedar cubes, sachets, and rings will freshen up your closet and drawers with the scent of (you guessed it) warm cedar. As a lovely bonus, the woody aroma helps to ward off moths and spiders. For these reasons and more, I'm in.


These Garment Bags For Keeping Your Seasonal Clothes In Tip-Top Shape

Seasonal pieces deserve special storage and I stand by that. These clear plastic garment bags for hanging clothes are the see-through protectors you need for your collection of vests and peacoats. There are various size options ranging from 40 to 60 inches long and each bag is four inches wide. With the five no-crinkle bags included, you'll be able to fit in a healthy amount of pieces while keeping them dust-free and super protected.


Lavender Sachets For Making Your Clothes Smell Like A Dream

Can we put an end to stale-smelling closets with the help of these french lavender sachets already? These brilliant fragrance pouches come in a pack of 24 and are available in a few color options including lavender purple and sunflower yellow. Just attach to your hangers or place in between folded clothing to get the best results of smelling calming lavender as soon as you step foot in your closet. Be sure to squeeze the sachets beforehand to release the scent and you're good to go.


Petroleum Jelly For Loosening Stuck Zippers

Say farewell to stressful mornings spent trying to get your zipper un-stuck because petroleum jelly is the hero today. If your zipper is acting up on fabric that's a bit tougher, dab a bit of Vaseline onto the teeth of the zipper and pull slowly to undo it. The jelly will work like a charm while also doubling as a really hydrating overall skin product. The best of both worlds, truly.


This Closet Organizer That Will Keep Your Pants Crisp

Ensure your treasured pants are in mint condition and ready for no-wrinkle wear with this non-slip pant hanger that's super sleek. It can hold up to five pieces of clothing, which will save you tons of space while keeping your garments neatly folded and shaped. Another gold star for being rust-resistant so your clothes are in good hands (you know what I mean.)


Miracle Tape For Patching Up Broken Underwire Bras

Bra-owners everywhere can collectively agree that a popped underwire is the last straw when it comes to clothing mishaps. But, here’s something positive. This latex-free moleskin wrap is the perfect padding tape to repair your broken bra — and with so much ease you'll hardly believe it. Just trim a piece and stick it onto the problem area for a cushioned feel and on-the-spot fix.


These Pumice Pads That Effectively Remove Pilling

Pilling isn't that cute, but it is fixable. This 20-piece set of pumice stones is yet further proof that multipurpose products can — and will — solve your laundry-related woes. Just run the pumice stone over your leggings, jackets, or any other garment that has been affected by pilling, and brush away all the excess for a newly smoothed piece. Or exfoliate your heels, it’s entirely up to you.


Fabric Refresher For When Clothes Just Need A Boost

There are times when our pieces are in serious need of a deep clean, and then there are times when a quick refresh will do. This Febreze fabric refresher (with Gain) is the one-and-done solution for lifting odors and infusing garments with a boosted clean scent. Available in sets of three and six, these babies are also compact enough to throw in your tote and spray on the go.


A Hair Dryer For Unshrinking Wool Garments

The day you've been waiting for is finally here. You read that right — unshrinking your clothes is a thing. If giving you stunning blown-out hair wasn't already enough, this Infiniti Pro hairdryer can also be used to reshape your shrunken wool clothing back to regular size.


This Pocket Stain Remover Pen That’s Gentle On Fabric

This stain remover in pen form is probably the greatest invention ever, just saying. Remove stains in an instant with this Dryel squeezy pen that has a built-in scrubber for extra-textured splotches. The mini magic wand, as I call it, even works well on delicates and special care fabrics so you can breathe easy and have stain-free clothes in seconds.


A Mini Sewing Kit With All The Must-Haves

For emergency fixes and on-the-go repair, this portable kit has everything you could possibly need to spruce up your clothing in minutes. Complete with necessities like scissors and shirt buttons to measuring tape and colored thread, you'll have it all in just one sleek case.


This Lace Extender For Adding The Illusion Of Length To Shrunken Pieces

Add some pizzazz to your tunic with this lace extender camisole that comes in all the neutral colors so you can pair it with your basics. Designed with a side-split design and made with a spandex-lace blend, this gem is typically styled under a tunic for a bit of extra length. With adjustable spaghetti straps, it also looks seriously gorg underneath everything from a cardigan to a shrunken dress.


A Sink-Fit Basin For Handwashing Le Delicates

Handwashing garments can be a little confusing if it's not part of your routine, but this washboard basin is here to simplify things. Ideal for the delicates, just pop into your sink and lock in place for a lifted bowl with a ridged base to assist in cleaning your hand-washables. For the deets: it's about 12" x 12" and can hold up to four quarts of liquid.


A Retractable Steam Iron For Immaculate Clothing

Complete with lightning-fast heating and a ridiculously smooth glide, this retractable Mueller steam iron is the iron. While it gets the job done with its main function, this iron also has a vertical steam feature so you can de-wrinkle your pieces that can't have direct heat pressure applied to them. Needless to say, this low-maintenance tool is superior and must be added to your cart, like, now.


Adhesive Nylon Patches For Quick Tear Repair

For windbreakers and all things nylon, these waterproof repair patches are a fan favorite and wardrobe staple. Available in packs of 15, these durable adhesive patches are so simple (and pretty fun) to apply to the problem area. Just peel, stick onto the breakage hole, and you're back in the game. In case you were wondering, you can cut them into cute shapes for a little flair.


This Stain Remover That Cleans Just About Any Substance

Everyone can benefit from always having a spot remover on hand and that's just a fact. This non-toxic stain remover does the trick for clearing up everything from paint and coffee to blood and beyond. Referred to as a "washing machine in a bottle," this cleaner lives up to the hype with its wide range of coverage and non-bleach solution. All you have to do is apply it to le stain, let it sit for about 15 seconds, then toss in the wash and enjoy your now sauce-free top. Easy, boom, done.


Baby Shampoo To Unshrink Your Clothing

As it turns out, you don't need to take your minified pieces to a professional because baby shampoo is a go-to hack when it comes to unshrinking clothes. Just fill a washing basin with warm water, toss in a cap of this vanilla baby shampoo, then soak for up to half an hour. Once the fibers have loosened up, slowly wring your garment and allow to air-dry. It's like magic but better.


An Odor-Eliminating Powder Detergent That Will Clear All Smell Buildup

With a major promise to wash out deep-set odors, this de-funking powder detergent is the kind of thing every laundry room should have in stock. One zero-fragrance scoop of this enzyme-rich powder is enough to combat even the toughest of smells (I’m talking to you, stress sweat). It's also EPA-certified as a non-toxic product so you're covered on all fronts.