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Demi Lovato Really Wants You To Get Vaccinated

She’s teaming up with Phenomenal on a sweatshirt to promote vaccine safety.

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Demi Lovato's Phenomenal “Pro-Vaxxer” Sweatshirt Raises Money For Vaccine Safety
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The coronavirus pandemic has claimed more than 2 million lives across the globe and upended countless others. After months of social distancing, wearing cloth face masks, and using hand sanitizer obsessively, certain groups are now eligible to receive a coronavirus vaccine. As the rollout unfolds worldwide, some are buzzing with anticipation while others are skeptical due to medical mistrust and misinformation. Demi Lovato wants to spread the word, however, that Covid-19 vaccines are not only safe but essential.

“Getting as many adults as possible vaccinated is so important,” Lovato tells Bustle.

That’s why the 28-year-old singer and actress has partnered with Phenomenal to produce a limited-edition “Pro-Vaxxer” sweatshirt. Alongside Phenomenal founder Meena Harris, Lovato is donating 100% of net proceeds from the sale to Higher Heights Leadership Fund, a non-profit created to strengthen Black women’s leadership capacity through training programs, civic engagement, and networking opportunities.

Through digital community organizing as well as online content and events, the nonprofit organization will disseminate trusted, accurate information to communities of color, particularly Black women. The information will center around vaccine safety as well as strategies to ensure accessibility and equitability for vaccine distribution.

“I thought it would be cool to create something in these times that people can wear to show that they are pro-science, while raising money for education around vaccine safety,” she says.

Since Lovato was already interested in speaking out about vaccine safety, teaming up with Phenomenal — a brand with a long history of supporting social causes — was a natural fit. “When I heard that the Phenomenal team was working on something similar, it made perfect sense for us to collaborate,” says Lovato.

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The “Commander In Chief” singer is passionate about making sure everyone has access to the vaccine, which is disproportionately going to wealthy, white people even in low-income communities of color.

“I love that this campaign is going to help us ensure that we’re not only reaching the most vulnerable and hardest hit by COVID-19, but also seeing that the vaccine is being distributed equitably,” she says.

The “Pro-Vaxxer” sweatshirt is available in gray with white lettering and can be purchased on the Phenomenal website beginning March 10.

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