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Hailey Bieber's Vogue Eyewear Collab Is Full Of '90s Nostalgia

You better belieb it.

by Jamie Feldman
hailey bieber vogue eyewear sunglesses collection spring 2022
Vogue Eyewear

Hailey Bieber is used to having all eyes on her — and those eyes are about to get a very stylish upgrade.

The supermodel has teamed up with Vogue Eyewear to become ambassador and creative partner to the brand. Their first move as a power couple: launching a range of spectacles and shades.

This drop is a fashion first for Bieber, who co-designed four optical frames, and four pairs of sunglasses for the collection. A statement from the brand notes that the on-trend offerings feature “earthy tones, eye-catching shapes, and fine metal,” adding that each of the eight pairs “frame every facet of [Bieber’s] personality.”

It’s a natural fit for Bieber, who is constantly dictating trends by simply existing. When she wears any given clothing item or accessory, you can bet the masses will follow.

“I believe eyewear is an accessory that can elevate your look,” Bieber said in a statement. “With this collaboration, we focused on designing options that could fit with any style.”

Available now on the Vogue Eyewear website, as well as at Sunglass Hut and other key retailers, these glasses come in both oversized and classic styles — my personal favorite being the modern cat eye design that comes in an earthy green color. What’s more, the glasses are priced starting at under $100.

Vogue Eyewear
Vogue Eyewear

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