10 Fresh Ways To Wear French Braids

A classic with a couple of twists.

Here are French braid hairstyles that include pigtails, ponytails, buns, double French braids, and m...
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If you’re tired of a regular old ponytail and looking for a more dynamic way to keep your hair out of your face, you can’t go wrong with a French braid hairstyle. A bit more complex-looking (though not any more difficult) than a regular braid, the French braid is a classic style that is both functional and pretty.

“A French braid is one of the most known braids,” celebrity stylist Matthew Collins tells Bustle. “It’s also the simplest braid to do and can also be referred to as a French plait.”

Collins says what differentiates a French braid from the rest is the act of adding more hair into your braid as you go. First, he likes to first dry hair with a dryer like the Dyson Supersonic to really smooth out strands. Celebrity hairstylist and owner of Deeper Than Hair salon Annagjid "Kee" Taylor then says to divide your hair into three sections, prepping with a hydrating oil (Taylor likes the Deeper than Hair’s Glass Brilliant Shine to also minimize flyaways). Then you’ll braid as you normally would, adding sections from each side of your head as you go and crossing them over each other.

“You want to start with the middle piece and cross the right over the middle then the left over the middle,” says Collins. “Now with your finger, [you’ll] pick up more hair on the right side and add it that left piece you crossed over. [Then] place that over the middle section and add to the piece that was on the left, always adding to each piece and crossing over the middle.”

Once you’re finished styling, you can set it with a hairspray or a styling gel like Taylor’s rec, the Braid Bae Styling Gel, to hold your look in place.

You can keep it simple and stick to one going down the center of your head or switch it up in so many different ways. From French braided crowns to double braids that morph into a ponytail, the variations are truly endless. Below, see 10 unique and celebrity-approved French braid hairstyles.


Side French Braids

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Elevate a low ponytail by placing French braids at each side of the head, with the ends loose working themselves into rest of your hair at the nape of your neck.


Girl With The Pearl French Braids

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It’s amazing how one hair accessory can really elevate a classic style. Dress up two French braid pigtails with elegant pearl decals for a super fun look.


Messy French Braids

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For a less done-up look, keep your French braid loose as it cascades down to the nape of your neck. Collect the ends and tie them in an even loser bun at the bottom for that effortless chic look.


French Braided Crown

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Wrap your French braid like a crown and secure the ends at the nape of your neck with a low bun. To really zhuzh it up, add jeweled adornments throughout your braid; it will look so gorgeous.


Braids On Braids

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Taylor is a huge fan of wearing multiple braids at once. “It help keeps your hair out of your face in a controlled way, while still adding in some style and fun to a classic everyday look,” she says.


French Braided Faux Hawk

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For something edgier and cool, go the faux hawk route. Start your French braid at the top of your head, making sure you’re gathering enough hair to get lift for a mohawk effect. Add extensions and have it go all the way down for some added drama.


French Braided Bun

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Work your French braid into a dainty and elegant bun, perfect for any special occasion.


Mini French Details

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For something more subtle, French braid two small sections at the top of your head and work them into a high ponytail.


Deep Side Part

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If there’s a hairstyle that can bring back that side part back into everyone’s consciousness, it’s the French braid. Start braiding from the side and secure your hair into a tight bun for an updo you’ll want to wear over and over again.


Sleek & Tight

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For something more defined, braid hair in tight sleek plaits. Keep it simple with two French braids at each side.