I Wore Euphoria-Style Eye Stickers To A Week Of Zoom Meetings

Here's what happened.

I wore "Euphoria"-style face decals to a week of Zoom meetings, and this is what happened.

The second I heard that Euphoria's makeup artist Donni Davy and Face Lace were launching eye stickers, I got excited. Sure, I'm a fan of the HBO show and the colorful makeup looks that abound within each episode — but mainly, I was thrilled to have the perfect accent to my (boring) everyday beauty look. To take the sparkly face decals for a test drive, I bedazzled myself each day for a week of Zoom meetings.

The limited-edition collaboration between beauty brand Face Lace and Davy — called Head in the Clouds — features two sticker sheets for $17.50 (one with holographic decals, the other with silver glitter) filled with cloud-shaped puffs and twinkly stars. If you watched the second Euphoria bridge episode, you would've seen Jules wearing the cloud shapes on her inner and outer eye area, so I used her character as inspo the first time I applied the designs.

Thanks to quarantine life, I put minimal effort into my everyday look. Not only is it impossible for my coworkers to know if I'm wearing sweatpants or #hardpants, but the pixelated version of myself people see on Zoom blurs out zits, fine lines, and white roots growing in. So when I slapped two of the holographic Davy x Face Lace decals onto the sides of my eyes, I suddenly looked as though... I tried.

I jumped into my first morning meeting. As I waited for the other person to join, I noticed the stickers shining in the light and got a thrill from the newness that made my face appear a touch less dull. Apparently this came across loud and clear, even over Zoom — the first thing my colleague asked when she saw me was, "Are you wearing some sort of highlighter?" Emboldened by my super-glow, I eagerly joined the rest of the day's meetings early just so I could steal a few extra moments to admire the decals.

I decided to try the silvery stickers the next day. Although the holographic ones are more subtle and easily can be mistaken for highlighter, these babies clearly show up. The Bustle team had an editorial meeting, so I felt a little nervous showing up looking like I was ready to go to a rave, but I calmed down after a coworker messaged me saying she liked my eye makeup. But listen: You know the feeling of being completely underdressed at a fancy party? It's like that... except the opposite, and in a virtual quarantine world filled with what's become an ultra-business-casual work wardrobe.

I continued to experiment with the stickers throughout the week. One day I applied a cluster of clouds around my eyes, and I covered my eyelids with iridescent stars for another. "Are you wearing stickers?!" one coworker Slacked me at the beginning of one meeting. Every reaction I got was positive, and the people who responded to my makeup seemed excited about seeing something different in the Brady Bunch squares that make up Zoom sessions.

Davy's Face Love collab couldn't have launched at a better time: People constantly have to stare at themselves in virtual meetings, making the decals a joyful way to switch things up. Plus, everyone's still wearing face masks for the unforeseeable future — so the stickers brighten up the limited facial real estate you do get to play with.

The only downside? I had never really felt my true age (let's just say I'm in my thirties) until I rocked sparkly makeup decals — but that's for my own existential reckoning.