Dose’s Mood Mist Promises To Help With Pre-Workout Motivation

Plus, six other beauty buys out this week.


This week, wellness brand DOSE – founded by friends Shara Tochia and Hettie Holmes – has launched two new mood-boosting mists the help you feel your best before and after a workout.

The new products essentially reimagine aromatherapy but for the fitness market, utilising powerful blends of essential oils that promise to “stimulate the neurons in our olfactory bulb, directly connected to the limbic system, responsible for our emotions.” The “HIIT Me Up” blend aims to amp you up before a workout while the “Smells Like Yoga” mist is meant to soothe and relax you during your wind down. Below you’ll find more details on HIIT Me Up, including where to get it and how much it’ll cost you.

Also out this week are some great new makeup goodies such as the new money-saving kit from Milk Makeup and a game-changing trio of eyeshadow sticks by Beauty Pie. Then there’s a divine new hand sanitiser, powerful hyaluronic acid serum, and a subtle-smelling dry body oil, all of which are worth getting excited over. Plus there are a couple of other mists to check out from Afro Hair & Skin Co, which aim to balance and calm your skin. Keep reading to find out more about each product.