Here's Where To Get The Phenomenal Woman Tee

There was quite a bit of hype surrounding 2016 finally being over. After all, it was a rough year. I've got some bad news, though. Women's rights are still under attack. Thankfully, there's a lot you can do. The Phenomenal Woman shirts you've seen your favorite celebrity feminists wearing is a simple and cool way to do it. The shirts have been seen on stars like Issa Rae and America Ferrera, and to celebrate International Women's Day on Mar. 8, the shirts' proceeds also go to seven incredible women's organizations working fearlessly throughout the country.

If you want to put your fashion where your politics are, the Phenomenal Woman shirts — brilliantly based off the Maya Angelou work and designed by Senator Kamala Harris' niece Meena Harris — are here to let you wear your feminist pride across your chest and help seven incredible organizations while doing so. The heather grey shirts with Phenomenal Woman written in large, black block letters are available at Omaze, and with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to these seven women's organizations, it's a must-have.

Phenomenal Woman Shirt, $32, Omaze

While the fact that 100 percent of the proceeds are going to women's organization, it doesn't hurt to see stars like Rae and Ferrera rocking them. At $32 with sizes ranging from small to XXXL, they're basically the perfect way to use fashion and style to make a difference.

Phenomenal Woman Shirt, $32, Omaze

If you're wanting to snag one, you may be wondering what organizations the shirts support. The best news is that the organizations are totally diverse.

1. Emerge America

Emerge America is an incredible training course dedicated to helping future female Democratic leaders run for office.

2. Emily's List

Do you love seeing pro-choice, Democratic women get elected? Emily's List helps these women get elected.

3. Essie Justice Group

If you're passionate about criminal justice reform and ending mass incarceration, Essie Justice Group is an organization you should learn more about.

4. Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is "dedicated to ending the gender gap in technology."

5. NARAL Pro-Choice America

The NARAL Pro-Choice America is dedicated to ensuring women's reproductive rights are protected through policy and education.

6. Planned Parenthood Education Fund

Planned Parenthood uses education and services to help women understand their reproductive choices and fights to keep those rights in place.

7. The United State of Women

Phenomenal Woman Shirt, $32, Omaze

The United State of Women is dedicated to helping grassroots organizations that support women and helping women connect with organizations they're passionate about.

If you want to snag a Phenomenal Woman tee, head over to Omaze. There's nothing more amazing than a group of phenomenal women coming together for incredible causes and organizations.