Everything To Know About Daxxify, The Newest FDA-Approved Skin-Jectable

It’s been in development for over 30 years.

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Daxxify, otherwise known as Daxi, and short for the more formal term, DaxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm, a ne...

Move over, Botox — there’s a new skin-jectable on the block, and it lasts even longer. Seriously.

Enter: Daxxify, otherwise known as Daxi, and short for the more formal term, DaxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm. After 30 years of development and successful clinical trials which included the largest clinical program ever conducted for glabellar lines, Revance Aesthetics announced that its injectable has finally been FDA-approved. Below, NYC-based board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marina Peredo shares her expert insight on the new powerfully potent innovation in physician’s toolboxes.

What is Daxxify?

“Daxxify is the first longer lasting peptide-powered neuromodulator to come to market, and it was recently approved by the FDA on Sept 8, 2022. The indication is for moderate to severe frown lines, [otherwise known as] glabellar lines, which are the lines between the brows. The way that [Daxxify] is made with the peptides, it actually eliminates the need for any human serum albumin, and also any animal-derived byproducts. Of course, the big kicker is the median duration of the product, which is six to nine months in some patients.”

How Does Daxxify Compare To Botox?

“The first toxin on the block was Botox, which was FDA-approved in 2002. Similarly, it was first [used] for glabellar lines. Subsequently, there have been three other toxins that have come to market, but were all very similar to Botox lasting no more than three to four months. In general, neurotoxins and neuromodulator will temporarily relax muscles that they are injected into.”

“What’s different about Daxxify is definitely the duration of action. For physicians, it’s very exciting because it’s something new to offer our patients. The study that we conducted a few years ago [in my personal practice] involved 50 patients in the study, only treating the frown lines. There were no side effects, and patients really loved the results.”


Where Is Daxxify Injected?

“There are five points of injection, and we inject right between the eyebrows in an almost [upside down] triangle. There are two muscle groups — procerus and corrugator — in the glabellar area, and they are brow depressors. When you frown, your brows tend to go down, and Daxxify has an opposite effect that gives you a bit of a brow lift.”

“You don’t see anything immediately — it takes anywhere from two days to two weeks for it to fully work.”

Who Is The Best Candidate For Daxxify?

“With neurotoxins, we treat a lot of Millennials as a preventative treatment so they don’t get deep [wrinkle] lines. Currently, Daxxify is approved for ages 18 or older, but normally, late twenties and early thirties is a good age to start treatment.”

Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

“Normally, we tell patients for the two hours after injection not to lay down, bend over, jump around, or massage or manipulate the area to really know how the toxin works. Because we do use needles, some people may bruise a little, though most people don’t.”

“The warning I give with regards to any neurotoxin is to go to someone who is experienced. A lot of times, side effects may not be the product, but who is delivering the product.”

What’s Next For Daxxify?

“Daxxify has been developed over the last 30 years, and the safety profile is no different than existing neurotoxins. The next ongoing trial is for the treatment of crow’s feet, which are the lines around the outer eye area — and there is definitely more to come.”

“Daxxify is set to roll out [to patients] in an early experience preview program to a select group of physicians that are licensed and board certified. Later on next year, it will have a broader commercial launch.”

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