10 Ways To Nail The Double French Manicure Trend

Twice the elegance.

by Jenna Curcio
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Arguably one of the most classic nail designs, the French manicure has been around for decades yet nail artists keep dreaming up new ways to make French tips feel fresh.

Just when you thought the look had already been remixed in every way possible, a new iteration of the French mani has hit the scene: meet the double French manicure. This modern take on the classic (think of it as the French manicures trendy, Gen Z little sister) is flooding Instagram feeds, and it’s easy to see why.

With celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez hopping on the trend, it’s the perfect minimal summer nail art that can be uniquely tailored to fit any aesthetic. Whether you prefer to DIY, natural nails with gel polish or love super long acrylics, there’s a way for you to try out the trend. The number of color combinations to choose from is endless and you can go for two thick strips of polish, minimalistic thin lines, or experiment with both.

If you’re in need of more inspiration to screenshot before your next trip to the nail salon, look ahead for 10 of the chicest double French manicure nail ideas to kick off summer 2022.


All Black Everything

Black is the new black. Channel your inner goth girl GF and opt for this moody take on the double French manicure.


Barely-There Pastels

Incorporate your favorite summer hues into this delicate and minimal nail design. Although it may be subtle, this design is as simple as it is refreshing.


Milky Neutrals

This modern design is perfect for a summer bride. The geometric element of the framed outline adds a sense of innovation while still giving off that double mani vibe.


Split In Two

Whether you opt for a vivid color combo like hot pink and red or prefer something more natural, this look redefines the double manicure while staying true to its name. Switch up the pattern of the colors to make this nail design even more versatile.


The Double Swoop

This version of the double French manicure is the perfect way to dive into the trend. Its pear-toned accents are swiped on with an ideal summer shade that will add some color to your tips.


Pink Perfection

Opt for a monochromatic theme to mimic this chic concept.


Diagonal Rainbows

Adding the second hue to the bottom corner of the nail, this version of the double French manicure is pure fun and the perfect balance of colorful and simplistic.


Print That Again

Cow print, zebra print, any print will do for this eclectic design. Pick your pattern of choice and the rest is easy: add a subtle, thin line to your lower nail.


Double The Glitter

If glitter is your thing, the search for your next manicure is over. Add a double dose of shimmer to your tips with this not-so-basic top and bottom double French manicure.


Carbon Copied Chrome

A high-shine chrome finish adds a modern spin. With the rest of the nail bed bare, your tips will be the star of the show.

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