11 Ways To Wear The Kourtney Kardashian-Approved Dark Nail Trend

Embrace the goth glam vibes.

How to rock the dark nail trend, as made popular by Kourtney Kardashian and Adele.
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As nights get darker, so do manicures — partially thanks to Adele’s “Easy On Me” polish and Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement mani. “It’s always dark [colors] for fall, but this year is more intense,” says nail artist Chyna Stevens. Here, 11 ways to wear the dark nail trend.

“Kardashian’s nails are straight black, which a lot of people love,” Stevens says. A solid shiny polish is always a classic option. If you want to channel the reality star’s engagement glam, try a color like Pear Nova’s Absorb.

If you’re looking to take your moody manicure one step further, apply a layer of matte top coat atop your darkly painted nails for an even more striking aesthetic.

If full-matte is too intense for your taste, Stevens proposes a happy medium: a black matte French mani. Simply apply a glossy top coat to the tips, leaving the rest of your nails matte. And voila, you’ve got the perfect goth-glam fingertips.

While ombré nails are always in, dark purple especially shines as the weather gets colder. “Dark purple to sheer purple ombré is a popular style,” says Stevens of the show-stopping shades. Her take? “It’s almost like a French manicure but faded rather than drawn as a line.”

Not ready to commit to the dark side? Dip your tips into the trend by garnishing a jet black base with abstract gold stripes, suggests Stevens. This design is dark and mysterious, yet still exudes some perky enthusiasm.

You don’t necessarily have to wear black — you can accomplish a moody yet modern manicure with a myriad of other darkened polish shades. One especially popular choice, according to Stevens, are dark reds like OPI’s Malaga Wine.

Adele’s already famous manicure may look black, but Stevens says it could be a dark purple, like OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, Good Girls Gone Plaid, or Black Cherry Chutney. “They’re really popular colors this time of year.” Adele was simply the 2021 pioneer.

Quite like black, navy blue has risen in popularity amid the colder months — especially when paired with a “party nail.” This look is a simple, dark blue manicure, but the statement nail — decorated with gold flakes — really makes it pop.

“Black glitter and chrome are also big in the fall,” Stevens adds. To recreate the illusion of a starry night sky, use a black base coat and apply a glittery top coat, like Essie’s Starry Starry Night.

Galaxy nails elevate the night sky design even further — into space, that is. Start with a black base coat, then use a sponge to paint the purple and blue. Follow that by painting white stars with a dotting tool and striping brush, says Stevens. Top with gold charms and you’re ready for take-off.

Stevens also recommends constellation-inspired nails. All you need for this intergalactic glam is a black or navy blue base, upon which you hand-paint white (or gold) stars and constellations with a striping brush. Sparkles optional, but always encouraged.

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