21 Blue Nail Ideas That Give Off Cool-Girl Vibes

From baby blue to cobalt-colored designs.

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While “old money” neutrals and vibrant red nail polish shades will always be in style, there’s something about the color blue that gives off cool girl vibes. And spoiler: Cobalt and baby blue are trending for spring 2024 manicures (though the versatile color is a major green flag all year long).

“We expect to see vibrant blues everywhere this spring,” Jacqueline Carrington, the founder of nail polish brand People of Color, recently told Bustle. Plus, you can reach for all different kinds of blues — it comes in a variety of undertones and finishes, so you can find a shade that looks good on you, adds Brittney Boyce, a celebrity nail artist and founder of NAILS OF LA.

“The bright sapphire blues are trending because they are more jewel-toned,” Boyce says. “This looks great when we do minimal nail art as it's so rich and gives that bold pop of color to make it super striking.” Basically: The blue nail color options are pretty endless.

Whether you’re talking baby, navy, or cobalt, blue nails also go perfectly with the ’90s and 2000s aesthetics currently cycling through your FYP. In fact, Michelle Saunders, a celebrity nail artist with Nailtopia, says blue first became a must-have manicure hue in the ’90s, when brands like Hard Candy (remember them?) made it popular. Alicia Silverstone even famously rocked the brand’s baby blue polish — named Sky — back in the day. So while it may not be totally new in the manicure world, blue still feels cool.

Need some inspo ahead of your next salon appointment? Below, find 21 blue mani ideas that are a vibe year-round.


Deep Blue Sea Aura Nails

A-listers like Halle Bailey and Sydney Sweeney are big fans of the aura nail art trend. For the blue polish lovers who are into the look, opt for ocean-inspired shades for your next set.


Retro Half Moon Accents

A manicure trend dating back to the 1920s and ’30s, the half moon design is a retro nail art look reminiscent of the Old Hollywood era. Modernize it with pops of unexpected bright blue against your cuticles.


Denim Blue Watercolor Nails

This marbled watercolor-inspired design is a total conversation starter that will match your favorite pair of jeans.


Textured Baby Blue French Tips

Incorporate three of the trendiest nail designs into a stunning set like this one, which features French tips, 3D texture, and a gorgeous pastel blue polish.


Itty Bitty Blue Dots

For the mani minimalists who much prefer sheer nail polish, consider adding a subtle pop of color by way of teeny cobalt blue dots.


Pastel Blue Cloud Frenchies

Short nails with abstract, cloud-like blue designs and negative space are a fun, modern way to wear pastel blue without having to fully commit to the color.


Dark Blue Chrome

There is nothing quite like a gothic, dark blue chrome manicure. Opt for a blue-black or rich navy for the look (a super-sharp stiletto tip is encouraged, but optional).


Cool-Toned Mermaidcore

Channel your inner siren with a cool-toned set of mermaid-inspired tips, complete with 3D seashell details and light-catching rhinestones.


Two-Tone Abstract Frenchies

Elevate your go-to French tip manicure with this stunning two-tone design that showcases two eye-catching shades of blue.


Luxe Croc Print

Luxurious croc print nails are a vibe, and they look even more unexpected and edgy when you paint them with blue polish.


Monochromatic Cobalt French Tips

Statement-making lacquer shades like cobalt are defining the spring 2024 mani trends. Tap the look with a monochromatic French set, where the base color is matte while the tips are glossy.


Minimal Metallic Nail Cuffs

If a plain “black nail theory” manicure is just too basic for your liking, paint on some metallic blue cuffs on each cuticle for a chic pop of color.


Magically Marbled

This ridiculously pretty marble manicure is a funky way to wear a jewel-toned blue, and the gold foil accents give off regal vibes.


Fine Line French Details

For a manicure moment that’s extra vibrant, upgrade the classic French tip manicure with alternating colors and fine-line details.


Layered Color Swatch Dots

This teal and blue nail polish combination adds a nice touch of color to your hands, while also remaining somewhat understated and low-key.


Navy Checkerboard Print

If you’re ever feeling bored with your nails, consider adding a cute geometric design — like a checkerboard print — for an edgy vibe.


Soft Blue Micro French Manicure

In recent months, Kendall Jenner has adopted the micro French tip manicure as her signature look. Try the trend by swiping on a soft blue hue instead of stark white across your tips.


Matte Robin’s Egg Nails

Blues, like this robin’s egg shade, have been making the rounds in bridal parties. Add an eye-catching matte finish with foil touches to make this mani even more unique.


Colorful Skittle Manicure

Create a trendy Skittle manicure with a personalized palette of all your favorite blue polish hues.


Hints Of Holographic Hues

Blue goes decidedly well with holographic polish, as it picks up all the flecks of light. Light blue has the magic ability to work all year round, so don’t hold back if you want to wear it right now.


A Touch Of Blue

Cobalt blue nail lacquer? Check. Funky abstract shapes? Check. Just add some gold studs on each nail bed for an artistic set you won’t be able to stop staring at.

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